Super Gene - Chapter 714: Every Punch is Strong

Chapter 714: Every Punch is Strong

Chapter 714: Every Punch is Strong

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The Light Son of G.o.d was firing on all cylinders, trying to catch Han Sen with his beams, but he couldn't. No matter how fast he fired, Han Sen seemed able to predict his every move, resulting in a miss every time.

Han Sen knew this was his opportunity. He knew he could keep dodging the Light Son of G.o.d's attacks, and all he would have to do was touch him to claim victory.

The Light Son of G.o.d was ridiculously fast, and it was clear that the spirit's primary trait was indeed speed. But this came at the cost of physical toughness; if the spirit was this quick, it wouldn't have the defense of a super creature.

He only wore a robe instead of armor, as well. This clue suggested that the spirit did not depend on vitality.

"I just need to hit him. If I do that, I'll have a chance. I am only one step away from the Son of G.o.d's reward! I have to risk it, no matter what. What if I am given a super beast soul, or even a super spirit?!" Han Sen gritted his teeth, dodging in a way to position the Light Son of G.o.d exactly where he wanted him to be.

"He can actually dodge the Light Son of G.o.d's attacks like that? This is amazing! But still, dodging alone cannot secure victory. His attacks are too slow; he might not be able to hit the Light Son of G.o.d." Hua Ping was full of both excitement and worry.

He had watched many Second G.o.d's Sanctuary Divinity's Bouts over the years, and Dollar was the only evolver to come this far. He really hoped Dollar could win, and thus claim the Light Son of G.o.d's position.

But there was still a gulf of power separating the two. Even though Dollar could utilize his magic dodging moves to avoid the Light Son of G.o.d's attacks, the speed of Dollar's enemy kept them distanced from each other. He would most likely not be able to touch the Light Son of G.o.d, and that was enough for the spirit to maintain his throne.

Everyone knew Dollar had opened his gene lock to fight, which meant his time was limited.

Ordinary evolvers, in a fight this long, would already have exhausted their strength and had their gene lock shut down.

Dollar was abnormal, it would seem. His fitness was much higher than the average evolver, and it seemed as if he could last far longer with an active gene lock.

But it was not infinite, and no one knew exactly when it might fail.

In fact, Han Sen's ability to hold on this long was not solely down to his fitness; it was because he had Long Live and Jade-Sun Force. Energy replenished constantly, giving him what he needed to hold on.

But Han Sen was still bound by his evolver status, and while he could indeed last a long time, he could not last forever. He would still have to beat the Light Son of G.o.d, sooner rather than later.

Han Sen's eyes were so calm, and his body was so composed. Slowly, bit-by-bit, he was threading the subtle movements to lead the Light Son of G.o.d into exactly the right position.

The Light Son of G.o.d, by this point, was madly attacking Han Sen like a rabid laser-dog. He hadn't noticed up until now that he had been driven to the edge of the arena.

The moment the Light Son of G.o.d backed into a corner, Han Sen made his move. Although he wasn't as fast as the Light Son of G.o.d, he was quick enough that others could not even see his body.

Even the spirit himself was spooked and taken off-guard by the sudden burst of speed from his opponent. He did not expect Han Sen to possess a speed like that, and he had unwittingly let him get close.

Han Sen's eyes burst into flames. His heart pounded like a hammer, as his bones and flesh vibrated. A white light coursed through his body to give him greater speed.

He simulated the Light Son of G.o.d's own energy flow. His fitness prohibited him from being as powerful as the Light Son of G.o.d himself, but it was still effective. And this was a move that went beyond the audience's wildest expectations.

Han Sen's fitness was two hundred seventeen. The fitness of a super creature was around three hundred. The difference between them was 30%, so there was no chance the spirit could utterly, completely dominate Han Sen.

"How can he be that fast?" Many people stood up in reaction to Han Sen's sudden, blazingly quick attack.

"With a speed like that, maybe he can..." Fang Mingquan's excitement was through the roof.

Hua Ping clenched his fist and stared at Han Sen's next move with unblinking eyes. If this speed did not allow Han Sen to close the gap and touch the Light Son of G.o.d, there wouldn't be another chance.

A lot of people held their hands, in the hope that Han Sen could now hit his fearsome foe.

The Light Son of G.o.d was already on the corner of the battleground, and he had been spooked by Han Sen's sudden change of pace. When he realized what was going on, he quickly dodged Han Sen's attack and went right past him. He managed to slip away from the corner.

The audience could not help but sigh. They felt sorry for Dollar because, after all that, the Light Son of G.o.d had still managed to dodge the attack that had so much build up. His enemy was still too fast.

"If you want to compete with my speed, you have a long way to go," the Light Son of G.o.d said with a mocking smile and disdainful look, as he pa.s.sed Han Sen by.

"I do?" Han Sen stood where he was and coldly looked at the Light Son of G.o.d who had gone right past him. He opened his hands and tried to grab the Light Son of G.o.d.

"It is useless to compete with my speed; nothing in the Second G.o.d's Sanctuary rivals me. You pitiful humans will never be able to achieve the same." The Light Son of G.o.d sped up again and created a gap between him and Han Sen once more. Han Sen's hand had not been able to even touch his clothes.

Seeing Han Sen's hands trying to grab him, the Light Son of G.o.d simply pulled away even further. The people who were watching were starting to once again feel weak and without hope.

But then suddenly, the Light Son of G.o.d, who was quite far from Han Sen, had his whole body sucked towards Han Sen like a magnet. He was thrown through the air towards his human nemesis upside-down. When the gap closed, Han Sen grabbed his head.

"Let's try that again." Han Sen raised his fist and brought a punch down directly on the Light Son of G.o.d's suddenly-distraught face.


The Light Son of G.o.d's head suffered a terrible strike, which sent it backward. A large red mark painted the center of his pretty face, and his nose had been bent out of shape as it now oozed blood.

After that heavy attack, the Light Son of G.o.d's body did not slip away as he intended it to. He was sucked back into Han Sen's hand.

Without hesitation, Han Sen struck again, his fist unleas.h.i.+ng the Elephant-Disc Punch upon his foe's face multiple times. Punch after punch it raged, the skull of his enemy clanging like metal.

Every punch was strong, and even the bones inside rattled and collided against themselves.

The Light Son of G.o.d was in total shock. He tried to squirm his way free, to resist and fall back, but he couldn't. Some strange force drew his body towards Han Sen; one he couldn't escape. His speed had slowed down, and in this frenetic panic Han Sen had managed to catch up.

Pang! Pang!

The infernal fists crashed down on the Light Son of G.o.d's face like a landslide. The sound of each punch was an audible pleasure. The boisterous Light Son of G.o.d was like anybody else now, with a bruised face and bleeding nose.

The Light Son of G.o.d wanted to block the hits that kept pummeling him, but the force continuously sapped him of his speed. His moves were still being predicted, and Han Sen reacted accordingly every time. Han Sen punched him every time he made half a move. Being unable to dodge, all he could do was flail his hopeless hands.