Super Gene - Chapter 537: Qi Gong

Chapter 537: Qi Gong

Chapter 537: Qi Gong

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Ji Yanran patiently explained what it was all about, but Han Sen quickly understood what she really meant. In his heart, he felt shocked.

The information he could gather on the Skynet regarding surpa.s.sers was rather limited. The population of the entire Alliance exceeded several billion, but the amount of registered surpa.s.sers was below one million.

Ordinary people were aware that the Third Shelter was dangerous, and the surpa.s.sers there were extremely powerful. They possessed powers that regular humans could not. As for what the Third Shelter looked like, there was no way to know. Therefore, ordinary people had no idea what to think about it.

People only knew that powerful creatures were said to reside there in the Third Shelter, but that was about it.

As for the information the Alliance was willing to put out detailing the Third Shelter, it was miniscule. The data they did provide said that the fitness of the ordinary creatures there were at the very least above 300.

This knowledge was frightening enough. A human evolver with excellent genes only averages around 30. Those with excellent genes from the Second Shelter are said to have a fitness level of around 130-150.

To reach a fitness level of 150 was a rare and highly prestigious thing for a person to achieve. Only the strongest could enter the evolution pool and evolve into a surpa.s.ser, and they would have to reach a fitness level of 300 to do it. And that level belonged to the weakest creatures of the Third shelter.

It was extremely rare to witness someone reach such heights, so how could they hope to survive in the Third Shelter, which must be populated with the most insane of creatures?

Even the strongest human was weaker than the least creature of the Third Shelter, so how could they grow up in such a place?

Ji Yanran's answer rested in the hyper geno art. It was common for humans to call reaching level 300 fitness the "Skystep". If you can attain that level, you become the equivalent of a Celestial Being. To become a Celestial Being requires you going beyond the mortal capabilities of humans and being able to communicate with those in the sky.

The so-called communicators of the sky had been saturated in and absorbed the powers of the universe; they would no longer have to consume food for nutrients or sustenance.

Any human who reached this height was capable of controlling certain powers of the universe. This included Anni, which allowed for the command of thunder and electricity. Others would be able to control water, fire, and even time and s.p.a.ce itself.

To hold onto these powers required hyper geno arts - yet not any ordinary variants.

Ji Yanran spoke a word that Han Sen was quite familiar with - "Qi Gong". Only the hyper geno arts that had been modified by Qi Gong could be used to maintain control of the powers of the universe.

According to what Ji Yanran told Han Sen, some high-level Qi Gong hyper geno arts did not require Celestial Being modifications for use. Even when humans are children, they are able to use Qi Gong to observe the power of the universe.

But before a person reaches the level of a Celestial Being, the powers that could be absorbed was weak and few. Therefore, they were not very effective. But after years of training, the efficiency of one's absorption could rise greatly. If, after that, you choose to become a Celestial Being, you would be much stronger than the others.

Certain people were gifted, however, and it was possible for them to not even have to become a Celestial Being before they could control the powers of the universe.

The Ji family is the clan that owned Qi Gong. There were however three other families that had were gifted in the same way. Each family inherited Qi Gong from the same lineage and heritage; all that was different was the family name.

"Ji, Lin, w.a.n.g, Xue." Ji Yanran spoke these four surnames to Han Sen, and it made his heart leap in his chest.

Killing of Xue Long Yan had given him the Ice Skin skill. Once he had gained it, he had kept an eye on anyone possessing the surname Xue, but he was never able to glean much information regarding big individuals that belonged to that family.

Now, all of a sudden, he heard the surname Xue spoken aloud to him, and his face changed.

"If possible, it would be best if you could raise your fitness to 150 so that you can become a surpa.s.ser. The higher the better," Ji Yanran told Han Sen.

"Why? To become a surpa.s.ser, I would need to raise my fitness level to 300 and reach the 'Skystep'," Han Sen said.

"To be 300 is the level of a Celestial Being, but there's are differences between the talents they possess. If your base is better, then your talents can be higher. But no matter what, you cannot change it once you have become a surpa.s.ser. Therefore, it's best if you try raise your fitness level as high as you can - you can always become a surpa.s.ser later on. Your genes should be perfect," Ji Yanran reminded Han Sen again.

Ji Yanran was going to join the exchange event due it being the Qi Gong exchange for the Ji, Lin, w.a.n.g, and Xue.

Ji Yanran also told Han Sen that at the exchange event, he was sure to meet someone familiar.

"Who?" Han Sen asked, curiously.

"w.a.n.g Meng Meng from the w.a.n.g family; I have heard she's quite fond of you." Ji Yanran giggled while saying this to Han Sen, and she looked at him with devious eyes.

"Meng Meng only treats me like a big brother, and I treat her like a little sister in return. You know that, don't you?" Han Sen felt a little surprised, because he knew that w.a.n.g Meng Meng was not an ordinary person. He had not expected her to be a future inheritor of the Qi Gong, however.

Han Sen really wanted to ask who the Xue family were, and also ask whether they possessed a special skill called Ice Skin, but he kept his question back, for now.

"I don't think I should go - could I truly go to an event such as this?" Han Sen was trying to test Ji Yanran's resolve to bring him.

If Xue Long Yan had really come from the Xue family, then he would be in great trouble if they discovered that Han Sen was in possession of the Ice Skin skill.

Ji Yanran peered directly into Han Sen's eyes. With an intimidating voice, she told him, "You have to."

After she spoke, her face reddened and she quietly said, "Although you can purchase modified versions of Qi Gong hyper geno arts from the Saint Hall, they are mostly low-level Qi Gongs. You and I should go to the exchange event to learn as much as we can. When we marry in the future, you can learn the Qi Gong directly from my family."

Speaking of marriage made Ji Yanran's face turn beetroot red and she went silent.

"I will go then." Han Sen knew that he would have to get through the Xue family eventually. He couldn't delay the inevitable forever.

The people who went to the exchange event were ordinary people, and their views and opinion could not, at least, be as bitter as those possessed by the older generations of their families. And at least Han Sen would be able to meet the Xue family and finally learn whether Xue Long Yan had indeed belonged to them.

With regards to the Ji family's Qi Gong, however, Han Sen wasn't particularly interested. He only wanted to finish his translation of the Dongxuan Sutra. No matter how strong the Qi Gong of the Ji family was, he had never seen a family member manage to break through the vacuum with their bare hands. The Dongxuan Sutra had to be the strongest Qi Gong to have ever existed.

Ji Yanran brought Han Sen to take part in the exchange event, but Anni followed as well, though once they reached the venue, she had no choice but to wait outside.

The reason why Han Sen could accompany Ji Yanran there was because when Ji Yanran first introduced him, he was already her fiancée.

"Lin Feng." Han Sen had not yet seen w.a.n.g Meng Meng at the event, but he saw that familiar shadow.