Super Gene - Chapter 540: Sister Wei Wei

Chapter 540: Sister Wei Wei

Chapter 540: Sister Wei Wei

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Blood flows through all living things. After 36 small cycles, a major cycle is completed. Han Sen felt the heaviness of his body disperse, taking on the weight of a feather. There was a serenity to his existence that he had not previously felt, as if the cells in his body had all come alive. His metabolism had quickened, and it energized his cells. The sweet smell of fresh, virgin gra.s.s permeated the air.

"Hey, did you apply perfume?" Ji Yanran was sitting next to Han Sen and looked at him. She sniffed and drew herself closer, so that she could inhale his scent.

"Not in public! Wait until we return to the room - then you can do with me as you please." Han Sen said shyly.

"Go to h.e.l.l." Ji Yanran blushed hard, and pinched his waist in retribution. Still, she could not hold back her curiosity, so she continued smelling Han Sen's scent. "That perfume smells really good! Which brand are you using? How come I didn't notice it before?"

"I'm not using perfume." Han Sen understood that following his training in the Dongxue Sutra, his body was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with the scent of life.

"Impossible! My nose has never failed me - you must be using perfume!" Ji Yanran did not believe him.

"It isn't perfume; it's just the natural scent of my body." Han Sen blinked once as he spoke.

"You are a man; why would you possess an odor such as that? Tell me right now; which brand are you using?" Ji Yanran peered at Han Sen.

"I really didn't use perfume. This is just the smell of my body. If you don't believe me, come to my room tonight..." But before Han Sen could finish his sentence, Ji Yanran pinched him again.

The speeches were over, and everyone in the auditorium was exchanging views with one another. But no one noticed Han Sen flirting with Ji Yanran.

"Lin Feng, come and sit with us," Xue Yi Yang smiled and gestured to Lin Feng to join him.

Once the speech was over, everyone was discussing what they had seen. But there were too many people, so it was impossible for the discussions to include everyone. Usually, a discussion group only comprized around half a dozen people.

People with similar levels tended to group together. Those who were allowed on-stage were considered leaders of their generation. Usually, they gathered in a few groups to discuss certain subjects together.

Although the Xue family was incredibly full of self-regard, Lin Feng was considered one of the prodigies of the generation. The sutra that Lin Feng spoke about was the best. Even Xue Yi Yang, who frequently looked down on others, considered him an important character. This was why he felt compelled to invite him over.

"Yes, Lin Feng. Ji Lei is with us, as well. Let's go." Ji Qing Qiu was holding Xue Yi Yang by the arm as she spoke.

Ji Qing Qiu's abilities did not formally qualify her to join the circle that was being composed, but the eligibility of entrants did not strictly depend on their talents. She was Xue Yi Yang's girlfriend, and as such, was allowed to join.

So Ji Qing Qiu was overjoyed. It was a glory for her to be able to join the top circle of the four families' brightest young ones.

"I'm sorry. I have a few old friends waiting for me elsewhere that I need to catch up with. Maybe next time?" Lin Feng rejected Xue Yi Yang and Ji Qing Qiu.

Xue Yi Yang's face changed. The Xue family had always been a proud family, and to have his own personal invitation be rejected by Lin Feng upset him.

Lin Feng cared little for Xue Yi Yang's reaction. He simply turned around and walked off in another direction.

Many people were looking at Lin Feng as he did this, and they were interested to see which circle he would be joining. After all, Lin Feng's performance had been truly astonis.h.i.+ng and a highlight of the four families. Even Xue Yi Yang could not steal his thunder.

Most people suspected that Lin Feng would not join Xue Yi Yang's circle, and that he would most likely join a circle composed of But to the surprise of many, he did not go there either.

Under everyone's curious eyes, Lin Feng went to sit beside a man who was strange to them. The two of them acted quite naturally, not troubling to greet each other formally. It appeared that they were quite close. Many were quite shocked, as most had no idea who that person was that Lin Feng was with.

Xue Yi Yang and Ji Qing Qiu, seeing who it was, both grimaced. Lin Feng had gone to sit with Han Sen.

At that moment, murmurs arose from the crowd about who that curious man was. While most were unaware of who he was, many did recognize Ji Yanran. Although she was born into a wondrous family, her talents weren't exceptional by any means.

It actually seemed as if Lin Feng wasn't there for Ji Yanran, either. He really had just sat down and started talking with the unknown fellow.

Many people began discussing the origins of this curious person, but they could only glean that his name was Han Sen and that he was Ji Yanran's boyfriend. That was all.

"I didn't expect to see you here." Lin Feng smiled, for he had noticed Han Sen in the crowd some time ago. Alas, he had had to wait until all the speeches were over before he could join him.

"I could say the same." Han Sen poured Lin Feng a drink. Without a toasting of, he immediately had a swig.

Lin Feng didn't mind this behavior at all, and he too then took the wine that been given to him and had a sip. The two of them then began chatting casually.

Even Ji Yanran was surprised to see Han Sen and Lin Feng with each other. She had no idea the two had such a relations.h.i.+p - one that seemed healthy and positive. She had thought he would only recognize w.a.n.g Meng Meng, yet even she had not come to see them.

Lin Feng and Han Sen spoke for a quite some time, but it wasn't long before Xue Yi Yang and Ji Qing Qiu appeared. Ji Qing Qiu smiled and asked, "Yanran, you wouldn't mind if we joined you, right?"

"Qing Qiu, you can sit here." Although Ji Yanran wasn't too keen on the prospect of being with her sister, she would have felt bad rejecting her.

Both of them sat down. Xue Yi Yang's black eyes were s.h.i.+ning brightly towards Han Sen, and he asked aloud, "Lin Feng, is this your old friend?"

Lin Feng nodded but did not elaborate.

"Little Feng Feng, are these friends of yours?" Another person now appeared, uninvited. She sat next to Lin Feng and put her arms around him as she laughed.

Han Sen looked at the person who had called Lin Feng "Little Feng Feng" and saw that it was in fact Lin Wei Wei, who had given her speech about "Third-World View".

Lin Wei Wei was unbelievably elegant, and her entire presence and being felt radiant. Although she was restrained, Han Sen could feel the enormous power that emanated from within her.

Lin Feng felt hopeless, and said, "Sister, this is my friend Han Sen."

She did not wait for Lin Feng to introduce Han Sen and instead peered directly into Lin Feng's eyes. She then reached a hand over to Han Sen and said, "I am Lin Feng's big sister, Lin Wei Wei. You can call me Sister Wei Wei."

Han Sen caught sight of Lin Feng's emotionless face, but still, he smiled and shook Lin Wei Wei's hand. With a sweet voice, he said, "Sister Wei Wei."

Lin Feng's forehead was already full of creases, but Lin Wei Wei was very happy to look at him in such a condition. She said, "Little Feng Feng, your friend is far more interesting than you."

"Sister Wei Wei, this is my girlfriend Ji Yanran. Yanran, come and greet Sister Wei Wei." Han Sen very rarely got to see Lin Feng's hopeless expression, and finding it amusing, joined in.