Super Gene - Chapter 704: One-Punch Victory

Chapter 704: One-Punch Victory

Chapter 704: One-Punch Victory

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After what Hua Ping told him, Fang Mingquan started to worry. He didn't want Dollar to go up against something so fiercely powerful.

As they spoke, the two combatants entered their battleground. One combatant was three meters tall and clad in black armor. He looked terrifying. His movements were almost like a mechanical robot, built from steel.

The other fighter looked fairly strong compared to what might be expected of a human. However, he was clad in a purple armor that looked relatively thin next to his opponent's.

The Black-Gold spirit shouted and raised the hammer he wielded, which was bigger than a small car. He smashed the ground in front of Han Sen with a force that probably could have toppled a small mountain.

Fang Mingquan watched Dollar with great trepidation. Although Dollar was wearing purple armor, he could tell it was Dollar from the way the man held himself. As he observed Dollar facing-off with Black-Gold, it frightened him. Fang Mingquan was an evolver himself, so he could clearly sense the threatening power that resided within the hammer Black-Gold wielded.

"Your friend seems a little slow. His abilities are strength-focused? If that is true, he won't fare too well against a foe such as Black-Gold. His enemy's power is infinite, so unless he is one of the strongest humans in history..." Hua Ping trailed off, but such a sentence had only one conclusion.

Fang Mingquan didn't see Dollar dodge, and neither did Dollar draw a weapon. He watched nervously, as Dollar had only been in the shelter for a couple of years and his power had most likely not peaked yet. Going up against such a frightening foe was wildly dangerous.

As Black-Gold's hammer swung again, poised to land on Dollar's head, he brought out his right fist and punched the hammer.

When Hua Ping witnessed this move, he shook his head and said, "Your friend is a reckless one. Black-Gold's power is..."

Before Hua Ping could finish his sentence, Dollar's fist collided with the hammer.


The hit was deafening, and the fist shattered the hammer into pieces.

Hua Ping and Fang Mingquan were motionless. They couldn't even fathom the strength that resided in that fist, for it to break a giant metal hammer such as that.

Hua Ping was shocked the most. He had witnessed many Divinity's Bouts over the years and was knowledgeable about many of the fighters there; that included Black-Gold, the spirit. He was a remarkable warrior. He may not have been the strongest, but he possessed a lot of strength nonetheless. Against his unbreakable armor and intimidatingly large hammer, many evolvers had died, or at the very least, been grievously injured in battle with him.

A lot of sacred-blood weapons had been broken by that hammer, as well. But now, that very same hammer had been utterly annihilated by a human fist. The sight was unimaginable, and it was the sort of tale that few would ever believe.

Hua Ping could only stare at Dollar, mouth agape. He was forgetting to write his report.

On the battleground, after Han Sen wrecked the hammer, a flood of power boiled inside his body once more. Seeing Black-Gold himself aghast at what had just happened, Han Sen stepped forward with atmosphere-cracking strength, directly before the spirit's face.

His flesh was like that of a tiger, and his fist buzzed loudly as it flashed towards Black-Gold's face.

Black-Gold shouted and crossed his arms in an attempt to block the incoming attack.


His armor, arms, and skull were crushed under the weight of Han Sen's Elephant-Disc Punch. Blood soaked the arena, and the disfigured and dismembered body of Black-Gold was launched out of the battleground. The b.l.o.o.d.y mess crash landed fifteen meters away.

"How is that possible?" Hua Ping was on his feet, his book and pens fallen to the floor. As he looked upon Dollar, his eyes widened until it looked like they were going to fall out.

It was a one-punch victory.

The immeasurably powerful spirit Black-Gold was killed shortly after the fight began, and he hadn't stood a chance. No one could imagine the strength that was delivered in that punch, and Hua Ping struggled to believe it was possible for an evolver to achieve such a wretched power.

Fang Mingquan was almost as shocked, as well; he almost cried aloud. He did not expect Dollar, who had only been in the Second G.o.d's Sanctuary for as long as he had, to have managed to achieve such power. He killed a royal spirit with a single punch, and it was a ravenous crowd-pleaser.

"Mingquan, is this man human?" Hua Ping asked after Dollar left the arena, excitedly grabbing Fang Mingquan's hand.

"Yes, he is. Dollar is pretty popular in the Alliance," Fang Mingquan quickly told him, in his own excitement.

"If he is really human... Wait... Let me see..." Hua Ping was no longer coherent in his dialogue, as he ran his hands up and down his body in search of his book. Realizing it was on the floor, he raced to pick it up.

He began flipping through the pages, scanning the battle lists and frantically drawing with his pen. Fang Mingquan wasn't sure what he was doing.

He drew with a manic speed. Every time he wrote down a name and drew a line, his face perked with further excitement.

Fang Mingquan looked at what Hua Ping was doing and noticed it was a calculation of the battle list. It seemed as if Hua Ping was trying to determine who Dollar would face off against next.

"Ten matches... He won't go up against anyone stronger than Black-Gold for another ten matches. This is a chance." Hua Ping's face had gone red as a beetroot, and he beamed with delight in his mad drawings.

The excitement in his face was getting deeper and deeper. But after a while, his face froze. His excitement drained away, and he sat down in evident disappointment. His eyes looked empty as he mumbled, "It still doesn't work. It still doesn't work."

"Old Hua, what doesn't work?" Fang Mingquan quickly asked, eager understand what was going on.

"Your friend is pretty lucky. If he continues fighting, he shouldn't encounter any more opponents who are that powerful. Even if he met another spirit that was as powerful as Black-Gold, he would still have every chance of beating it. If he is lucky enough, he can reach the top ten. But..." Hua Ping gave a long, drawn-out sigh. Then, he continued by saying, "In his final fight, the one before he can be crowned Son of G.o.d, he must face-off against an opponent no human can possibly defeat."

"What manner of opponent do you speak of?" Fang Mingquan asked.

"In the fifth Divinity's Bout, there was a light-element Son of G.o.d. Although this Son of G.o.d had only joined once, he was extremely powerful. His power now is something few humans might ever fathom. No human can beat him. Even evolvers with unlocked gene locks don't stand a chance. Before the Light Son of G.o.d, they would be crushed like bugs." Hua Ping bore a wry smile as he explained the predicament.