Super Gene - Chapter 447: Reward

Chapter 447: Reward

Chapter 447: Reward

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"The Nings of the Starry Group?" Han Sen frowned slightly. That was the only Nings he knew of.

Uncle Qing said respectively, "Yes, I am the eldest among the six sons of the Nings, also the most useless one. My two nephews did not know who you were and had acted inappropriately. My father wanted to apologize in person but was afraid that you did not like to be disturbed, so he did not go. However, he told us that no matter which one of us in the family had the luck to meet you, we must treat you as our patron. Whatever you need, we would support you no matter how much it costs."

As Uncle Qing said that, the rest of the group were completely shocked.

Everyone had heard about Starry Group, which was one of the largest corporations in the Alliance. No one had thought that Uncle Qing was one of the Nings. What was even more unexpected was that even the Nings had to treat Han Sen this way. Everyone was wondering what was Han Sen’s background.

Many people got scared and became pale at this point. They wanted to rob someone whom even the Nings needed to be reverent to. If Han Sen wanted to get his revenge, it would be so easy not only in G.o.d’s sanctuary, but also in the Alliance. Everyone was covered in cold sweat and felt their legs were limp.

"You did not know that before, so it was okay. We will talk about the future later," Han Sen commented neutrally.

He knew that the reason for Uncle Qing to treat himself like that was not because of who he was, but the potential relations.h.i.+p between him and Han Jingzhi. Han Sen could not tell whether Uncle Qing meant what he said, so he did not feel happy at all.

"In the future, whatever Young Master Han needs, please let us know. The Nings will not disappoint you." Uncle Qing did not say anything more but showed his loyalty.

Han Sen nodded and turned to Yang Manli. "Yang Manli, I will give this much meat to you. Organize our gang as soon as possible, but it will not be necessary to recruit some of these people."

Han Sen had no doubt in Yang Manli’s ability. She used to manage a big gang like Steel Armor Gang really well. There were not a lot of people present, so even if they all joined the gang, it would be still a piece of cake for Yang Manli.

"Okay." Yang Manli counted all the bodies and felt puzzled. Since the Nings treated him like this, maybe he was really related to Han Jingzhi?

However, thinking about it, Yang Manli felt it was unlikely. Everyone knew that Han Jingzhi did not have a wife or kids.

Han Sen did not mind what Yang Manli was thinking. After giving everything to her, he teleported back to the Alliance, wanting to figure out what was the use of a beast soul glyph as soon as possible.

"Han Sen, when did you come back?" Qiu Cheng said hi to Han Sen while heading out the moment Han Sen went back to the dormitory.

"I’ve just come back. Where are you heading?" Han Sen asked casually.

"Where else than the drill? It is the end of the month and at this time there is always a drill going on for everyone to join. Whoever gets the first place will be rewarded by Vice-captain Chen. I’m just going to check it out. Your timing is perfect. Let’s go together," Qiu Cheng dragged Han Sen out.

Initially, Han Sen did not want to go. However, since everyone was getting along pretty well in the cookhouse, he did not want to turn Qiu Cheng down and followed him to the training hall of the wars.h.i.+p.

Han Sen had heard about Vice-captain Chen from Ji Yanran. He was a strong surpa.s.ser. Initially, the captain of a wars.h.i.+p like Daphne must be an advanced surpa.s.ser who was also a general. However, because of the special background of Ji Yanran, she became the captain of Daphne. And the vice-captain was selected based on the standards of an official captain.

Chen Shoushan, a strong surpa.s.ser. Ji Yanran said he was close to the Jis, but even if she did not say that, Han Sen would know that he was, because if he was not working for the Jis, the Jis would not let Ji Yanran work on Daphne.

In addition to the vice-captain, there were two more surpa.s.sers on Daphne: Director Lin Haifeng and Quartermaster Zhao Ping.

These were the people who worked for Daphne. As for the expert panel, there should also be some surpa.s.sers. However, they were beyond Ji Yanran’s power.

Even in Ji Yanran’s team, because of the complicated relations.h.i.+ps, it was hard for Ji Yanran to make arrangements from time to time. Many things she did would be potentially challenged.

Han Sen and Qiu Cheng came to the training hall, which was almost full of soldiers already. It seemed that many people were interested in the drill.

Since everyone in the cookhouse was present, Qiu Cheng and Han Sen sat next to them.

Han Sen took a look at the training hall and found the training field was a closed one. Also, he found the training item familiar.

"Isn’t this the device called Sprint that Professor Yan designed?" Han Sen saw the metal walls in the training field and felt surprised that the device was put into use so soon.

A soldier was quickly jumping and running on the metal walls, but he did not even make it halfway before he got shocked and fell, rolling out of the device.

"Who else wants to give it a try? If you can pa.s.s this test at level 10, I will reward you with an S-Cla.s.s Saint Hall license of the evolver level," Chen Shoushan said with a smile, sitting at the rostrum of the training hall.

The reward was a lot, but none of the soldiers moved, looking at each other. Sprint at level X with a gravity of forty added was simply too difficult. Many soldiers had already tried, and many among them were great evolvers. However, none of them was able to make it to even half the way. It was not only because of the gravity, but also because of the failure of the soldiers with a fitness more than seventy that no soldier dared to try again.

Han Sen knew Sprint very well naturally. It was not something that could be achieved with strength alone. Strength, reflex, flexibility, and the ability to make judgments about the terrain all had huge bearings on the result. If one step was wrong, there was no way for one to make it no matter how strong one was.

"Warframe department, wars.h.i.+p crew, coast guard, and medical team had all send someone to try. Now only the cookhouse has not tried yet. I think we should give them a chance," someone suddenly said.

Han Sen thought the voice was familiar, looked to that direction, and found he was w.a.n.g Hou, the head of the warframe department who he met last time.