Super Gene - Chapter 674: Shocking the Alliance

Chapter 674: Shocking the Alliance

Chapter 674: Shocking the Alliance

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Even though members of the Ji family did not believe it was true, many others had come to ask them about Han Sen's obtaining a Life Geno essence. Many officers and organizations from all across the Alliance came to ask them, all due to the belief that Han Sen was a part of the Ji family.

Being in such a spotlight forced the Ji family to take the topic seriously. Words of the deed also reached the very top of the family, Ji Ruozhen.

"My baby girl, it looks as if you've found quite the man." Ji Ruozhen had a wry smile, as he perused the information concerning Han Sen. He picked up his communicator and gave Ji Yanran a call.

"Dad, you will be the president soon. How can you find time to give your lonely daughter a call?" Ji Yanran said, with a sulky voice.

In the past two years, Ji Ruozhen had been running for an election to be president of the Alliance and because of this, his care and concern for familial matters had lagged. His time for Ji Yanran was one such consequence, but despite her sourness over the slight neglection, she knew how busy such important matters made him.

"Don't say that; I'm only part of the election." Ji Ruozhen gave a warm smile, then continued to say, "Your father has been really busy recently, but the reason I have come looking for you right now is a matter that concerns my future son-in-law."

"Why? What has happened with Han Sen? Has something gone wrong?" Ji Yanran's face changed.

"Something has happened, yes; and it's quite the shocker," Ji Ruozhen stopped smiling to say these words with modest seriousness.

"What happened?" Ji Yanran quickly asked.

"He might have killed a super creature in the Second G.o.d's Sanctuary. Could you aid me in asking around and evaluating the authenticity of this tale, and..." Ji Ruozhen would not beat around the bush when it came to communicating with his daughter. He knew her well, and she preferred being told things straight—no matter how favorable or unfavorable the subject of discussion was.

Ji Yanran showed a look of both shock and joy. She knew her boyfriend was good, but if he had achieved such a dizzying feat, that was way better than any of her previously lofty expectations.

Because Ji Yanran wasn't very talented in fighting, she didn't care much for the fighting world or society. She didn't stay in the loop much, but as with everyone else, she knew a lot about Ji Qing and the aid she received in her own felling of a super creature. The finances involved were high, particularly so for a single kill.

But for Han Sen to silently slay a super creature of his own volition, with little to no support, was remarkable and shocking.

The Second G.o.d's Sanctuary's super creatures were much harder than the ones that populated the First G.o.d's Sanctuary, so it was difficult for others to wrap their heads around how Han Sen could have accomplished such a task.

Ji Yanran then sought to give Han Sen a call but found that his line was busy; he was in a call with someone else.

Ji Yanran hung up her communicator and did not push further. She knew it was only a matter of time before Han Sen would come looking for her. She was sure of it.

When Han Sen returned to the Alliance, his communicator was ringing non-stop. When Han Sen took a look, there were countless missed calls. The person calling him right now was Qin Xuan.

Han Sen picked up his device and answered it. Qin Xuan's image leapt out, immediately saying, "I know you are busy right now but I have to ask you this on behalf of my supervisor; did you really kill a super creature? And if you did, are you looking to sell the Life Geno essence?"

"I did kill a super creature, yes. It was a Giant Frosty Bear. And no, I have no plans of selling the Life Geno essence. If I ever change my mind and have a look at flipping it, I'll call you up first," Han Sen said, smiling.

Qin Xuan presented Han Sen with a complicated look. She had watched Han Sen grow up and always admired him, thinking he'd one day become someone quite special. That being said, she never dreamed Han Sen would be the first person to slay a super creature in the Second G.o.d's Sanctuary.

Countless other factions had vied to slay the first super creature, but none had managed it. Even right now, during the Ji family's most successful era, they had to pay a great sum of money to hunt and kill a super creature in the First G.o.d's Sanctuary.

But Han Sen had killed a super creature in the Second G.o.d's Sanctuary quietly, with no fanfare or support. Such a trial would have been unfathomably difficult in the First G.o.d's Sanctuary, but far more so in the Second G.o.d's Sanctuary.

Everyone believed Han Sen belonged to the Ji family, but Qin Xuan knew that Han Sen didn't. She didn't think the Ji family gave him much help, if at all. He most likely slew the beast through the power of his own strength and abilities.

It reminded her of the little boy who entered the shelter, back in the day. Right now, that little boy had ascended the social ladder and performed wondrous deeds that even the most financially-superfluous n.o.bles could not dream of achieving. This thought made Qin Xuan feel strange, which was why she had a complicated expression.

"Sure. Contact me if you change your mind, then. You must be busy right now, so I shan't bother you further," Qin Xuan told Han Sen, with a smile.

"Goodbye, Captain. Talk again soon," Han Sen said.

Han Sen hung up the communicator and then turned it off completely. There were too many people trying to get in touch with him. Half of these were people he did not even know, so he couldn't be bothered to answer the communicator every time it rang.

Han Sen left his room to visit Ji Yanran's office. Now that the whole world seemed to know what he had done, he felt she deserved a more thorough explanation.

As he was standing near her office's door, Han Sen saw Annie. The way she looked at him this day was not the same as it used to be; it was not cold, and it looked as if there was something on her mind that she wished to tell him.

Annie was much stronger than Han Sen, as the two were not of the same level. But now, Annie did not dare underestimate Han Sen.

She had heard the news of Han Sen's achievement, in which he had killed a super creature. Anyone who had performed a task as great as that should be respected.

Han Sen did what he did without the support of other factions, yet people believed he had the backing of the Ji family. Annie knew the truth; she knew that the Ji family had not helped him in any way and that he had never asked for any help, either.

The only help Han Sen had ever received from the Ji family was when Ji Yanran exerted the influence of her position to obtain Daphne for him. It was because of this that Annie had always believed Han Sen to be a loser, leeching on the Ji family.

But ever since that one time, Han Sen had not used Ji Yanran or her position as a way to receive anything. He killed a super creature solo, which was staggering.

Annie knew how difficult it was to achieve half of what he had done, and that was with support. Han Sen had achieved this all without support and done something she had believed to be impossible. He shocked not only her, but everyone else in the Alliance as well.

Now Annie could no longer deem the name "Han Sen" synonymous with the word "loser." Han Sen was always so relaxed, calm, and gentle with Ji Yanran. She thought it was just an act to attract Ji Yanran, but all of her perceptions on his personality had been altered. She felt as if she did not understand him anymore.