Super Gene - Chapter 569: Meeting Son of Heaven Again

Chapter 569: Meeting Son of Heaven Again

Chapter 569: Meeting Son of Heaven Again

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While Son of Heaven was still in shock, he saw the Snow Charmer raise her lance again. A flaming bird of fire soared through the sky, looking like a phoenix, raining fire down on the battlefield.

"Ah! It's an aura-type beast soul. How does that work?" The look on Son of Heaven's face was bleak. An aura-type beast soul employed area-of-effect techniques best designed to go against groups of opponents. It was something sought after by numerous parties and shelters. He was in disbelief at the sight of an aura-type beast soul being used by a royal spirit. Even worse, the radius of the attack seemed significant, which might have suggested it was a sacred-blood aura-type beast soul. The color drained from his face.

Son of Heaven's a.s.sessment was incorrect, however. The range of a Desert Bird's aura was no different than the Second Shelter's sacred-blood beast soul; the difference between the two was in power. Still, it was an intimidating attack and its efficiency was still quite remarkable.

The Demon had been totally restrained by the attack, and no matter what beast soul it had or at what quality, it could not overcome the Snow Charmer's bombardment. They were both royal spirits, yet the Demon could not compete with her.

Even without the Desert Bird, the double Berserk armor and glyph would have proven too much for the Demon to breach.

The Snow Charmer paid no heed to the fruitless attacks of the Demon and traded them for a significant blow to her opponent's weak point. In reaction to the critical hit, the Demon fell backwards, screaming in agony.

"It's too strong. This is sick!"

"If I had those beast souls, I'd be that strong, too."

"This is no longer an arena, it's a showcase of one's richness!"

"Yep, the Snow Charmer's owner is too freaking rich!"

"I may not know who that person is, but I didn't think they could get sicker than Son of Heaven."

"It's like two fairies competing, in that it has nothing to do with us."

Son of Heaven couldn't stop his face from twisting and contorting as he viewed the battle. After a while, he ordered his Demon to throw in the towel. Acknowledging his opponent's victory, he felt extremely depressed.

If she killed the Demon, every sacred-blood beast soul he possessed would be gone. Even someone like Son of Heaven could not incur such a significant financial blow.

"Bring him to me. I want to see who this person is." Son of Heaven gritted his teeth. From what had just happened, he felt humiliated.

Zhang Xiang quickly went in search of Han Sen and when he found him, said, "Mister Han, the boss wants to see you!"

Zhang Xiang did not dare refer to Han Sen as "brother," anymore. The performance of the Snow Charmer had well and truly rattled him. He knew that Han Sen was an extraordinary character and could not possibly be any lower in status than Son of Heaven himself. He now felt the need to refer to him more appropriately.

"Son of Heaven?" Han Sen looked at Zhang Xiang and quietly asked.

"Yes," Zhang Xiang replied.

Han Sen then casually said, "If he wants to see me, then tell him to come down and meet me. I don't have the time or interest to go up there."

"But... Mister Han, please, wait here for a moment." Zhang Xiang, having received his permission for an audience with him, ran off to inform Son of Heaven.

"Fine, I will go and see who you are." After Son of Heaven heard what he had said. He suppressed the anger he felt in his heart and followed Zhang Xiang back down to Han Sen's room.

The moment he pushed the door open and laid eyes upon Han Sen, he stiffened as if he had just suffered petrification. He just stood in the door frame and did not move.

He could not believe that the Snow Charmer's owner was Han Sen. He could not believe that Han Sen, who had only just gained access to the Second Shelter, had already ama.s.sed such a fortune.

"How is this possible?" Son of Heaven's face was a mixture of conflicting emotions.

Zhang Xiang was standing behind Son of Heaven, looking at him with shock. He was used to seeing Son of Heaven as and intimidating, but this was the first time he had ever seen him show restraint.

"Does he not dare to go inside fully? G.o.d, what happened? Who is that man named Han? He seems to have stricken fear into Son of Heaven himself!" Zhang Xiang thought, looking upon Son of Heaven's face but misunderstanding him.

Son of Heaven was not afraid of Han Sen, it was just that Ning's family avoided Han Jing and they had issued a decree stating no member of the Ning family could have any contact or conflict with Han Sen. So, when Son of Heaven saw Han Sen, he was crippled with shock and was unsure of what to do.

He did not dare throw Han Sen out, but he knew that he couldn't be friends with him, either.

"Didn't you want to see me? What are you standing there for; aren't you going to say your bit?" Han Sen looked at Son of Heaven with amused confusion.

"You. Why have you come here?" Son of Heaven wasn't exactly sure what to say. He had never bowed to anyone else before, and he wasn't used to showing modesty or courtesy. An unexpected meeting such as this made Son of Heaven uncomfortable, and it clashed with the way he generally presented himself to others.

"I heard there was a sacred-blood beast soul up for grabs here at the arena, so I came to take it. Can I have the Four-Winged Thunderbird now?" Han Sen smiled wryly as he spoke.

Son of Heaven's eyebrows jumped as he looked at Han Sen, and then said emotionlessly, "Zhang Xiang, give him the Four-Winged Thunderbird."

Zhang Xiang had never seen Son of Heaven behave like this before. He was flabbergasted, but he nodded and then went to retrieve and deliver the Four-Winged Thunderbird to its new, rightful owner.

"Ah, there it is. Well, I have what I came for. I should get going now, perhaps I'll see you around." Han Sen took the beast soul and prepared to leave.

Son of Heaven's face looked quite ghastly, and he moved his lips as if to say something, but then stopped.

Han Sen left the Demon shelter almost immediately. The human shelters were well-developed around here, but it made it more difficult to kill creatures here than on the ice fields.

There were too many people. If you weren't attacking a spirit shelter, you'd most likely end up competing against others for the kills of the local creatures. The greater resources a place had, the more people it would attract. It was unavoidable, really.

Back in the Crystal Palace, Han Sen teleported to the Alliance.

Now that he had both swords, he just needed to perfect the Dual-blade skill itself. After that was done, he could finally tackle the spirit shelter he wanted.

Back in the Alliance, he stuck to refining the Dual sword skill each and every day. He practiced and practiced to ensure that he could master it.

Because beast souls couldn't be used on Skynet, Han Sen stuck to practicing in the training room. At the same time, he was trying to perfect his wielding of the Silver-Eye Ice Snake King sword and Purple-Copper Ancient Mascot Beast sword.

Annie wasn't particularly thrilled about Han Sen occupying the only high-cla.s.s training room all the time, because that was the only room that had artificial gravity.

To have gravity support, you had to visit the gravity chamber. But the things that you were able to do in such chambers were quite limited, and those places were too restrictive to train freely. For this, Annie was quite upset.

When Annie arrived that day, she saw that the high-cla.s.s training room was still in use. She bit her lip and went to the control room. She wanted to take a look at what Han Sen was doing in there. If he was training in there, then she'd let him be, but if he wasn't, she was determined to kick him out.

As a guard of Ji Yanran, Annie had great authority. Quickly, she obtained the tape of footage from the training room and took a look.

"Training a sword skill?" Annie saw Han Sen in the video training with two beast soul swords.