Super Gene - Chapter 617: Deadeye Peacock Beast Soul

Chapter 617: Deadeye Peacock Beast Soul

Chapter 617: Deadeye Peac.o.c.k Beast Soul

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The Dongxuan Sutra absorbed the essence of the lotus roots into the body's cells. It generated new cells faster, pus.h.i.+ng the old and damaged ones away at a hastened rate. All the while, the proficiency of the Dongxuan Sutra improved.

The constant improvements of the Dongxuan Sutra made Han Sen smell nicer and nicer. The fragrance that graced him was strong, but it wasn't overwhelming.

Han Sen did not know why the Dongxuan Sutra would make him smell nice, or exactly what benefits it provided. But whenever he trained it, there it was.

As he lay there, the Dongxuan Sutra generated the pleasant scent just as it usually did. At the time, he didn't think anything of it. But when Queen absorbed the fragrance, however, her Heavenly Go made some progress.

Queen's heart was too shocked to say much of anything. All it took was a quick sniff of Han Sen's delightful smell for her Heavenly Go to improve; it was unbelievable!

When the essence of the lotus root was completely absorbed, Han Sen's wounds were fully healed. He felt supremely energized, as if he could go around punching cows to death!

He opened his eyes and saw Queen training. He was surprised, because her body was surrounded by a yellow light. She was beautiful; quite reminiscent of a Moon Fairy.

It was strange, though, for a fragrance seemed to permeate the air around her. It was not the ordinary scent of a woman, and it was vaguely familiar. He moved closer to get a finer whiff and that's when it hit him. Queen, although not as strongly, was smelling just like he did.

As Han Sen watched her, a strange feeling developed. He felt as if he could see the flow of Queen's body and witness the changes going on inside her at a granular level.

But that was impossible. She was still wearing her blood-scale armor, and it wasn't as if Han Sen had x-ray vision.

Even if he did have x-ray vision, the changes of a person's flow could not be seen by the human eye. Yet that was exactly what Han Sen was seeing.

It was a peculiar sight, for the Qi Gong that Queen was training lay naked for Han Sen to see. He could examine every little thing and observe every tiny detail; there was nothing hidden and nothing more secret.

Han Sen was taken aback. With this skill, even if he did not know it fully, he could follow what he was seeing and eventually learn the Qi Gong that she was in the midst of practicing.

Han Sen was lost in deep thought. When he came to, it was only then that he noticed he was not observing Queen's flow with his eyes.

"Smell! It must be her smell!" Han Sen was surprised. It was the smell that was tracing Queen's Qi Gong. Han Sen could smell that fragrance all around, and through that, he was able to follow the flow inside Queen's body.

"What's going on, I wonder? Is this another amazing facet of the Dongxuan Sutra?" Han Sen gave Queen a complicated look. That meant the Heavenly Go that was meant to be so secretive, no longer was. He could observe every last detail of it.

Before Han Sen could finish thinking, though, he felt his body's Dongxuan Sutra running. It was treading a different path to that which it normally did, and it drifted to accompany Queen's flow. It was only then that he noticed it was copying Heavenly Go.

The flow of Han Sen's body felt connected with Queen's smell. It was in sync with her, and it allowed him to understand Heavenly Go more than ever before.

"If Queen found out I stole her Heavenly Go this way, would she kill me?" Han Sen had a wry smile unfurl in his heart.

Queen's Heavenly Go continued to run, which led to some progress being made. When Queen had finally absorbed the entire smell, she opened her eyes and looked happy. It was then she saw Han Sen standing right beside her, watching her without blinking. She couldn't refrain from blus.h.i.+ng.

Han Sen was frozen. For a cold woman like Queen to have such a shy face only made her look s.e.xier. With that fairy-face of hers, it'd draw the attention of every man in a room.

Queen felt guilty about absorbing Han Sen's smell in order to train, and that was why she looked slightly embarra.s.sed.

She looked at Han Sen's face and suddenly became very mad. She grabbed his ears and yelled in his face, "What did you do in the sea?!"

Han Sen fell back, clutching his twisted ears. Queen blushed and put her hands down. She went back to acting cool and repeated her question in a softer tone, "I asked you, what did you do in the sea?"

As he continued to rub his ears, Han Sen replied, "Didn't you see anything? I was just trying to get myself an easy kill. Unfortunately I failed, and that mistake almost cost me my life."

Queen frowned at Han Sen, not knowing whether he was being truthful or not. But as she looked at him, his bedraggled visage made him look like he hadn't achieved anything.

But Queen was more interested in the smell that surrounded Han Sen right now. She a.s.sumed the culprit was the lotus root he had consumed.

Han Sen did not digest the medical properties of the roots. The medical properties, instead, wafted out of his body to affect her as well, and then go on to improve her Heavenly Go.

But this was only what Queen was theorizing. She wanted to find out for sure.

"What is up with your skills? Why do you possess a strange smell?" Queen asked, peering at Han Sen.

"A strange smell? Me?" Han Sen raised his arms and sniffed his pits. He looked at Queen and smiled, and then went on to say, "Are you referring to my body odor? How can the practice of such arts lead to a strange body smell?"

Queen looked at the joker with seriousness, but after a while, she turned around and ignored him.

Han Sen was just talking c.r.a.p, and she knew he'd continue to fool around no matter how many times she asked. But in her heart, she still believed it was down to the lotus root he had ingested.

After all, she had never heard of a skill that could aid and improve the practice of someone else's abilities.

Han Sen wouldn't tell her the truth, no matter what. Otherwise, she'd want to kill him.

Han Sen then remembered something Huangfu Pingqing once told him. "In this world, there exist only two people who know how to perform Heavenly Go. One is Huangfu Xiongcheng's wife and the other is Queen."

After today, there would be three.

But Han Sen didn't have to put too much effort into learning Heavenly Go. His Dongxuan Sutra was clearly much stronger than it. It was just that this strange smell surprised people, and he was curious as to how strong it could become, the more he trained it.

Han Sen really wanted to unlock his first tier and witness the true strength of the Dongxuan Sutra.

When he returned from his daydream, it was to the realization that he had obtained a super beast soul. It was his first in the Second G.o.d's Sanctuary.

Super Creature Beast Soul: Deadeye Peac.o.c.k Bow Type