Super Gene - Chapter 65: Blackhawk Military Academy

Chapter 65: Blackhawk Military Academy

Chapter 65: Blackhawk Military Academy

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Before Han Sen teleported to G.o.d’s Sanctuary, Qin Xuan called to ask him to go to the teleport station.

When Han Sen came to station, Yang Manli gave him a cold stare and brought him to the office of Qin Xuan.

Qin Xuan was taking care of some business when he came in, so Han Sen had to sit aside and wait.

After dealing with everything on hand, Qin Xuan looked at Han Sen and said, "I plan to recommend you to Blackhawk Military Academy."

"Recommend me to Blackhawk Military Academy?" Han Sen wasn’t sure what she meant, as one could apply to military schools oneself and take the exam, no recommendation needed.

Qin Xuan knew what he was thinking and went on, "Blackhawk Military Academy has special quotas every year for those specialized in archery. But even the specially recruited students must pa.s.s the entrance exam and fulfill certain requirements. You are good at archery so it’s alright if you are lacking in fitness. That’s why I plan to recommend you. Entering military school at an early stage and going through formal training will do you good."

Han Sen was wondering what to say to decline Qin Xuan. On the one hand, he wasn’t really interested in going to military schools. On the other hand, he had to leave Planet Roca if he was admitted to Blackhawk. And he couldn’t leave his mother and sister behind.

But Han Sen found Qin Xuan was very enthusiastic to get him into a military school. If he didn’t give her a reasonable explanation, she probably wouldn’t let go of the matter. Also she meant well, so Han Sen also felt obliged to give her an explanation.

"Stationmaster, you are too kind, but I already have an ideal military school in mind and I’m afraid I have to let you down," Han Sen frowned.

"Oh? Which military school do you have in mind?" asked Qin Xuan curiously, surprised by his sudden motivation.

"I want to apply to Roca Military School," replied Han Sen, sticking out his chest.

Qin Xuan and Yang Manli both looked at him as if he were an idiot.

Yang Manli said grimly, "Blackhawk is in top 50 in the Alliance and you are comparing it to Roca Military School, which is not even among top 1000?"

Qin Xuan advised, "Han Sen, you should really think about it. Roca Military School is no match to Blackhawk whether in faculty or facilities. You can’t even practice operating warframes and wars.h.i.+ps in Roca Military School and you won’t have good coaches in martial arts. If you graduate from Roca Military School, you won’t have a bright future in the army. Why would you want to do that?"

Han Sen smiled wryly—he could not tell Qin Xuan that he would like to enter Roca Military School just because it was close to home.

Yang Manli said, "You were not qualified to be recommended by the stationmaster, but she broke the rules for you because she saw something in you. You need to think carefully."

Ready to reply her, Han Sen heard a knock on the door.

"Stationmaster, your data a.n.a.lysis is ready."

"Great, send it over." Qin Xuan turned on a smart device and a video was displayed.

Han Sen took a look and was slightly surprised, as the video was his fight with the golden-horned Shura.

It was not, however, the edited version, but Fang Mingquan’s original footage.

A comprehensive data a.n.a.lysis was made and each movement of Dollar and the Shura was accompanied with detailed real-time combat stats including the agility, punching speed, critical strike and damage. There was also the scene of the dead Shura in the end. When the display was over, Qin Xuan asked Yang Manli, "What do you think of Dollar?"

"Stupid!" was Yang Manli’s reply.

Han Sen who was secretly proud and ready for Yang Manli’s compliments almost choked on his own saliva.

"Please explain," Qin Xuan did not seem to be surprised.

Yang Manli said, "Dollar's strength and speed are very good. Although we do not know his exact fitness rating, he is definitely among the top in First G.o.d’s Sanctuary when he shapes.h.i.+fts. However, his strength and speed are still much weaker than the Shura. We could even estimate that he would have died a million times if the Shura weren’t badly injured already."

Qin Xuan nodded, agreeing with Yang Manli.

Yang Manli continued, "Dollar’s wings look like advanced flying beast soul. Judging from his speed, it’s very likely a sacred-blood beast soul. With such a flying beast soul, a fleet-footed shapes.h.i.+fting beast soul, and great speed, he is the ideal archer. He should shoot arrows from afar instead of engaging himself in a stupid fist fight."

Qin Xuan smiled, "You are right. But it was an emergency and it looked like Dollar wasn’t good at archery. He has never used bow and arrows before and has always been fighting head on—the complete opposite of this one."

Yang Manli knew Qin Xuan was referring to Han Sen and said, "If Dollar can become an archer, he will be the best archer in First G.o.d’s Sanctuary. His moving and flying speed will help him maintain his distance from the enemy, and his strength will allow him to shoot fast and powerful arrows. That’s why he would be perfect."

Yang Manli did not mention Han Sen at all. Apparently, she doesn’t think Han Sen could even be compared to Dollar.

Moreover, Yang Manli might think Dollar's way of fighting was somewhat stupid, but it didn’t change the fact that he was a respectable man, unlike Han Sen, who was a coward with some talent.

Qin Xuan sighed, "Unfortunately, there was a blackout in the area because of the damage caused by the Shura aircraft, so we didn’t get anything that can reveal the ident.i.ty of Dollar. Although we have Dollar's blood sample, everyone’s genes are changing rapidly these days as they gain geno points. So, by comparing the DNA in the sample and in our database, it’s almost impossible to find out who he is."

"He has appeared on Planet Roca twice. Maybe it’s not a coincidence," Yang Manli thought about it and suggested.

"I have checked the population on Planet Roca, and there isn’t anyone that fits the profile. Roca is just a fifth-tier commercial planet. It’s highly unlikely that someone like Dollar lives there, even less likely than winning the lottery," Qin Xuan shook her head.

Han Sen was secretly relieved that the two did not a.s.sociate the unambitious Han Sen with Dollar at all. He was afraid that the wings might remind them of the purple-winged dragon, but his caution proved to be unnecessary. The beast soul wings didn’t look the same as the dragon’s wings, and they were also covered in the black beetle armor, so it was difficult to a.s.sociate the two together.