Super Gene - Chapter 486: Butterfly Dancing Solo

Chapter 486: Butterfly Dancing Solo

Chapter 486: b.u.t.terfly Dancing Solo

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After absorbing the red crystal, Han Sen had gained stronger brainpower although the ability to move things was not that useful.

The countless details of the entire battlefield were clearly projected in Han Sen's mind, making it easier for him to make a precise judgment.

When he made the first step, Han Sen had calculated his route to go forward and all the possibilities on the way, including the reactions of different creatures.

Although it could not be 100% accurate, Han Sen knew it was the best route he could have chosen.

The evolvers fighting were all paying attention to the figure deep into the creature army, wis.h.i.+ng for the impossible to happen.

At this point, Han Sen's performance had just begun. The moment he sent himself into the group of creatures, the entire battlefield had become a huge chessboard for Han Sen.

Every single creature, including the royal spirit herself was pieces on the chessboard for Han Sen. And his end goal was to take out the piece represented by the royal spirit.

Those fierce creatures were attacking Han Sen, but his eyes were extremely calm. Moving his legs rapidly, he was going forward according to the route he had designed.

Tempting, misleading, or killing directly, Han Sen could not be stopped by the group of creatures. In the impossible situation, Han Sen made a possible route which led to the royal spirit. The scenario was incredible in other people's eyes. Thousands of creatures were simply a sea of heads without even a gap. In others' eyes, unless all the creatures were wiped out, it was impossible to approach the royal spirit.

However, after Han Sen went there, he moved left and right at an incredible speed. Flas.h.i.+ng his right hand, one creature after another were bleeding heavily and many were beheaded, which was not even the best part.

The best part was that initially many creatures were actually in Han Sen's way, but for some reason, they suddenly moved their bodies to let him pa.s.s.

In the crazy group of beasts, Han Sen was like a b.u.t.terfly dancing solo. Although he was in a terrible situation, the elegance and beauty of his figure were not affected.

In the most incredible way, thousands of gruesome creatures failed to stop Han Sen. Through a huge army, Han Sen managed to go up to the royal spirit's mount, the dragon snake.

Many people were completely dumbstruck. It was like a thrilling magic show. The blood and the strange rhythm made one's heart leapt with the beat.


The moment Han Sen was in front of the dragon snake, the silver-haired young lady had a cold smile on her face. The rock underneath Han Sen suddenly split. A black gargoyle looking like a ghost emerged from underground, its cold hands grabbing at Han Sen's legs which were right in front of its face.

Almost at the same time, the giant dragon snake opened its mouth to swallow Han Sen.

"Dammit, the spirit is so wicked that she hid a sacred-blood gargoyle underneath."

"That is the end of it…"

People who had seen some hope suddenly lost faith. Attacked by the sacred-blood gargoyle, snapped by the dragon snake, and surrounded by fierce creatures, the person had nowhere to go.

Cold light flashed in Han Sen's eyes. He suddenly jumped up, disregarding the gargoyle and throwing himself into the mouth of the giant dragon snake.

Evolvers who were watching this scene couldn't help feeling sad. Their hope was almost all gone. This was a desperate move. However, the dragon snake was so big that it could simply swallow the man. The claws were so small that they were not enough to threaten this giant creature. Even if he could hit the creature, the cut would only be a scratch to its gigantic body. Maybe he would not even be able to break the snakeskin.

As Han Sen was about to be swallowed by the dragon snake, his body suddenly paused in the air and rose a couple of feet. Stepping on the snake's nose with his right foot, he rose higher at an incredible speed to the same height as the royal spirit standing on the head of the snake.

The royal spirit blinked and moved her staff slightly. Silver light covered her whole body, turning her into a warrior covered in silver armor and her staff into a slim silver sword.

Without any expression, her delicate fingers moved, and the slim silver sword was stabbed to Han Sen's forehead like a lightning bolt.

Fast, incredibly fast. There was no time for him to react. Behind Han Sen, the sacred-blood gargoyle appeared like a phantom, its hands grabbing at Han Sen's legs from behind.

The snake also spit out its tongue looking like a trident to hit Han Sen's waist.

In other people's eyes, Han Sen was faced with a death trap. However, from Han Sen's perspective, this was his opportunity.

All the planning, the careful design, and the performance were for this moment.

His heart thumping like thunder, Han Sen used Heresy Mantra to its full. Overload made his bones squeak. Read armor appeared on Han Sen's body as the Ruby crown appeared on his head. His black shorthair became blonde and long, dancing in the air like crazy. His eyes which were now golden were completely emotionless.

As he shapes.h.i.+fted into the fairy queen, everything became slower in Han Sen's eyes. The sneak attack of the sacred-blood gargoyle, the tongue blade of the snake, the slim silver sword of the royal spirit, and the countless creatures throwing themselves at him, all became a holographic image in Han Sen's brain, even the slightest details of which could be learned by him.

Without moving away, Han Sen who was now at his best thrust his chest to the slim sword of the silver-haired spirit girl without hesitation, letting the sword pierce his chest and approaching the spirit at the same time.

They were so close to each other that Han Sen's face was about to touch hers.

Han Sen smiled, waving his right hand and cutting the three purple claws into the pretty head of the spirit girl. With her incredulous look, her head was cut into four parts.


The figure of the spirit girl became twinkles of lights and disappeared. Suddenly, the entire battlefield seemed to freeze. Both humans and creatures stopped a beat.

All eyes were on the gorgeous figure. The red armor and Ruby crown were s.h.i.+ning in the sun so bright that people could hardly look at them.