Super Gene - Chapter 63: Angel Dollar

Chapter 63: Angel Dollar

Chapter 63: Angel Dollar

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Fang Mingquan didn’t find Dollar and stopped looking. He returned to his studio in excitement and started to edit the footage he took.

"My future’s on this video!" Fang Mingquan stayed up all night editing the footage.

This was definitely an exclusive headliner. With the webcasting last night, word would get out and the edited video was sure to go viral.

It was the desire for success and the admiration for Dollar that drove him to edit the video so fast. Fang Mingquan thought that this must be his best work since he first became a journalist many years ago.

On the Skynet, Fang Mingquan saw a lot of messages asking him about the webcasting yesterday.

At that time, power was out and no monitoring camera was working. There were some individuals who tried to film the incident, but their work was either from a bad angle or too blurred, and could not be compared to his professional work.

Fang Mingquan took a deep breath, named the video "The One and Only, Dollar Our Angel," and then clicked "upload."

After uploading it, Fang Mingquan didn’t look at the screen any more but sat down and lit a cigarette. He kept smoking and remained silent.

Fang Mingquan did not even dare to look at his watch, as he was afraid to know the time, which was the most important thing in journalism.

He knew very well that when the video was uploaded, his comlink would ring, but how successful his video was would depend on how long it took for the comlink to ring.

"If it takes half an hour, then it means it’s phenomenal; if it takes one hour, then it’s probably just so-so; if it takes more than one and a half hours..." Fang Mingquan heard a ringtone when he was still counting.

Fang Mingquan suddenly rose to his feet and stared at his comlink on the desk. A familiar number was flas.h.i.+ng on its screen.

"Eight minutes and forty-three seconds..." Fang Mingquan clenched his fists and teeth excitedly, crumpling the cigarette case in his hand.

Fang Mingquan only started to relax after three minutes. Ignoring the ringing comlink, he lay on the couch and watched it ring as he smoked. He enjoyed this feeling, for only at times like this did he feel alive.

"The One and Only, Dollar Our Angel" didn’t have voiceover and was less than three minutes long.

It started with the little girl when she was about to fall. Her frightened face with tears, her widened eyes, and her blood-stained little hands grabbed people’s attention from the beginning.

The next moment, when people were still worried about the danger facing the little girl, out from the aircraft walked not her savior but death itself.

When the Shura wielded his katana at the little girl, no one could sustain their anger and despair.

Suddenly, a golden figure appeared in the scene. The huge golden wings looked like they belonged to an angel. When the little girl was taken into his strong arm covered in golden armor and the katana was stopped by him, everyone was overjoyed, there eyes welling up with tears.

The following scenes were carefully edited—the Shura and Han Sen exchanged some blows and Han Sen broke a window so he could carry the girl into a room. The Shura was attacking Han Sen frantically but the latter did not dodge or run back. Fang Mingquan inserted the scene of dozens of students s.h.i.+vering in the cla.s.sroom here so that everyone would understand why Han Sen had chosen to stay there.

Fang Mingquan refined the fighting scenes and highlighted Han Sen’s selflessness and bravery. He also edited out the less impressive scenes.

While in fact Han Sen was miserable and much weaker than the Shura, in the video it looked like it was just a tough-luck loss.

The final scene was the suicidal fall.

The entire video was very smooth. With the pa.s.sionate background music added by Fang Mingquan, all the viewers wanted to fight the Shura themselves, even if it meant risking their lives.

And the female viewers were covered in tears after watching the video.

This video really went viral. In just a few hours, the entire Alliance knew about it. And the hits had climbed up to a few hundred million.

A strong and cruel Shura aristocrat, a golden angel, and the little faces that were full of fear all formed a story that moved every viewer in less than three minutes.

Dollar’s name was famous now in the entire Alliance, as this video was far more popular than the video of robot channel, which did have its limitations.

Men and women, young and old, everyone was spell-bound by this video, and Dollar had become a bigger hit than the ten Chosen this year.

"This kid has some guts, just like me when I was his age."

"F*#k Shuras!"

"Poor children, they are lucky, because there’s an angel guarding them."

"Dollar, you are my one and only."

"Dollar, you are my angel."

More people were concerned about Dollar's life and death, because the video did not include the result and ended with a bang from the fall.

Everyone was concerned whether Dollar and the Shura had both died, but Fang Mingquan did not plan to publish that, as other reporters must have written about it already and it would not make a difference whether he wrote about it.

In the meantime, the hero was also watching this video edited by Fang Mingquan.