Super Gene - Chapter 707: Elephant-Disc Punch

Chapter 707: Elephant-Disc Punch

Chapter 707: Elephant-Disc Punch

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Seeing that woman, who was as cold as a monarch, Han Sen did not move. His very heart had been rocked with surprise and he thought to himself, "This is too much of a Coincidence. Despite the countless other humans and spirits here, I am put against her?"

Queen looked at Han Sen, then kicked towards him with her long legs like the throw of an axe. Queen did not care who her opponent was; she had no idea she was up against Dollar.

But Han Sen waved his fist, and after doing so, Queen's face changed. Her legs canceled their attack and pulled to the side in evasion. When she neared Han Sen, she raised her fist and attempted to punch him.

Han Sen raised his elbow and pushed away Queen's incoming fist, as his left hand swung towards her waist.

They both engaged in very close-quarter combat. Their attacks, deflections, dodges, and parries came thick and fast, and the eyes of the audience could barely follow the speed at which they fought. By the time they could admire one move, another ten had been performed.

The crowd became cross-eyed, and it was like they were witnessing the fight of two rabid monsters.

"Who is this woman? She is so cool; she can actually go toe-to-toe with Dollar!"

"I did not expect to ever see a woman evolver be so powerful."

"This woman is amazing. Her body and general appearance are divine, and her strength is incredible."

"She is like a G.o.ddess. This Huangfu Jing... she cannot be from the Ares Martial Hall..."

Many evolvers did not know who Queen was, but witnessing this fight, they quickly started to admire her.

And for the people who knew Queen, they were more surprised that Dollar was able to fight her. Queen was a master of close-quarter combat. She was regarded as nearly invincible by her peers, in part due to her knowledge of Heavenly Go. The combination of Heavenly Go and superb close-quarter combat abilities made most fights a breeze for her.

Therefore, people were surprised Dollar was able to fight Queen. The punching skills Han Sen used surprised people even more, however.

"Can Elephant-Disc Punch beat Heavenly Go?" Many people had recognized Han Sen's skill, Elephant-Disc Punch. After all, it was a fairly common hyper geno art. Of course, they never expected the skill could stand up to Heavenly Go.

Before this day, if someone had been told Elephant-Disc Punch could compete with Heavenly Go, they'd have been laughed out of the room.

But there he was; Han Sen was using Elephant-Disc Punch to repel Queen's Heavenly Go with no sign of being at a disadvantage. And now, people began to think Heavenly Go wasn't as effective as they had previously been led to believe.

"Holy c.r.a.p! Dollar is using Elephant-Disc Punch; I know this skill myself! Why can't I use it as good as him?"

"Yeah, if he can use that skill to this level of effectiveness, he might as well be a G.o.d."

It didn't take long for people to recognize the skill Han Sen used was Elephant-Disc Punch. After all, it was very common and many people had learnt it due to the affordability of A-cla.s.s hyper geno arts. It was frequently considered a must-have skill.

But it shocked them to see Dollar cast the very same skill with such a terrifying amount of power.

"I have known Elephant-Disc Punch for many years; how have I been unable to notice how much power this skill can actually discharge?"

"Skills are still dependent on their caster, mind you. In Dollar's hand, it is like an invincible hand of death. In your hand..."

"It is a shame I can't record these fights. If I could, I'd watch them over and over in an attempt to learn Dollar's trick."

"It's strange. Is Dollar really using the same Elephant-Disc Punch you and I use? It looks similar, yes... but it has a certain element of strangeness to it."

It wasn't just the ordinary folk who viewed this skill with such bewilderment. w.a.n.g Yuhang was just as shocked as the rest. Everyone knew the battle between Queen and Dollar would be quite the spectacle, but no one expected Dollar would be able to repel Heavenly Go with such a common skill.

"Is this guy human? How can he do this?" w.a.n.g Yuhang's eyes were opened wide.

"Dollar is Dollar. The word 'freaking awesome' is what we can use," Teng Zhen Liu said in praise.

"Brother Teng, that's two words." The comrade beside him looked at Teng Zhen Liu, confused.

"He is awesome, awesome is him. The word freaking can be ignored, so it's just one word," said Teng Zhen Liu.

The comrade acknowledged that with a sudden, "Ah, I see."

Queen was shocked just as much. She knew exactly what kind of skill Elephant-Disc Punch was, despite not having learnt it herself.

She was shocked to see her opponent using such a regular skill and still keeping up with her.

But Queen was Queen, and she didn't let the surprise put her at a disadvantage. She didn't care about which skill he used against her, all she wanted to do was win.

This fight was a surprise to be sure, but a welcome one. It amazed each and every spectator, and even Hua Ping. When he saw the name Huangfu Jing, he only expected it to be an ordinary human. As such, he cared little for the fight's potential significance.

He did not expect Huangfu Jing to be a person of such strength, let alone that she would come the closest to matching Dollar's power so far.

Hua Ping thought Dollar was the strongest evolver in existence, but he never expected there to be a woman who could achieve such power.

"This is good. So, after all this time, humanity hasn't been resting on its laurels. The younger generation has followed in the footsteps of their predecessors, taking the abilities of their forefathers forward with greater strength. They are stepping up, and it now seems more possible than ever for humanity to claim a pedestal and be deemed a Son of G.o.d." Hua Ping was overjoyed to see so many excellent young people stepping up to the plate.

Fan Mingquan was excited to see this, as well. He didn't know such a powerful female existed, and that she could do so well in combat against Dollar.

His fists were like an elephant and hers were like a battle axe.

The fight between Han Sen and Queen looked nuts, and it didn't seem like either one had a clear advantage. The audience was so thrilled, they wished they could take part.

Han Sen admired Queen. He didn't use all his energy as he did while casting Elephant-Rex Strike, but he used the most he could with Elephant-Disc Punch. He was able to suppress Queen well-enough, but he could not beat her.

This woman's Heavenly Go was already at a scary level, so unless Han Sen had much greater strength and speed, he wouldn't be able to beat her outright.

Han Sen knew he could not beat her, if he maintained this status quo. The best he could hope for right now was Queen exhausting all her energy.

If he fought for his life, Han Sen might win. But he didn't want to kill her, nor did he want to spend too much energy. So, Han Sen suddenly stopped. He let Queen's battle-axe leg, which was currently being driven at his head, carry on its approach and did not dodge.