Super Gene - Chapter 534: Blackgod's Hopelessness

Chapter 534: Blackgod's Hopelessness

Chapter 534: BlackG.o.d's Hopelessness

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"Han Sen..." Li Xing Lun was a little nervous. Judging from his knowledge of BlackG.o.d, he knew his true intent.

"It's okay. If someone wants to give me the beast soul for free, I will gladly accept it. So it's settled." Han Sen stopped Li Xing Lun from talking.

Han Sen knew that Li Xing Lun was trying to be nice, and he also understood BlackG.o.d's line of thought, but this went perfectly with his own idea. He and Tang Zhen Liu had been in training for a long time and they had 100% confidence in their ability to repel the Tornado Knife skill. It went well with their irritation at being unable to take care of BlackG.o.d once and for all. But now he had delivered himself here, and Han Sen was extremely glad.

He could also get his Inferno Bull back. Han Sen would not let this opportunity pa.s.s him by.

"Good! That was a quick decision; I think I'm starting to grow fond of you." BlackG.o.d laughed coldly.

"Go to the plaza, this place is too open." Han Sen said, equally coldly.

"Good," BlackG.o.d replied, though he did not allow his men to leave. They surrounded Han Sen as they left for the plaza, as if they were escorting a dangerous criminal. They were unsure whether Han Sen would run off.

Li Xing Lun had also brought his own people to escort Han Sen. When they arrived at the plaza, Han Sen and BlackG.o.d handed their beast souls over to Li Xing Lun.

"Please," BlackG.o.d said, as he went onto the stage of the plaza, staring at Han Sen as he went.

Ever since he had taken control of BlackG.o.d Shelter, he had never been put at such a disadvantage. If he had the opportunity, he would relish killing Han Sen immediately.

This time, he did not want only the return of his beast soul - he wanted his life back too.

BlackG.o.d was highly confident in his Tornado Knife skill. He had battled with Han Sen once before, so he thought he knew the extent of his abilities. That is why the idea of combatting on-stage intimidated Han Sen.

Word of the bet between BlackG.o.d and Han Sen spread quickly, and drew quite the crowd to the Starwheel Shelter to observe it first-hand.

Li Xing Lun began to feel hopeless. If Han Sen did not agree to the bet, he could still protect Han Sen and keep him safe inside the Starwheel Shelter. But if BlackG.o.d managed to kill Han Sen, then there was nothing he could do but to adhere to the terms of the wager and provide the beast souls all to BlackG.o.d.

Once Han Sen was on-stage, BlackG.o.d no longer felt no desire to exchange words with him. He wanted to bite into Han Sen's flesh with a savage ferocity. He summoned the Black beast soul knife and started swiping at Han Sen with fierce desire.

Han Sen meanwhile summoned Ghost-Pawed Claws and returned an attack.

The slashes looked shallow, but they made BlackG.o.d furrow his brow. A strange look came from his hawkish eyes. If he continued to slash in that manner, his elbows were looking likely to be sliced off by the Ghost-Pawed Claws - he would be feeding the weapon of his enemy.

Feeling hopeless, BlackG.o.d could only pull back. After he dodged a swipe from Han Sen's claws, he mustered another attack.

He was confident in his Tornado Knife skill, though for others in the same cla.s.s, it was incredibly rare to see someone block such an attack twice. It should be impossible for Han Sen.

Numerous people thought the same thing as BlackG.o.d, as his Tornado Knife skill as renowned across the ice fields, where it was known as "The Disappeared Demon Knife".

Most people weren't aware of who Han Sen was. Aside from Li Xing Lun, who did know him, they couldn't fathom what sort of a person would willingly do battle with BlackG.o.d.

But quickly the audience's eyes were opened. They could hardly believe what they were witnessing.

BlackG.o.d took a step back and dodged the Ghost-Pawed Claws. He took up his stance with the knife again and attempted to attack, but he had only raised his weapon half-way when he realized he couldn't do what he had planned.

