Super Gene - Chapter 679: Killing the Bone Elephant

Chapter 679: Killing the Bone Elephant

Chapter 679: Killing the Bone Elephant

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The pink snake forced Han Sen to go near the bone elephant, as it planned for them both to tackle the monster together. The pink snake itself was afraid of the power that the bone elephant possessed, so it sought to use the human called Han Sen for help.

Han Sen was interested in both the bone elephant and the cub inside the cave. The three Life Geno essences he had collected so far were obtained from super creatures that did not leave bodies behind. Han Sen guessed that might have been because they were first generation super creatures.

The bone elephant and the black bear were second generation super creatures, and if they were anything like the Golden Growler, their bodies would not disintegrate when they were killed. Instead, they'd leave behind an edible Life Geno essence.

Angel's evolution was reaching a critical point. She did not want to eat sacred-blood creatures anymore, but despite that, the evolution wasn't triggering. Perhaps the flesh of a super creature was exactly what she needed.

Han Sen, regardless of the snake's pus.h.i.+ng, believed he should take out the bone elephant. Otherwise, if the big bear died, it'd be harder for Han Sen to get the cub, as it would then be in the possession of the bone elephant.

The pink snake watched Han Sen still standing there. It opened its mouth and hissed, prompting him to go.

Han Sen groaned and then summoned his Flaming Rex Spike. After that, he approached the bone elephant.

The pink snake saw Han Sen rush forward, so it spread its blood-wings and flew off like an arrow into the bone elephant's ear. Its aim was fairly clear, in that it wished to cause the elephant harm from inside its body.

The bone elephant sensed the pink snake's sly attack, as it wriggled around in the elephant's ear. In response, it used its trunk to grab ahold of it and pull it out. The pink snake writhed and wriggled in the air, dodging the follow-up attack.

Han Sen's Flaming Rex Spike was driven down onto the elephant's body with a fair strike. A metal noise rung out after the hit, however, and only white marks scuffed the red bones. Han Sen's hands were numbed by the strike; he almost couldn't hold the weapon anymore.

"It's tough," Han Sen said to himself in surprise.

The elephant reacted to the attack with added rage, despite not being injured very much. It attempted to turn around and rush towards Han Sen, but the big bear's paws latched onto the elephant's tusks and prevented it from turning.

That was the opportunity the pink snake needed to try to wriggle its way into the elephant's ear again. Han Sen raised the Flaming Rex Spike again and brought himself closer to the bone elephant's body.

The bone elephant's bones were totally red, and there were no apparent weaknesses. So, Han Sen took aim at the thinnest bone he could find and gave it a good wallop.

The bone elephant's tusks were still being grabbed by the bear, and it couldn't move. It trumpeted to the sky. With an enormous burst of strength, it picked up the bear as it clung onto the tusks and threw it towards the mountainside. There was a large cras.h.i.+ng sound and much of the hill was ruined.

The bone elephant then quickly retrieved the snake from its ear with its trunk again. It kicked its thick back legs, one of which had the Flaming Rex Spike bearing down on it. One foot hit Han Sen and sent him flying away.

The bone elephant was so strong, it effortlessly battled three opponents and dominated them with ease.

Han Sen's body was sent careering through several peach trees before he dropped to the ground. Although he had his golden armor and gargoyle glyph for protection, he still ended up spitting blood. His chest was on fire.

"Fudge! This bone elephant is so much harder than the Frosty Giant Bear." Han Sen bit down on his teeth and pulled himself back up on two feet. Fortunately for him, his weapon absorbed most of the elephant's strike. Had he borne the brunt of the hit, he feared he would be half dead by now.

The bone elephant trumpeted again and lowered its head, aligning its tusks with the immobile black bear. It took off sprinting towards the bear, looking like a mountain falling from the sky. If the bear was. .h.i.t, it'd be very dead.

The big bear had already been significantly injured, on top of the situation it had just been thrown into. It couldn't get itself free from the rubble, and a finis.h.i.+ng strike from the tusks seemed likely.

"Roar!" The cub that was hiding in the cave, seeing its mother about to be killed, let out a young scream. The fur on its body looked obsidian as it emerged from the shadow of the cave. It hopped onto the bone elephant and scratched a few deep marks into its bones.

The bone elephant screamed in pain as it used its trunk to remove the cub that was on top of it. This bought the big bear enough time to climb out of the rubble.

Seeing the bone elephant about to hit the cub, the big bear grabbed onto the elephant's trunk and fell down on its knees. It roared, pulling down on the trunk as best it could, not allowing the elephant to move it.

The bone elephant kept moving its trunk, trying to get rid of the big bear that clung onto it so tightly. The powerful downward force of the bear had its feet digging into the earth, creating two large trenches as it pulled as hard as it could.

The pink snake used this third opportunity to fire itself into the elephant's ear like a bolt of lightning. It caused pain to the elephant, which had it screaming to the skies. In its sudden madness, it managed to toss the bear and the cub away.

Han Sen was behind the bone elephant's back. He performed Toxic-Dragon Drill and once again took aim at his foe's backside. He wanted to replicate the results of his battle against the Giant Frosty Bear and break his enemy's b.u.t.thole.

The strong spin dug hard into the elephant's clenched a.n.u.s, which caused a terrific firework of sparks. But it didn't drill for long, and soon after, it stopped.

The bone elephant's body was built from steel, and Han Sen lacked the power to drive it further. If the powerful Flaming Rex Spike could not break its bones, drilling as far as he wanted was out of the question.

Seeing the mad bone elephant kick with ferocity, Han Sen managed to dodge it this time. His focus was now at its best, and he detected another kick coming his way. He evaded that one, too.

The pink snake had dug itself deep into the of the elephant's ears, which fuelled its anger and madness even further. Han Sen and the bear then attacked the bone elephant at the same time, but it still wouldn't go down.

The big bear was the tank that absorbed damage. If the bear had not been there to sustain most of the bone elephant's attacks, Han Sen and the cub would have died many times over.

Han Sen gave it everything he had, trying to draw its attention while the bone elephant dealt with the big bear.

Although the cub was not as strong as the bone elephant or its mother, it had obsidian claws. It was still better than Han Sen's Flaming Rex Spike. Every scratch from the cub left deep marks in the bone elephant, even if it didn't do much lasting damage.

The pink snake that drilled into the bone elephant's ears seemed to be dealing the most damage to the bone elephant. It was driven mad, screaming constantly.


The cub was whacked by the trunk and sent flying. Its little body knocked down a few peach trees. What surprised Han Sen the most about this, however, was the way it leapt right back onto its feet and went running back into battle.

"The children of super creatures are incredibly OP." Han Sen was in shock as he watched it. The black cub was very young, yet it was already that resilient. When it grew up, it was sure to be as strong as the bone elephant.