Super Gene - Chapter 716: Son of God Reward

Chapter 716: Son of God Reward

Chapter 716: Son of G.o.d Reward

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Chapter 717 – Son of G.o.d Reward

Dollar did not show up for the final few fights, which established the Son of G.o.d rankings. People expected as much, so they weren't too disappointed.

After all, everyone had seen how injured he was following his previous fight. In such a state, he couldn't continue fighting and had already achieved tenth place. That was enough for him.

History seemed to repeat itself. Back in the First G.o.d's Sanctuary, Dollar had managed to beat down his final enemy and reach tenth place in the Son of G.o.d rankings. He didn't continue after that and was happy to sit where he was.

But compared to the First G.o.d's Sanctuary, this tenth place earning was far harder-fought and worthy of far greater praise and recognition—and rightfully so. The name Dollar would go down in the history books, for being the first person to ever become a Son of G.o.d in the Second G.o.d's Sanctuary.

Han Sen continued to rest in the Crystal Palace, and as a result, missed out on the enthusiasm everyone shared for Dollar. He could see the rest of the Son of G.o.d rankings from the Crystal Palace, and the other nine were all spirits, as expected. Each of those were stronger than the Light Son of G.o.d, too. Right then, Han Sen was feeling lucky he had gone up against who he had. If it had been another spirit, he feared his chances of victory would have been even lower.

Han Sen waited until Divinity's Bout ended, so he could collect his reward. He could claim it from the Crystal Palace's arena, so he didn't have to worry about others seeing this.

"You have obtained t.i.tle of 'Tenth Son of G.o.d.' Your randomized reward is opening."

Han Sen placed his hand on the tablet, which caused it to s.h.i.+ne. A lot of different images spun around in front of him. There were beasts, animals, handsome men, and pretty girls. Han Sen started to get excited.

Amongst the images, Han Sen also caught sight of many different spirits. He could not guess what level they were, however.

Not long after, the tablet stopped spinning. It stopped on the image of a beast. Han Sen was a little disappointed at first, as he was hoping to receive a super spirit.

He wasn't sure when he'd achieve the power needed to earn a super spirit for himself. After all, fighting an entire shelter's worth of foes was different than going one-on-one and toe-to-toe with a sole super spirit. Such shelters were also bound to include a number of super creatures, as well.

"You have obtained a super beast soul: Devil Unicorn."

The voice made Han Sen feel happy again. Although he did not receive a super spirit, receiving a super beast soul wasn't too bad.

A pitch-black beast suddenly appeared in front of him, and it resembled a unicorn, minus its grace. It turned into a black light and entered Han Sen's Sea of Soul.

"Super beast soul: Devil Unicorn. Possession beast soul."

A possession beast soul could directly increase the power of a human or another beast soul. Han Sen wondered what this beast soul might be able to possess.

Han Sen summoned the Devil Unicorn and watched a black smoke rush inside his body. It was a beast soul that could possess a human body.

When the beast soul entered Han Sen's body, his body began to produce a dark smoke that resembled a black flame. Han Sen looked like a devil that had just walked out from the pits of h.e.l.l.

Han Sen clenched his fists but noticed that his power and speed had not increased. It made him curious what benefit the black smoke was providing.

He found a rock and punched it. The rock broke, but he did not feel as if the black smoke helped.

Amidst Han Sen's confusion, the silver fox suddenly unleashed a silver lightning bolt at his master to shock him. But strangely, the lightning did not touch Han Sen. It evaporated as soon as it came into contact with the black smoke, dissipating some of the smoke as it disappeared.

Soon after, the black smoke that had disappeared returned. It seemed like the powerful lightning bolt could not deal lasting damage.

Han Sen was overjoyed with this, and he thought to himself, "The Devil Unicorn can actually block and absorb elemental power. In other words, it's an elemental s.h.i.+eld. But elemental only; it most likely cannot absorb physical damage."

Although it could only block elemental damage, it was enough to delight Han Sen. After all, he had what it took to dodge physical attacks. If he met an elemental super creature like the blue seahorse that could spew blue flames, he could rely on this super beast soul to see him through.

"I wonder what the damage threshold of the black smoke is? If it's powerful enough, then maybe I can indeed go up against the blue seahorse." Han Sen called out to the silver fox, telling him to unleash as much lightning as he could. He wanted to stress-test the limits of his elemental defense.

Han Sen was overjoyed with the results, and he was pleasantly surprised by the black smoke's st.u.r.dy defense properties. The silver fox's strongest attacks could not penetrate his s.h.i.+eld anymore.

If there was one issue, however: the speed of recovery. When the silver fox unleashed lightning, it would evaporate some of the black smoke. If it attacked repeatedly, the black smoke would be used up at a quicker rate than it could regenerate. This opened up a hole in his defense.

Han Sen guessed that the black smoke could block an adult super creature's elemental attack, but only about two or three times at the most. After that, it would take a while for his defense to return.

If it was an AOE attack, and the attack was not focused on him entirely, the black smoke would manage to hold on for longer. Its regeneration would most likely be able to catch back up, too.

"This is some pretty good stuff. It'll be useful for the times I must go up against an elemental super creature." Han Sen happily returned the Devil Unicorn to the Sea of Soul and fed it a black crystal.

When it evolved into a berserk super beast soul, its elemental defense was sure to be stronger.

Han Sen quietly snuck back into the G.o.ddess Shelter and put away his Beetle Knight. Han Sen thought to himself, "Now, where can I find and slay a second-generation super creature, so that I can fill up my super geno points?"

Becoming a surpa.s.ser meant he'd become a champion, and he'd have little reason to worry about the events of the Alliance. Aside from Celestial Beings, it'd be impossible for him to be threatened, as well.

Because of this, Han Sen wanted to become a surpa.s.ser as soon as he could. He needed to be stronger so he could not only protect himself, but his family, also.

Han Sen was wondering whether or not he should resume his super creature hunt on Devil's Mountain, but while he was in thought, Yang Manli approached to tell him that someone wanted to see him.

"Didn't I tell you I don't want to see anyone these days?" Han Sen frowned.

"I wasn't sure if Captain Qin counted as 'anyone.' Therefore, I have come to double-check with you," Yang Manli said, looking at Han Sen.

"Qin Xuan is here? What are you waiting for; send her in!" Han Sen was happy to hear of her arrival.

"There are others accompanying her, however. And they are not from our Special Squad; I am afraid you will have to meet with them, as well," Yang Manli explained.

"Who are they?" When Han Sen saw Yang Manli's face, he knew they must be important figures.

"I don't know who they are, but Captain Qin treats them with much respect and politeness. There is also a young man amongst them, who acts as if he has a crush on the aforementioned captain," Yang Manli said with a smile.