Super Gene - Chapter 74: S-Class Saint Hall License

Chapter 74: S-Class Saint Hall License

Chapter 74: S-Cla.s.s Saint Hall License

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Surprised, Han Sen looked to Qin Xuan. She smiled and said, "Listen to me, go apply to Blackhawk. If you could be admitted, I guarantee that Son of Heaven would not dare to touch your family."

"How can you guarantee that?" Han Sen stared at her.

"Every time we fought, I recorded and observed your combat data. I could tell you for sure that you have the talent to be a great sniper or archer. Your timing and prediction of your opponent are outstanding," Qin Xuan said.

Han Sen did not speak. These words of praise were not what he wanted to hear.

"In the army, in addition to being the stationmaster, I am also responsible for organizing a special squad. I think you are someone I need. As long as you join the squad, your family can get protection from the military. I can tell you for certain that if you become a member of the squad, Son of Heaven cannot use any unlawful means to hurt your family," said Qin Xuan. "However, the prerequisite is that you have to be admitted to Blackhawk. Only then would I be able to nominate you to join the squad."

Han Sen did not answer Qin Xuan immediately, but pondered for a moment. He looked at her and asked, "Is it possible for you to tell me the nature of this squad?

"No." Qin Xuan answered without the slightest hesitation.

"Give me a little time. I need to think about it," Han Sen said.

"Sure, I still have time. Think about it." Qin Xuan smiled and seemed very confident.

Han Sen left the teleport station, returned home and rested for a day. He went back to G.o.d’s Sanctuary the next afternoon.

Han Sen deliberately circled around Steel Armor Shelter before he put on his sacred-blood armor and went in the shelter, attracting a lot of people's attention.

"Wow, that’s Dollar himself..."

"Ha-ha, Dollar made his appearance..."

"Dollar my angel is here..."

"Among all the people in First G.o.d’s Sanctuary, only Dollar is my idol."

The whole Steel Armor Shelter became a hit. Although everyone knew Dollar was there, they were still pleasantly surprised to see Dollar making his appearance.

Han Sen did not speak, but walked toward the martial hall. Soon, behind him gathered a lot of people. Some that had already partic.i.p.ated in the contest returned to the martial hall following Han Sen. They all wanted to see Dollar fighting in person.

The preliminary round was almost finished and there were just a few people on the stands. However, the martial hall became full again soon after Han Sen had arrived.

Han Sen checked the martial stele and there were two more groups before him. He then found a front seat to sit down.

It didn’t take long for Son of Heaven, Fist Guy and Qin Xuan to arrive. Watching Han Sen closely, Son of Heaven would have killed him if they were alone.

"Dollar, can we talk?" Qin Xuan approached Han Sen and asked.

"What is it?" Han Sen replied in a hoa.r.s.e voice.

"I want to invite you to join Steel Armor Gang and you can put forward any condition." Qin Xuan said.

Yang Manli said on the side, "If you are willing to join Bullseye, I’ll concede the position of team leader to you. You would make such a perfect archer."

"Sorry, I am not interested in joining Steel Armor Gang or being an archer," replied Han Sen.

"Dollar, I think we should be talking about nothing but business. If you had beast souls or meat of mutant or sacre-blood creatures, I would gladly pay for them. For example, the beast soul of the b.l.o.o.d.y slayer," Fist Guy also approached Han Sen.

"I do have some mutant creature meat to sell," Han Sen said to Fist Guy.

Fist Guy’s eyes lit up, "What creatures? How much?"

"Some mutant hornet. The meat was all cleaned up. There are 20 to 30 hornets." Han Sen said casually, but people surrounding him were shocked.

"Twenty to thirty? You did not destroy an entire mutant hornet nest, did you? Where did you find them?" Fist Guy asked hurriedly.

"Don’t you mind where I got them. Just tell me if you are interested," said Han Sen.

"Yes, of course I’m interested. If you really have them, give me a quote and I’ll take them all." Fist Guy quickly said.

"Fist Guy, what do you mean by taking them all? You think Qin Xuan and I are dead?" Son of Heaven scowled and said to Han Sen, "A million each. I’ll buy however many you have."

"One million? Son of Heaven, don’t look down on others. I’ll bid 1.2 million each," cried Fist Guy.

Son of Heaven gave Fist Guy a stare, "1.5 million. Do you think you could keep up with me?"

"Being rich does not mean you’d be willing to bid--1.6 million," replied Fist Guy, not to be outdone.

"Don’t bid yet. I don’t intend to sell these separately, nor will I trade them for money," Han Sen said.

"Name your price." Although Son of Heaven wanted to kill Han Sen right now, seeing a large amount of mutant creature meat of rare hornets, he would not let others beat him to it.

"I want to exchange these mutant creatures for an S-Cla.s.s license for Saint Hall," Han Sen said quietly.

Hearing Han Sen's words, both Son of Heaven and Fist Guy looked reluctant.

Saint Hall was a research inst.i.tution of martial arts. Most of the popular hyper geno arts were developed by Saint Hall.

Saint Hall also sold some advanced hyper geno arts, but there were restrictions on the purchase, especially for the most advanced S-Cla.s.s hyper geno arts. Ordinary people were not eligible to purchase even if they had money. Han Sen wanted to buy an advanced hyper geno art for his mother and sister to practice, as he didn’t dare to show Jadeskin to anyone before he knew where this hyper geno art came from.

"Your price is too high. I’ll buy all your mutant creatures at two million each. Plus I will let go of our previous grievances," said Son of Heaven, staring at Han Sen.

"Sorry, I want nothing but the S-Cla.s.s license for Saint Hall. You can think about it." Han Sen rose and walked onto the stage. It was his group’s turn.

Watching Han Sen coming, others in the group felt bitter, as they knew it was impossible for them to pa.s.s the preliminary round now that Dollar was here.