Super Gene - Chapter 663: Subterranean Monster

Chapter 663: Subterranean Monster

Chapter 663: Subterranean Monster

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The red pony was hesitant to approach at first, but after circling them for some time, it acknowledged there was no danger. After coming to this realization, it was happy to stay in Han Sen's company.

Although Han Sen still wanted to kidnap the red pony, he wasn't going to rush things until he was sure it was comfortable. He watched it walk around and waved to it occasionally, appearing as friendly as he could.

When its fear had totally disappeared, it came close to Han Sen and sniffed him.

Han Sen was ambivalent right now. He wasn't sure if he should take the pony now or not. This was his best opportunity, but he was uncertain whether capturing a super creature, regardless of its age, was a wise thing to do.

Besides, the red pony seemed to be a little antsy. The horses on the perimeter of Han Sen's little sanctuary were still in a frenzy, too, neighing with madness. If eyes could kill, Han Sen would have been nothing but bits.

But the silver fox looked a little upset. It jumped into Han Sen's lap, gritted its teeth, and growled.

The red pony was unnerved by this, which displeased Han Sen. He was afraid that the silver fox would scare off the red pony, so he put it down on the ground.

But the red pony was only given a jump scare. After taking a few steps, it looked at the silver fox that continued to growl and stare back at it with hostility. Strangely, it looked happier now. The red pony approached Han Sen and buried its head into Han Sen's chest and rubbed it.

This made the silver fox really mad. If Han Sen didn't shut him down now, the red pony would – quite literally – be in for a shock.

Han Sen reached out his hand to stroke the mane of the red pony. The pony remained where it was, allowing Han Sen to touch it as much as he wanted. It seemed to enjoy the strokes.

But when Han Sen touched it, the pegasi that continued to watch looked even angrier. They started flapping their wings, taking off into the skies, circling the field. There were so many of them, they blocked out the sunlight, and they all continued to neigh with rage. It looked as if they would swoop down any second and crush Han Sen, but they didn't.

"Good child. Come here, come here; let me hug you." Han Sen reached out his hands to hug the pony, which it didn't resist. In fact, it looked even happier.

As comfortable as it looked, Han Sen still had a split mind. Now was most certainly the best chance for Han Sen to kidnap it, but he didn't know if the pegasi king would let him go free with a hostage. If they didn't care and started attacking him anyway, it'd all be over for him.

Eventually, he did not do it. He let the pony go, and it rested near him. It looked really naïve.

But Han Sen knew its behavior wasn't something that was likely to stay true over time. When it grew up, it'd most likely end up like the violent pegasi above.

While Han Sen mulled the idea a while longer, his heart suddenly jumped with alarm. He thought the red pony was going to get mad.

He took a step back and looked at it, but the red pony was still being its cute self. The next second, vine-like tentacles pierced through the ground and moved towards Han Sen.

The tentacles were extremely fast, but they seemed to mostly go for the red pony. Han Sen reacted and jumped into the sky.

The red pony wasn't so lucky. No matter how strong it was, it hadn't been born for a long time and it lacked experience in the world. The vast number of tentacles grabbed it tight.

Then, the field of gra.s.s split in two, unearthing a giant gully. The tentacles that had writhed around the pony started dragging it towards the pit.

The pony began neighing with its lighter, younger tone. Its body shone red just like the ruby light of a police siren. The red light sliced through the vine-like tentacles, which then dropped to the ground spewing green blood.

But more and more tentacles appeared, doing their best to choke the pony and drag it towards the hole.

Han Sen looked at the pit and could only see red in there. Sharp teeth, lined up like cogwheels, circled its entirety. Han Sen was unable to fathom what manner of wretched creature had been lurking beneath his feet.

"It's no wonder why neither the wolves nor pegasi dared approach me, with such a horrible creature lying here." Han Sen saw that the red pony was only moments away from being pulled into the hungry, exposed mouth. He frowned and summoned his Flaming Rex Spike and began swinging it.

The flames burned brightly as the heavy weapon annihilated any tentacle it came into contact with, quickly incinerating them into charcoal. The broken tentacles dropped onto the ground on fire. Soon after, the red pony was free from the monster's grasp.

The pony had not yet developed the ability to fly. Since it was still grounded, it looked like it was going to be grabbed again by freshly sprouted tentacles.

So Han Sen picked up the red pony and flew off into the sky.

The creature that had been lying beneath the ground was so strange. Han Sen was not sure why it seemed to show so much interest in the red pony. Han Sen and the silver fox had barely been given any attention. The subterranean monster seemed to only focus on the pony.

Han Sen, with the pony in his arms, begun flying away. The unknown monster let out a soul-shriveling roar, which made the ground tremble. Tentacles burst forth from the ground, lifting the entirety of the gra.s.s field with it. It was like watching a creature emerge from the most rotten pits of h.e.l.l.

It was a giant worm that looked like a centipede. Only a portion of its body had been revealed, but it was already unimaginably big. Like a train, it was shooting out of a tunnel a few dozen meters into the air. The entirety of its back was hairy and the tentacles had Han Sen and the red pony in their sights.

They were coming was too fast, far faster than Han Sen's berserk sacred-blood wings. Furthermore, the hair on its back turned out to be tentacles themselves, and they were adamant in preventing the departure of their prey.

Han Sen let loose the power of his Flaming Rex Spike and hacked off a grand number of the monster's tentacles with a rage-fueled strike. Flames then shot across the sky. Casting Aero, Han Sen used it to soar through the air and dodge the monster's a.s.sault.

The pegasi were also in the sky. They rushed down, all of them neighing in anger. It looked as if they were super keen on protecting their master. Without fear, they rushed down towards the monster that had previously been lurking beneath the earth.

The hair on the monster seemed to regenerate. After being shaved, the tentacles started to grow back. Many of the pegasi that charged into battle found themselves tangled in the brush of tentacles. Many of the winged horses were ripped apart and thrown away, casting blood across the ruined land.

The body of the subterranean monster was ma.s.sive, at least a hundred meters long. Its sh.e.l.l was purple and black, and countless little legs wriggled beneath it, each one possessing their own tentacles.

The monster lifted up its terrifying body as the tentacles writhed in a ghastly dance. One by one, the pegasi were being torn to shreds as it came after the red pony that was still in Han Sen's arms.

"Why is this thing so intent on coming after the red pony? There must be something quite special about it, if that is the case." Han Sen was surprised by the turn of events. The red pony he had planned to kidnap, he ended up carrying as he escaped using the skill Aero. As he went, he swung and waved around his Flaming Rex Spike, which burnt all the tentacles that came near into soot.

A long scream came from afar, signaling the arrival of the pegasi king. It was cloaked in clouds, evidence of the wrath it brought with it.