Super Gene - Chapter 565: The Demon Shelter

Chapter 565: The Demon Shelter

Chapter 565: The Demon Shelter

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Whenever Yi Dong Mu had free time, he would go to practice with Han Sen because he wanted to master that skill.

Han Sen accepted the money he offered, as not to feel bad by rejecting Yi Dong Mu's request. He practiced with him every time he could. The power of the skill surprised him. Even though Han Sen's battle perception far exceeded Yi Dong Mu's, it was coming to the point where even he would not be able to dodge the slas.h.i.+ng skill.

"It's a shame. You cannot find a skill like this in the Saint Hall, and I wouldn't mind learning it for myself. I'd wager it would feel great to kill things with this skill," Han Sen said to himself.

Accompanying Yi Dong Mu in his practice yielded a few benefits of his own, too. He had to apply his focus to sense when Yi Dong Mu was going to attack, and this worked to improve his perception even more.

The skill that Yi Dong Mu was attempting to master was one that employed speed and stealth. In front of Han Sen, the only advantage he had was speed, but beating Han Sen with speed was next to impossible.

So Han Sen was not particularly worried about Yi Dong Mu learning this skill to use against Coin. Even if he mastered the skill, it would still be impossible for him to beat Han Sen.

If Han Sen hadn't known about this skill, and Yi Dong Mu's mastery of it, then he might have stood a chance. But now that Han Sen was familiar with the skill, he doubted the possibility of losing to it.

"Poor Yi Dong Mu. It's not like I want to lie to you, but you are the one who approached me for practice." Han Sen was observing Yi Dong Mu, who was training and pus.h.i.+ng himself as hard as he could, but his face looked strange.

During this time, however, the thought of how to obtain another sacred-blood beast soul sword gnawed at Han Sen's mind. He knew of a few creatures that would be able to provide him a beast soul sword, but they were all too strong for him. The ice fields were too small to host a great many more creatures, so his viable options were limited.

Even if Han Sen wanted to buy one, he couldn't, as very few people would willingly part with a sacred-blood beast soul sword; especially for the scarce resources in the ice fields.

Han Sen decided to drive the Crystal Palace to Yellow-Rock Beach. There were many human shelters there, and he wondered if he'd be able to find someone selling a sacred-blood beast soul sword.

Han Sen planned to use his Berserk Inferno Bull for a potential trade, believing no one would reject a Berserk sacred-blood transfigured beast soul.

This time, Han Sen brought Zero and the silver fox along with him. Humans would not be able to detect that the silver fox was a creature, and Han Sen believed they would just think that it was an ordinary pet. Bringing it would pose no risk.

He arrived at the Seaside Shelter which he had once helped claim. Han Sen thought people might still harbor animosity towards him, because he had stolen their Necron. To his surprise, however, the place that was supposed to be called Yellow-Rock Beach was now known as Golden Beach, and the shelter had also changed its name to Coin Shelter.

"Seriously?" Han Sen's mood took a hit. If he knew that people adored Coin as much as they did, to change the name of the place, he would have stayed. At least here he would have been able to receive free benefits, such as creature flesh.

He took a walk along the Golden Beach, and Zero looked so happy.

After entering the Coin Shelter, Han Sen managed to locate a few shops that sold beast souls. Unfortunately, he was unable to find one that supplied beast souls of the sacred-blood variety, except for one. But the item on offer was a sacred-blood beast soul gun.

"Boss, do you have a sacred-blood beast soul to sell?" Han Sen asked.

"For a small shelter like ours, finding one here would be pretty amazing," the boss laughed.

"Can you introduce me to a shelter that can provide the sacred-blood beast souls I am looking for?" Han Sen enquired.

The boss gave it a thought and then said, "On the western side of the Ancient Forest, there's a royal-cla.s.s Demon Shelter, which is home to many beast soul shops. If there's ever a place to find a sacred-blood beast soul for sale, that would be it. There should be plenty, so if you have your heart set on purchasing one, I'd recommend looking there. Mind you, the journey you must embark upon to get there will be perilous indeed, for many spirit shelters reside along the way."

Han Sen spent some coins on a map that would guide him to the Demon Shelter he now sought. He wanted a sacred-blood beast soul sword no matter the cost, so he had to go there and take a look, at the very least.

The road was long, and Han Sen wanted to kill a few creatures along the way, so he decided to leave Zero and the silver fox behind at the Coin Shelter for a few days while he was away.

Han Sen followed behind a group of others on his way to the Demon Shelter.

"Brother, what are you doing going to the Demon Shelter?" On the road, a middle-aged man rode a beast soul stacked with cargo on its back. He asked Han Sen this question politely.

The group Han Sen tailed was a merchant group on their way to the Demon Shelter for trade. To accompany them, Han Sen offered them some coins to accept his presence. If he could travel with them, there was the safety-in-numbers aspect, alongside avoiding the prospect of getting lost on his way to the Demon Shelter.

"I heard there are many beast souls for sale there, so I'd like to visit and purchase a few," Han Sen replied casually.

"There are indeed a good many, but the high-cla.s.s beast souls there go for a fair price more than they do at our shelter." The middle-aged man was quite talkative, which allowed Han Sen to gather more intel on the Demon Shelter he would soon visit.

What most surprised Han Sen was that the owner of the Demon Shelter was someone he actually knew.

It was Son of Heaven, the boss of Starry Group. He couldn't believe that he was the owner of the Demon Shelter.

Son of Heaven and Han Sen had quite a history between them, but ever since the Ning family had come to think that Han Sen was the heir of Han Jing, they had never bothered with him. They had never helped him again.

Han Sen did not know what Son of Heaven thought of him, but Han Sen was impartial. His feelings weren't frequently 'felt' anymore.

In Han Sen's eyes, Son of Heaven was unable to ever become his opponent and as such, there was no reason for him to ever care about him.

If he hadn't come to learn that Son of Heaven was the owner of the Demon Shelter, Han Sen might have forgotten about his entire existence.

This was unlike how he felt towards Ning Yue, who he dreaded. Han Sen had let his Aqua Reaper live with Ning Yue because he wanted to gather the secrets of the Ning family from Ning Yue.

But Ning Yue was aware of the abilities possessed by an Aqua Reaper, so he was able to control its behavior and mind and limited the amount of intelligence it provided Han Sen.

Usually, Ning Yue was alone and unwilling to see anyone. He would just wait. When he had nothing to do, he would just remain by himself and read Buddha books for about ten hours straight. It seemed as if he was extremely focused on learning Buddhism and Tao. He did not rush about and he was not nervous, so Han Sen could learn nothing.

"If Son of Heaven was half as good as Ning Yue, I would most likely have died at Steel-Armor Shelter." Han Sen was now lamenting the past, and in his heart, the dread he felt about Ning Yue was increasing.

Luckily, however, Ning Yue had been made host to a parasite by the Aqua Reaper. If he hadn't been, Han Sen would be extremely nervous.

Han Sen then remembered something that Son of Heaven used to say, in regards to if Han Sen had come too late, he couldn't become his enemy. In the past, Son of Heaven was a proud person. Now Han Sen wondered how Son of Heaven would treat him, if they met again. Would he be considered a friend or a foe?

Han Sen was intrigued and wanted to find out, but his purpose there was to buy a sword. Beyond, that, he didn't want to see Son of Heaven or get himself into any sort of trouble.