As before, if he opened himself up with a wide attack, his waist would be exposed to the fury of the Ghost-Pawed Claws.

"Coincidence?" BlackG.o.d was stricken with worry, unable to believe what was happening. Nor could he believe that someone could so effectively block his Tornado Knife skill.

BlackG.o.d took a step back and attacked again, his face distorted into an ugly grimace.

BlackG.o.d swiped toward Han Sen a dozen times, but none of the attacks made in a whirlwind of madness landed. His weapon had barely extended past halfway before he was forced to return it.

BlackG.o.d had no chance but to cast the Tornado Knife skill twice as fast, which made his face darken with anger. He had never faced something like this before, though he still thought it might just have been an unlucky day.

The people watching were already shocked. Those outside as well inside the arena could see quite clearly everything that was happening. The famous knife skill of BlackG.o.d was utterly useless against Han Sen.

It wasn't just useless in terms of effectiveness, but also that few attacks could be made due to BlackG.o.d having to constantly return his weapon.

If the sword BlackG.o.d used had been a scabbard, he would only have been afraid that he would not even be given the opportunity to draw it at all.

Every time BlackG.o.d moved his waist to unsheathe a knife, the next moment, he would be forced to bring it back. No matter what he did, he couldn't find any opportunity to draw his weapon.

From head to foot, BlackG.o.d kept backing off. Watching him was like viewing an apprentice trying to draw a knife out for the first time - or like training in front of a teacher, where the teacher can predict every move and strike a weak spot before his student even knew it was there.

The "Disappearing Demon Knife, Tornado Knife skill" seemed to have all of a sudden become a total joke. BlackG.o.d could not even draw his knife out, so there was no way he could attempt to attack twice as fast.

Fall back... keep falling back... It seemed as if there were no choices other than to fall back.

BlackG.o.d had never appeared so lame, so feeble, as at this very moment. The Tornado Knife skill that had given him a reputation suddenly looked utterly useless skill. He even started to feel like he had completely forgotten how to use a knife.

"He's so strong! Who is this person? It's so scary! It's like watching a father punish his own son!"

"Since when has the ice field harbored such a strong individual? BlackG.o.d is getting beaten like despised child! Is this really BlackG.o.d from BlackG.o.d Shelter?"

"He must be a phony! How can BlackG.o.d's infernal knife be so useless?"

"It's not that surprising! Have you ever heard of someone with a reputation they don't deserve? BlackG.o.d is like that. It's only because he has so many diligent subordinates that people put stock in the claims he is great. But the man behind the curtain is nothing. When he's on stage alone he gets beaten like a novice!"

"But who is that other person?"

BlackG.o.d's movement had been wholly restricted, and it was if he had become entangled within th.o.r.n.y vines. He couldn't get a limb free, and if he moved even the smallest amount, he would be p.r.i.c.ked by a lethal spike. BlackG.o.d was dejected, and expressed his displeasure by crying out.

And hearing the conversations from below the stage, he was so enraged that he felt faint.

He screamed, and began waving his sword to attack without concern for his well-being. As he tried to strike, he realized that if he did not bring back his sword-wielding arm, it would be lopped off. So he swallowed his anger and forced himself to pull back yet again.

Hopeless. He felt hopeless. BlackG.o.d was suddenly overwhelmed with the fear that he was going to die, and that his bladder would give way if he couldn't reach a bathroom in time.

Even the few observers from BlackG.o.d Shelter were shocked at what they were seeing. They were close to being unable to believe their eyes.

They clearly knew the strength and extent of BlackG.o.d's power, and the ferocity of his Tornado Knife's skill ought to have made him unbeatable in the ice fields. How could it be suppressed in the way they were seeing?

"Where did this guy come from?" Their faces were bursting with surprise. If BlackG.o.d was already close to submission, they would end up in a far worse condition if they were to go on stage. Two or three hits would probably be enough to end their lives.