Super Gene - Chapter 819: A Group of Shura

Chapter 819: A Group of Shura

Chapter 819: A Group of Shura

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"Is this its gear?" Han Sen picked up the armor and steel greatsword. They were quite heavy, but after giving it a few swings, Han Sen thought the sword felt good to wield.

Han Sen tried to simulate the energy flow of the armored phantom, and when he did, the steel greatsword emitted a beam of green light that was a few meters long. The light was much stronger than when he used it on his Flaming Rex Spike. It seemed to be exclusive gear, and it delighted Han Sen to receive even more good spoils from his recent escapades.

Han Sen commanded the others to transfer the armor and the steel greatsword.

After this was done, Han Sen went to refine the Life Geno Essence in the Spirit Hall. The green Life Geno Essence effortlessly dissolved into his body, and as it did, he felt his muscles tighten and his joints strengthen.

"Steel-Knight King Life Geno Essence has been absorbed. You have received one super geno point."

The announcement rang multiple times in his head, and it brought Han Sen much joy every time. He was feeling disappointed at his recent inability to obtain super geno points, and he was delightfully surprised to see the Steel-Knight King practically deliver itself to him.

In total, Han Sen received eight super geno points from the Life Geno Essence of the Steel-Knight King. This brought his total tally up to sixty-three.

"I'll be maxing out soon, for sure." Han Sen's heart was as merry as one could be. After packing up, he used the teleporter at Moment Shelter to return to the Alliance.

Back in the Alliance, Han Sen quickly got Ji Yanran on the horn. He told her about his encounter with the blood-horned shura.

"Something like this actually happened? I must certainly inform my father about this." Ji Yanran's face looked deathly serious upon hearing what he had to say. If medicine could quickly increase the fitness of humans and allow evolvers to cast elemental powers on a whim, such a concoction would be quite terrifying.

"I am going to give the sample of the shura liquid to you," Han Sen said.

"Okay, sure. Come and meet me; I've been meaning to see you, anyway." Ji Yanran nodded.

"You're in need of me? Why, what is it?" Han Sen wondered why she might have been in search of him.

"I'll tell you in person." Ji Yanran did not answer.

Han Sen agreed despite his curiosity, and he then made his way to Ji Yanran's office.

"If this formula can increase the power of an evolver by that much, it is quite difficult to fathom the changes it could bring. It would be a huge boon to humanity." When Ji Yanran accepted the vial of the shura substance, she could still hardly believe what Han Sen had told her.

"Research it first." Han Sen knew what he had stumbled into was something of importance, but making statements about it was pointless until they learned more. If they could reverse engineer the serum and discover what it was composed of, then they could fantasize about it.

But if they were unable to recreate it, and its a.s.sociation with the Zhao family became public, Han Sen believed their influence and prosperity would become unstoppable.

"Anyway, why were you looking for me?" Han Sen asked Ji Yanran.

"A group of shura will be visiting the Alliance soon, and I will be attending the feast that we are to share with them. I was hoping you could join me," Ji Yanran said, as she put away the sample.

"A group of shura? What are they doing here?" Han Sen asked, with much surprise.

"They are here to discuss a possible truce," Ji Yanran said with a smile.

"A truce?" Han Sen looked shocked. Humanity and the shura had been locked in conflict for many years now. The fighting had mostly stopped, but there hadn't been any official declaration of peace.

Ji Yanran smiled and said, "Humans have developed too quickly, and our technology has far exceeded the shura's. Before, humanity and our bodies were much weaker than the shura. But due to the existence of the sanctuaries, our bodies have been able to evolve. Right now, powerful humans can rival shura. With everything else we've achieved, we have managed to get ahead and stay ahead of them. Furthermore, the king of the shura recently died. Many n.o.bles are currently competing for the throne, placing their entire government in turmoil. They cannot spare the time to fight with us while they attend to their own problems. Therefore, it makes sense for them to desire peace. Maybe in a few hundred years, as we develop and our technology continues to advance, we can wipe the shura out."

"I suppose you are right, but I don't think that's possible." When Han Sen went to school, he was taught about how cruel and powerful the shura were. He didn't expect humanity to exceed the capabilities of the shura.

"It is possible. Humans are the best in the universe when it comes to learning and adapting. The shura are too stubborn and closed-minded. What is happening now is to be expected." Ji Yanran spoke as if she was proud to be a human.

Han Sen smiled and said, "Okay, but making peace is a huge deal. It is an issue of diplomacy; so why do you want me there?"

"I am not asking you to be there to discuss the peace. I just want you there to mix and get to know the shura. Have fun, dance, and party with them." Ji Yanran laughed and squeezed Han Sen's face. Then, she continued to say, "My father would never be stupid enough to leave the actual peace-brokering to someone as inexperienced as you. No offense."

"Ah, you want me there just to join in the festivities? You can rely on me to be there, eating and drinking. I'm quite experienced in that, I'll have you know," Han Sen said.

Ji Yanran rolled her eyes and then looked at him. She said, "You think I chose you just so you could eat? If this was about eating, I know a few others I could send their way."

"My dear wife, I must ask you again, then. For what purpose do you want me there?" Han Sen grabbed Ji Yanran's waist and pulled her onto his lap. As he did this, his hands began to surf along her body and into her clothes.

Ji Yanran blushed and said, "Hey, I'm talking about something serious here."

"Okay, then tell me." Han Sen was clearly not taking things seriously, and his focus on other things was beginning to drain her of interest in the topic, as well. Her face was becoming more and more red.

Ji Yanran grabbed the hand that was feeling her up, and said in a begging voice, "Can we quickly finish this serious subject first?"

"Okay." Han Sen smiled and stopped his hedonistic hand.

"Shura are a very proud people. Humanity has yet to determine the fate and trajectory of our race; therefore, they cannot give up their pride. Although they have come here to make peace, they will most likely not be able to refrain from finding something to insult us over."

Ji Yanran took a breath and then continued to say, "Shura always poke fun and laugh at the human body. There will be many young n.o.bles among the shura entourage. They will find any excuse they can to challenge the combat abilities of our young, and although we have powerful people, few are capable of competing at such young ages. If we sent elderly to fight for us, even if we won, they'd still laugh at us. So..." Before Ji Yanran finished her speech, Han Sen had realized what she was asking. There was no other human that was as powerful as him at his age.

"That's it?" Han Sen smiled and looked at her.

"Yeah," Ji Yanran answered.

"Then let's get down to my business." Han Sen picked up Ji Yanran and tossed her onto the couch.