Super Gene - Chapter 766: Cactus Fruit

Chapter 766: Cactus Fruit

Chapter 766: Cactus Fruit

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"Wait for me here; do not go anywhere." Han Sen took Zhou Yumei a good distance away and left her some supplies. The silver fox and Little Orange were to stay with her, as well. He returned to the cactus, only bringing the fairy with him.

Facing those terrifying super creatures, only the fairy—an adult super creature—could fight back. The silver fox was still very young, so he wouldn't have been much use there.

Han Sen didn't dare approach the rhino on his return, however. He hid himself and watched it closely. Once a battle between the trio commenced, Han Sen would evaluate the conditions and then decide whether or not he should intervene.

The fairy and the little angel were both in the super cla.s.s, whereas Han Sen was a little bit below that. The fairy and the little angel could most definitely keep themselves alive for a time, but the same might not be said for Han Sen.

If possible, Han Sen would maintain his distance from the cactus and allow the fairy and the little angel to retrieve the item he desired.

As time pa.s.sed, the wrinkled fruit of the cactus grew to about the same size as a basketball. The purple, wrinkled skin made it look somewhat like a sweet potato. But it had many dots and hair on it, as well.

If this thing was not growing on the cactus, it wouldn't have stood out from the average veggie at all. It didn't look bright and holy like the peach he once had the pleasure of eating.

But the white rhino and the black phoenix were undoubtedly of a higher power-tier than the black bear. These were adult second-generation super creatures, and they could very well occupy the upper echelon of power levels for the entirety of the Second Shelter. These creatures weren't the average, run-of-the-mill first-generation super creatures Han Sen competed with for the peach.

Han Sen watched them for two days, and slowly, the fruit was beginning to mature. It made the black phoenix and cloud-wrapped creature antsy and anxious.

The black-flame phoenix inched its way closer to the cactus, as did the dark clouds. It looked as if the sky was falling, and the land was about to be crushed.

The rhino no longer had its eyes closed now, either. It stood up next to the cactus.

When the rhino moved to stand where it chose, the black-flame phoenix and dark cloud moved back further. They really were afraid of it.


A crack developed on the top of the fruit. And out of it, a purple gas seeped. It was like a dream, and it enveloped the entire fruit.

The rhino glowed with a holy light, and its giant body began to fly. It ascended towards the purple haze.

The black-flame phoenix screeched loudly, flapped its fiery wings, and released terrifying heat waves.

Thunder rolled inside the cloud in the sky, and it unleashed a fearsome rainstorm upon the lands below. Amidst the thunder, Han Sen could catch the faint growls of a hidden monster.

"Fight! Come on, fight!" Han Sen encouraged them to fight in his heart. He wanted them out of the way, so he could nab the loot for himself.

The black-flame phoenix and the cloud-creature were incredibly angry, and they roared in rage. But still, they did not dare get close to the rhino.

"Oh, no! How can you two do this to me? It should be two versus one, how can they sit back and watch?" Han Sen's jaw almost unhinged itself. The rhino, however, opened its mouth wide and leaned forward to eat the wrinkled fruit that was shrouded in a purple mist. The phoenix and cloud only continued to scream at the rhino, remaining where they were.


Han Sen was expecting the crazy spectacle of a super-battle, but nothing of the like occurred. The white rhino swallowed the fruit and mist unopposed, while the phoenix and cloud did not move a single inch the entire time.

Han Sen's heart sank, but he was still surprised over how intimidating the rhino's power was. The black phoenix was a frightening creature, right out legend, and yet it was too afraid to attack. All it did was watch the rhino gobble the fruit.

Han Sen thought back to his time in the oasis, and how they stole coconut juice from the rhino. If the rhino really had gotten infuriated with them, there would have been nothing the fairy or little angel could have done to help. The thought sent a s.h.i.+ver down Han Sen's spine.

The black-flame phoenix and cloud watched the rhino eat the fruit but did not leave. It looked as if they were waiting for something, and this made Han Sen curious.

"The white rhino ate the fruit; what are they waiting for? Is the cactus edible? It shouldn't be, since it's full of thorns," Han Sen thought, as he looked to the top of the cactus which had been cleaned by the rhino's maw.


But then Han Sen became confused. The rhino that ate the fruit leapt on the spot, and when it came down, its giant body shook the entire desert.

Han Sen looked at the white rhino, thinking something must be wrong. The holy light of the rhino was getting brighter and brighter, and it did not slow down. It was blasting out of its body like multiple searchlights.

Han Sen quickly used his dongxue aura to scan the rhino. He was quite a distance away, however, so he couldn't sense it too clearly. But the energy flow inside the rhino was like a volcanic eruption, and Han Sen didn't even have to use his special sense abilities to observe it. It was plain to the naked eye.


The white rhino's jade-like skin began to crack like dry mud. Blood poured out of its breaking skin.

"Oh, no! Did the rhino consume too many nutrients at once? Perhaps his body can't take that much, and it's going to destroy him" Han Sen's eyes almost fell from his sockets at the sight.

In that scary, holy light, the skin of the rhino continued to crack. Within a second, the white rhino had become a red rhino. It was like a monster from h.e.l.l, having just taken part in a bloodbath.

"Roar!" The white rhino screamed to the sky, as if it was talking to the creator above. More and more holy light beamed out of it and then, it unleashed a mini atom bomb some distance away. The area it fired towards was wholly annihilated in a blinding flash of light, and all that remained was a crater in the sand.

The black-flame phoenix flapped its wings frantically, and it seemed tempted to approach the rhino.

The cloud had already decided to descend, as a thunder rumbled within it. It looked very interested in what was happening to the rhino.

"Holy smokes! They are both not leaving. Is it because they want to eat the white rhino once it falls?" Han Sen's mind was in a mess, trying to guess what was going on.

The black phoenix and the cloud hardly moved now, remaining where they were and watching the rhino's body break down.

Han Sen was patiently waiting, as well. He still hoped he could grab a few treats out of this entire affair.

Seeing the white rhino's blood oozing into the black sand, Han Sen felt pretty bad. Not for the reasons you might think, however. He thought all that bleeding was a great loss, and Han Sen could only imagine what such large, powerful quant.i.ties of blood might do for his Death Knell. Heaven knew how much it'd evolve.