Super Gene - Chapter 770: Rouge

Chapter 770: Rouge

Chapter 770: Rouge

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The corpse of the holy rhino was expansive, but after the vast swathe of creatures came together to eat it, it didn't last long. Soon, all the blood had been consumed. Han Sen picked up his gourd from the wet sand, and it appeared to have been dyed red, and it had a much more attractive look to it. Naturally, Han Sen a.s.sumed it had indeed absorbed much blood.

The blue bell, on the other hand, was adorned with a number of red etchings of a variety of different symbols. Han Sen was unable to discern what they meant, however.

Meowth had stuffed its belly full, and it was incredibly bloated. With its beachball-shaped stomach, all it could do was lie on the ground and gasp for breath. The fairy ate more slowly than the rest, but she looked to be finis.h.i.+ng up. The little angel, on the other hand, had finished long before.

Han Sen collected a lot of meat, and seeing that the meat had almost all been eaten, he did not want to linger. Clutching his bag, he called out to the fairy and told her they should return.

But the fairy did not yet want to go, and she continued eating. Still, Han Sen did not wait around for her. He ignored her desire to remain and departed with the little angel.

But the other creatures had taken notice of the bag Han Sen possessed, and they quickly took off after him. They did not pose much of a threat, however, and through the combined forces of himself and the little angel, they were not burdened with much trouble in their departure.

Han Sen returned to where he had left Zhou Yumei, and was relieved to see that they had not moved. Turning around to take a look at the place he had just been to—which was a hundred miles away—he saw that it really had become a verdant expanse of green and multi-colored flowers.

The silver fox, seeing Han Sen approach, took off in a speedy run to greet him.

Han Sen reached out his hand to grab the silver fox, but the silver fox dodged right past it and went for the bag instead. He leapt up, tore the bag open, and began to gobble up the meat Han Sen had risked his life to bring him.

Feeling slightly awkward, Han Sen pulled his hand back inconspicuously. He looked around with red cheeks and cleared his throat. His heart, however, reacted differently. "What a heartless b.a.s.t.a.r.d! He senses meat and cares naught for the master that painstakingly lugged it all the way over here!"

Little Orange came over to the pile of meat, as well. It leapt around joyously but was not so rude as to eat the meat without permission.

Han Sen began to think how Little Orange might one day prove useful, too. Wanting to form a greater bond with the creature, he grabbed a slab of meat and fed it to the kitty.

Little Orange excitedly jumped around and then began to devour the meat ecstatically.

"What happened out there? Why did so many creatures head that way? And why did it suddenly become a oasis?" Zhou Yumei ran over to Han Sen and asked inquisitively.

"The white rhino died. The creatures came over to devour its corpse. I managed to collect some of its meat on my return." Han Sen did not indulge her with the details of what had transpired, as it was too strange and curious. He'd keep it a secret for now and deliberate the events some more. But intel like this was something valuable, and it was the sort of information you could sell for a high price. He wouldn't tell anybody w.i.l.l.y-nilly.

"This is the rhino's flesh?" When Zhou Yumei heard what the meat was, she looked surprised. Then, she took a moment of silence for the deceased creature. After that, she popped back into her bubbly self and asked, "Oh, big brother dearest; might I request some of that flesh?"

Zhou Yumei knew that the rhino was something special. Sacred-blood creatures could not compare with it, she knew that very well. The flesh of such a beast had to be something quite remarkable.

If Han Sen had agreed to give Little Orange a slab, she thought he'd most certainly provide her with one or two.

"You can eat, yes. But first, you must sign this. Sign this, and you can eat as much as you want." Han Sen pulled out an IOU form.

"Fine, whatever." Zhou Yumei had already acc.u.mulated much debt while traveling with Han Sen. After a brief scan of the doc.u.ment, and not seeing anything particularly trapping, she hastily signed it.

After signing it, she happily ran towards the bag of meat in the belief she had earned herself quite the prize, and for a small price, too. Not often could you purchase such incredible flesh.

But when Zhou Yumei took a bite, her face turned green and she spat it all out. She ran back to Han Sen and pointed her finger at him, shouting, "You lied to me! This isn't the white rhino's meat."

"I did not lie. If you don't believe me, why don't you go ask your precious Little Orange? Don't you see him there, eating it so merrily? If it isn't the white rhino's meat, why else would it keep eating?" Han Sen pointed to Little Orange and offered his explanation.

Zhou Yumei thought Han Sen might have been right, as Little Orange rarely ate sacred-blood meat. That meat must have been quite special for Little Orange to go crazy for it.

"But... but..." With her tongue unable to find words of retort, she closed her mouth.

Seeing the evil smile on Han Sen's face, however, she understood what had happened. Madly, she tried her best to get back the IOU form and said, "You lied to me! You knew I wouldn't be able to eat the meat, and you still got me to sign this IOU form anyway. That's entrapment. Give it back!"

"Excuse me? I never lied to you once. I didn't sell it to you, either. You begged me for it. How could you make this my sinister deed?" Han Sen was not willing to give it back, so he pocketed the IOU.

Zhou Yumei was not willing to let the paper go so easily, though. As she tried to get it back, Han Sen grabbed her by the wrist. He spun her around and she fell backwards against him. And then, her firm round bottom was pus.h.i.+ng against his front.

Han Sen smacked the meaty b.u.t.tocks, and Zhou Yumei tripped forward a few steps while grabbing them in defense. Her mind was a vortex of anger and embarra.s.sment, and all she could do was look back at him with fiery eyes. She didn't dare approach.

Zhou Yumei no longer wanted to provoke Han Sen, so she decided to move and package much of the meat for Little Orange to eat exclusively. As she did this, Han Sen grabbed her clothes.

"What are you doing?!" Zhou Yumei demanded angrily.

"You stole the words right out of my mouth. What are you doing, moving my meat?" Han Sen raised his lips.

"I bought your meat, didn't I? I can do whatever I want with it," Zhou Yumei said in return.

"I said that you can eat as much as you want. I never said anything about taking it. Takeaway buffets don't exist for a reason, you know." Han Sen laughed as he spoke.

"You... a.s.shole... Little Orange, bite him!" Zhou Yumei gritted her teeth and bid for Little Orange to commit an act of revenge on her behalf.

Little Orange ran towards Han Sen, but he just stood there unmoving. Within a second, Little Orange leapt onto him.

"Meow!" When Little Orange leapt in front of Han Sen, he landed gently. With his fluffy head, he brushed against Han Sen multiple times. He meowed all the while.

"Good boy!" Han Sen stroked Little Orange's head and provided him with another slice of meat. This made Little Orange extremely happy, and he kept on meowing at Han Sen's side.

Zhou Yumei was furious and her head almost exploded with rage. "Traitor... Little Orange, you traitor... How can you let this terrible man buy your love?"

"What traitor? Like a little darling sparrow selecting a tree to settle down in, kitties know which master they should settle for." Han Sen spoke his bit in a boisterous, manner, and he stroked Little Orange as he did so.

Han Sen knew Little Orange wasn't being nice, however. He knew as soon as the meat was gone, he'd run back to be with Zhou Yumei. But here in this boring desert, he didn't mind taking the time and effort to get her all fl.u.s.tered.

Zhou Yumei was speechless, despite her fuming anger.

Suddenly, she calmed, though. She pointed at Han Sen's forehead and started laughing, saying, "I'm a good girl. I won't fight with men. And I especially won't do it with you, who is half a man and half a woman. How old are you, huh? And you're using rouge on your forehead? I'm not going to fight someone like that."

"What rouge?" Han Sen's heart jumped. Quickly, he touched his forehead.