Super Gene - Chapter 692: Absorbing the Life Geno Essence

Chapter 692: Absorbing the Life Geno Essence

Chapter 692: Absorbing the Life Geno Essence

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Han Sen tried simulating the Saint-Bone Elephant's flow. Suddenly, he felt his pulse consist of a hundred elephant cries. An infinite cosmos of power brewed inside his body, filling his entirety like a mad flood. It was much stronger than before, when the gene lock hadn't been broken.

Han Sen picked up the bone elephant's essence. Under the strong energy flow of the bone elephant, the Life Geno essence vibrated in his hand. It suddenly flew out of his grasp and a.s.similated with his body. The essence melted into his body and he didn't even need to eat it. The Life Geno essence simply entered, blending into his person.

"Essence Absorbed: Saint-Bone Elephant. You have gained one super geno point."

"Essence Absorbed: Saint-Bone Elephant. You have gained one super geno point."

The familiar voice rang in his head. Han Sen almost released tears of joy. After all his hard work, he had finally discovered how to absorb a Life Geno essence.

After Han Sen absorbed the entirety of the Life Geno essence, his bones immediately felt stronger. It was as if they glowed with a certain strength. In the end, Han Sen's super geno points increased by ten.

"Finally... finally I can continue my evolution and ascension." Han Sen wished he could just shout it out to the sky.

In the past, Han Sen worked as hard as he did to provide a better life, not just for himself, but for his family, also. He became stronger and stronger to uncover the truth behind his father's accident.

This was his purpose. But being an evolver was almost like an addiction.

If an athlete who trained tirelessly each and every day were to immediately quit training, they'd feel uncomfortable.

Han Sen had grown used to getting stronger and earning new abilities. He was desperate to grow, and the reasons that may have fueled his ascension in the past didn't mean anything anymore. Strength was the only thing that mattered now.

Han Sen's heart jumped, having simulated the silver fox's energy flow. The crackle of silver lightning sparked across his body. He smiled in happiness.


Han Sen threw out his fist and a snap of lightning burst from his hand. It wasn't how the silver fox did it, however; it could cast lightning bolts as if they were magical arrows.

But this was expected. The fitness of humans was limited in the Second G.o.d's Sanctuary. Even if a person opened their first gene lock, it wasn't truly opened in its entirety. Humans couldn't commandeer and utilize powers in the way super creatures did.

To unleash such wondrous powers, he'd have to wait until he became a Celestial Being.

Han Sen then simulated the bear cub's energy flow. When he did so, his body suddenly became stronger. His muscles hardened like a freshly inflated tire. His arms were bigger than his thighs and his whole body became tougher than ever.

His entire body and the organs within became as st.u.r.dy as steel. His strength increased by a substantial amount, but unfortunately, this came at the cost of speed and mobility.

Han Sen was having fun with this. But he then recalled that the gourd had an energy flow of its own, too. He wondered what might happen if he simulated it.

His heart jumped, and the Dongxuan Sutra's energy began to change. It was following along with the gourd's energy flow. Suddenly, a peculiar power began to blossom inside him.

Pang! Pang! Pang!

Han Sen's body became magnetic. Everything inside the room was magnetized to Han Sen, and everything flew in his direction. He was unexpectedly battered.

They were like homing missiles, and he had no chance of dodging the now dangerous furniture. Left and right he weaved, but to no avail. Everything in the room was now being glued to his person.

The crystal chair, the lampstand, and even table was a threat. And they all piled against Han Sen. There was even a crystal bed, which was now looming over him, ready to fall on top of him. At the ghastly sight, Han Sen was utterly shocked. In haste, he ended the simulation of the gourd's energy flow.


When Han Sen cut the energy flow, everything that was sticking to his body crashed down to the floor. It was like he had switched on some magnetism mode inside him; he was quite confused.

"What the heck is this energy flow. Did I just turn into a magnet that can pull everything towards me? What possible purpose could something like that serve?" Han Sen did not understand and was not quite sure what to think.

But that was fine; Han Sen did not need this energy flow. Right now, he had finished his first tier of the Dongxuan Sutra, and now he could use it to secretly learn the energy flows of second generation super creatures.

Each Qi Gong was like a different key, where different keys could unlock different chests, and each chest contained a different treasure.

The powers he had obtained from opening the first gene lock of Jadeskin were vastly different than the powers he had obtained by opening the first gene lock of the Dongxuan Sutra.

Abilities always had their pros and cons, very much like the differences between fire and water. They weren't stronger or weaker than one another, they were just different.

But when Han Sen unlocked the Dongxuan Sutra's gene lock, it felt stronger than Jadeskin. His actual body felt stronger, at least.

The Dongxuan Sutra's dongxuan aura and the Jadeskin's seventh sense were different abilities, but they were kind of similar at the same time. Neither was stronger than the other; it was just that his perception of the Dongxuan aura's nature was more substantial to him. It was not stronger than the seventh sense, it was just different.

Han Sen tried to absorb the Life Geno essence of a first generation super creature, but with no success. He needed to learn the energy flow of a second generation super creature, slay it, and absorb its essence.

In the past, this task would have seemed insurmountable to Han Sen. But having now unlocked the Dongxuan Sutra's first gene lock, he didn't think it would be a problem. He could steal the super creature's energy flow whilst they were in battle.

"If I cannot absorb the Life Geno essence of a first generation super creature, maybe it's best that I sell it to a big faction and earn some dosh." Han Sen then took to wondering how and where he might sell them for the most money. But he then suddenly heard a voice coming from someplace within the Crystal Palace.

"Announcement: The Second G.o.d's Sanctuary's Battle Arena has opened. Join the battlegrounds, for the holy battles begin in thirty-three days."

The voice of a cold woman echoed throughout the Crystal Palace, which spooked Han Sen. Hearing what she had to say, however, put a strange look on his face.

The holy battles in the Second G.o.d's Sanctuary were different than the holy battles in the First G.o.d's Sanctuary because, aside from humans, spirits could also take part in the combat. It wasn't purely human versus human.

But what was more, this wasn't an annual event like it was in the First G.o.d's Sanctuary. The holy battles only took place every ten years in the Second G.o.d's Sanctuary. In the past, no human had been able to win and achieve the t.i.tle "Son of G.o.d." The previous nine "Son of G.o.d" t.i.tles were all won by spirits. They never failed once.

No human knew what the reward for being the tenth Son of G.o.d was.