Super Gene - Chapter 72: Hunting Frenzy

Chapter 72: Hunting Frenzy

Chapter 72: Hunting Frenzy

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Lu Weinan’s heart was trembling. The swarm was only about 600 feet from Han Sen. With the speed of the hornets, they could make it back in seconds. In addition, the queen hornet, which could be sacred-blood, was eyeing Han Sen. His situation was critical.

Looking at the queen hornet flying over, Han Sen narrowed his eyes, stepped back and threw the mutant sawfish spear at it.

The queen was too fast and dodged the spear at a short distance.

When Lu Weinan was lamenting the loss, Han Sen’s majestic golden figure had rushed to face the queen, hacking a gleaming katana at the queen hornet.

That katana was so swift that even the sacred-blood queen hornet couldn’t dodge it and was cut into halves by Han Sen.

"Sacred-blood black stinger killed. No beast soul gained. Eat its meat to gain zero to ten sacred geno points randomly."

With that wonderful voice, Han Sen rocketed into the sky without any pause.

The swarm chased Han Sen into the sky, but could not to catch up with him or fly any higher than half a mile above the ground.

Han Sen turned beautifully and made a big circle before he returned to the side of Lu Weinan.

Lu Weinan was very impressed. From destroying the hornet nest to killing the queen to getting rid of the swarm, Han Sen’s movements were so smooth and clean that he felt like he was watching an action movie.

"Awesome, really awesome." Lu Weinan gave Han Sen a thumbs-up. He was sincere.

"Just my routine." Han Sen laughed but kept his eyes on the swarm. He didn’t have the time to get the body of the queen hornet out, but it was fine. The nest was destroyed and the queen was killed. These hornets would go through a chaotic phase, which would be Han Sen’s best opportunity.

Sure enough, after suffering major blows, the swarm was a mess. Many mutant black stingers had left the swarm.

"You continue to hara.s.s the swarm with your iron-feathered bird, and I will go hunt the single black stingers." Han Sen flapped his wings and approached a mutant black stinger flying away from the swarm.

Although his shapes.h.i.+fting time was up, Han Sen was still able to use Bladestorm with the Shura katana to kill the mutant black stinger.

Just now he was only able to kill the sacred-blood black stinger with one blow because he used the strength of Bladestorm to cut on its fragile waist.

"Mutant black stinger killed. No beast soul gained. Eat its meat to gain zero to ten mutant geno points randomly."

Although he hadn’t gained a beast soul yet, Han Sen was not worried at all as there were at least thousands of mutant black stingers here and he would surely get a beast soul sooner or later.

Taking the dead black stingers back, Han Sen directly gave them to Lu Weinan. He didn’t want to bother preparing the body. As the black stingers were poisonous, only parts of the body were edible and the rest had to be removed. Although it was nothing difficult, it was quite troublesome.

Han Sen continued to fly out to kill more single black stingers. With the collaboration with Lu, Han Sen hunted more than 20 black stingers in a day. The only pity was that Han Sen still did not get a beast soul.

Han Sen was not in a hurry. The iron-feathered bird was constantly hara.s.sing the hornets, which made it difficult for them to rebuild their nest. The two men had enough time to hunt.

For several days, Han Sen had been hunting mutant black stingers. On the fourth day, he finally heard the voice saying, "Mutant black stinger killed. Beast soul of mutant black stinger gained. Eat its meat to gain zero to ten mutant geno points randomly."

"Finally!" Han Sen thought in ecstasy, though not showing it on his face or summoning the black stinger beast soul.

He did not want others to see Dollar shooting arrows and thus connect Han Sen with Dollar.

"These mutant black stingers are quite enough. We could not carry more anyway." On the fifth day, Han Sen had hunted nearly 80 mutant black stingers.

Han Sen gave Lu Weinan the two mutant black stingers he had promised. Lu used the bird to lure the swarm away several times and had done a good job. Han Sen was quite satisfied.

"Great!" Lu Weinan nodded, regretting not having asked for more mutant black stingers. Han Sen had dozens of them and all he got was two.

But even so, it had been a great trip, much better than his own gain in Dark Swamp.

"Use the iron-feathered bird to drive the hornets away one more time and I will go get the body of the queen," said Han Sen.

Lu Weinan quickly nodded, and Han Sen retrived the two parts of the queen hornet.

Lu enviously watched Han Sen putting the body away. Not knowing if the queen hornet was sacred-blood, he was still coveting it.

Hen Sen quickly prepared the queen hornet’s meat, took out the poisonous and inedible parts and made a pot of broth. Eating it up, Han Sen heard the voice four times.

"Sacred-blood black stinger meat eaten. One sacred geno point gained..."

"Sacred-blood black stinger meat eaten. One sacred geno point gained..."

The queen black stinger had contributed four more sacred geno points.

"This is the end of our collaboration. You take care." Han Sen took his own mutant black stingers and got up to leave.

These days he ate a lot of mutant black stingers and now had 47 mutant geno points. With four more sacred geno points from the queen, his sacred geno points were now 29. It had been a fruitful trip and now he needed to prepare the dead mutant black stingers he had and trade them for cash.

"Brother, can we continue to collaborate? I’ll follow your lead. No question asked." Lu Weinan quickly got up and said. He had tasted sweetness from this collaboration and trusted Han Sen as well. He would never suffer losses from working with such a person.

Looking at Lu Weinan, Han Sen pondered and said, "I do not have much time to hunt together. If I’m recruiting people to join me, I will tie a piece of cloth with my name on it to the crooked tree on the west side of Steel Armor Shelter. If you are interested in partic.i.p.ating, just go to Zephyr Valley and wait for me."

"Brother, you have not told me what your name is?" Lu Weinan quickly asked.

"Go back and go on the Skynet. You will find out." Han Sen smiled, took his own package and flew away.