Super Gene - Chapter 694: Z-Steel Raw Stone

Chapter 694: Z-Steel Raw Stone

Chapter 694: Z-Steel Raw Stone

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Han Sen was given many different options of gifts to consider off the Qin family. Eventually, he settled on Z-Steel raw stones.

The Z-Steel ore always had a lot of contaminants inside it. A thousand grams of Z-Steel ore could be refined to provide only five grams of pure Z-Steel metal.

The Z-Steel that was refined was really hard, but very brittle. Its fragility and stern rigidity rendered it almost unusable as a weapon or electrical component.

Refined Z-Steel was more akin to delicate porcelain than metal. It had to be combined with other metals to provide a decent weapon of fair toughness and hardness.

But inside the Z-Steel ore, there was a high concentration of rough Z-Steel. It was unknown how these Z-Steel raw stones were created, but they were a little bigger than a man's thumb. Inside them was 50% Z-Steel. Some were even higher, though, and could reach 90%.

The Z-Steel raw stones were not only really hard, but also really flexible. They were suitable for weaponry that way. When the raw stones were refined, however, they would end up very brittle. Thus, they could only be ground; they couldn't be melted down and forged into a weapon.

These raw stones were often made into bullets, but guns could not be used in a shelter, so the Z-Steel raw stones had no use there.

But the Qin family owned many Z-Steel mines. They had a lot of Z-Steel raw stones, large ones in particular.

The best batch of raw stones provided a concentration of 90% Z-Steel. They were bigger than ordinary Z-Steel raw stones, as well, and they could be ground into something simple.

The moment Han Sen saw the Z-Steel raw stones, his mind turned to his peac.o.c.k crossbow. The Z-Steel was one foot long at the most, and they were as thick as a finger. They were too thin to be made into knives and too hard to be sharpened.

Han Sen thought he would only need to grind the raw stone to create many new, good bolts. As such, they would be a very useful gift for Han Sen to receive.

When Han Sen chose the Z-Steel raw stones, the Qin family also promised they would aid him in the creation of bolts, for grinding Z-Steel raw stone was very complicated work. It would take a long time for the process to be completed, and as a result, it would be a while before Han Sen received the bolts.

The Qin family estimated in about half a month, they would have finished work on two bolts. So, the Qin family would give him two bolts every month.

Han Sen understood that, since the Z-Steel raw stone was so hard. It was non-reactive to heat, so it could not be melted down. It could only be ground down, slowly, over much time.

Han Sen highly antic.i.p.ated the day he would receive his first Z-Steel bolts. They had a 90% concentration of Z-Steel, and their toughness would undoubtedly be better than the raven feathers.

The most important distinction between the two different types of bolts he was about to own, however, was that he could not bring the raven bolts out of the shelter, whereas the Z-Steel bolts could be taken everywhere.

After this, Han Sen quietly returned to the G.o.ddess Shelter and put away the Beetle Knight. He then went to the Alliance to search for information. He wanted to catch a lead on where he might find a second generation solo super creature.

"Brother, did you sign up for Divinity's Bout?" Tang Zhenliu said excitedly, after contacting Han Sen.

"No, it would be a waste of time." Han Sen smiled.

"Why not? You should give it a go; you have a kick-a.s.s pet, after all. There's a chance you'll reach a rank in the ten Son of G.o.d's and make humanity proud," Tang Zhenliu said.

"My pet is strong, that much is true. But if I face an opponent stronger than I, I'll be killed. I'll be dead. Why should I bother?" Han Sen shrugged.

"I suppose you are correct. But if you don't go compete in Divinity's Bout, it is practically guaranteed that humanity once again will fail and not stand a chance of securing a single position. It has been a century, and across that entire time, the top ten Son of G.o.d's have been spirits. It's humiliating, at this point," Tang Zhenliu said, with a depressed look.

"That's just how it has to be. Unless we are able to somehow max out our super geno points, we will continue to be unable to compete with them," Han Sen said, with a smile.

"That is hard, you know? A Life Geno essence has been discovered in the First G.o.d's Sanctuary, but they have been unable to learn how to absorb it. The same thing has occurred here in the Second G.o.d's Sanctuary, as well. When we'll actually be able to start earning super geno points is very much still up-in-the-air at the moment," Tang Zhenliu said, with an even greater look of depression.

"Hopefully, it won't be too long. I want to become a surpa.s.ser as soon as I can," Han Sen said, with another smile.

"You have the most amazing luck, to have a pet like that. The next time you fight a super creature, consider us. Whatever the Qin family gives you, we can provide just as much. Maybe even better," Tang Zhenliu said.

"We'll talk about this when I am actually able to kill a super creature. And pets? You know pets. Pets are just pets. If the master is too weak, it would be dangerous to hunt a super creature, regardless of the pet's individual strength. Unless victory is 100% sure, I wouldn't risk it," Han Sen said.

After the call with Tang Zhenliu, many others contacted him, wondering if he was going to partic.i.p.ate in Divinity's Bout. It looked as if many people wanted to see him compete there.

A lot of people sincerely wanted Han Sen to become a Son of G.o.d to make humanity proud and have their race proudly displayed on the tablet.

But Han Sen told them he wouldn't take part in Divinity's Bout. Many eyes watched Han Sen, though, and he couldn't even though he wanted to.

Many people didn't believe Han Sen was willing to skip the affair, though. Han Sen only spent time in the Alliance or G.o.ddess Shelter recently, it was believed. He hadn't left either place for a while now, so the people who spied on him would know whether or not he signed up when the registrations closed. So, in time, it was inevitable that people would come to accept Han Sen really wasn't signing up.

"Hopefully, I really can become a Son of G.o.d. It'd be a marvelous thing if I were to obtain a super spirit." Han Sen used his Beetle Knight to create a doppelganger, while he sneaked out on his own.

Signing up as Dollar, he would only need to show off his powers and others would believe Dollar was the only person with super geno points. That would most certainly take the heat off Han Sen.

But there was still a while to go before Divinity's Bout began. And right now, they had to get through the preliminaries, where the best person from every shelter would be elected to move forward. Han Sen did not need to sign-up for this, as he was the first and only person in the Crystal Palace. So he opted to use this time to search for a second generation super creature.

Han Sen looked for information regarding one's location and managed to get something. An evolver had made a post, which made Han Sen believe they had encountered a second generation super creature.

That super creature resided someplace on Devil's Mountain. That wasn't too far from his current location, so Han Sen decided to scope it out. If it was a solo second generation super creature, now was his chance.