Super Gene - Chapter 420: Preparation before Evolution

Chapter 420: Preparation before Evolution

Chapter 420: Preparation before Evolution

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After Zero threw herself at the firebird like a cannonball, she went through the burning body of the firebird and appeared on the other side. Landing heavily on the mountain’s feet and even broke a part of the mountain.

In Zero’s hand, there was a red and golden spirit wiggling like flames. The firebird quickly issued a scream, as its body made up of flames simply exploded and turned into fireworks.

Zero jumped back to Han Sen and threw the spirit at him without saying anything. She then stood next to Han Sen like she always did.

"Ahem. Thank you so much!" Han Sen flushed. He never treated Zero well, while Zero finished what he was trying to accomplish for a long time, which embarra.s.sed him a bit.

Zero did not reply and gave Han Sen a sweet smile, her teeth glistening through her soft lips.

Han Sen did not have any time to speak, because the red and golden spirit in his hands was scorching, almost turning his hands into barbecue. Han Sen quickly summoned the cursed wolf daggers and slashed it at the spirit.

"Super creature desert bird killed. Beast soul of desert bird gained. Life essence available. Meat inedible."

As the voice sounded in Han Sen’s mind, he almost screamed out of excitement. Another super beast soul! How lucky!

He caught a red and gold crystal the size of a bullet in his hand and threw it in his mouth without hesitation.

Although it was kind of a waste, he had no use of the life essence even if he saved it for later. There was no way he could sell it to someone else either. Therefore, Han Sen simply ate the whole thing.

"Life essence of desert bird consumed. One super geno point gained… Super geno points maxed out." Han Sen realized that he had finally maxed out on his super geno points, even earlier than he maxed out on sacred geno points.

Han Sen looked to his mind with joy and saw his newly gained super beast soul.

Type of beast soul of super creature desert bird: aura

Han Sen almost laughed out loud. It was a beast soul aura, which was very rare.

Han Sen had felt the effect of flame lieutenant was somewhat lacking. Having gained a super beast soul aura, he had something to replace it with.

Although he was about to be ready to evolve, Han Sen did not rush. After all, he still had more than two months left before he had to report to Daphne. He could still do a lot of things during this period of time.

Han Sen summoned the golden growler and took Zero to those locations indicated by Nina. Then he indeed found a lot of super creatures.

Ninety percent of the creatures found by Starry Group were super creatures, which was surprising. Only a few were special sacred-blood creatures.

Although super creatures were rare, they could still be spotted. The only reason that no one had discovered their existence was that n.o.body was able to kill them.

The reason Han Sen went to seek those creatures out was not to kill them.

Han Sen who had already maxed out on his super geno points did not need to hunt super creatures anymore. The biggest benefit would be superb beast souls. However, even with super beast souls, he would not be invincible in Second G.o.d’s Sanctuary. Even if he killed those creatures, he might necessarily gain their beast souls.

However, Han Sen still looked for all the creatures one by one. He found all the super creatures he could find and defeated them one after another. Han Sen had two purposes. First, he would like to practice his fighting skills. Second, he would like to lay a good foundation for Han Yan.

Hailey was so young that she would not come to G.o.d’s Sanctuary for years. It would be impossible for Han Sen to wait for her, so he had no chance to transfer the super beast souls to her. In the future, she had to kill super creatures on her own.

Han Sen had already learned the strengths and weaknesses of the super creatures, so he could teach Han Yan all about them in the future, if she had that kind of ability to hunt them down.

If Han Yan did not have that kind of ability. There was no need to expect her to max out on super geno points.

If I am here, I will never let Han Yan suffer. If she could max out on super geno points, that would be the best. If not, that’s quite okay as well. Although Han Sen thought that, he would still do everything he could for Han Yan.

In the central office of the special squad, Zhong Zhenhong was handling some urgent files when he heard a knock on the door.

"Jiang Sheng, if it is not important, don’t disturb me today," Zhong Zhenhong said after seeing it was his a.s.sistant Jiang Sheng.

It was not easy to be the director of special squad. Not only did he have to manage his crew well, but he also needed to handle some stupid business, which made him so impatient that he almost wanted to scold someone.

"Director, the head of a special squad submitted a beast soul trade application," Jiang Sheng said with a complex expression.

"Don’t bother me with this kind of thing. Ask him to do it on the internal platform by the rules. Do I need to teach you that?" Zhong Zhenhong was quite upset that Jiang Sheng would bother him with such trivial matter and said harshly.

"The head of that special squad wanted to trade for a quota of protection for his family member." Jiang Sheng knew Zhong Zhenhong’s temper quite well and understood he was under a lot of pressure, so Jiang Sheng was not upset, but maintained the complex look on his face.

"Everyone needs protection. Do they think the action team of the special squad all have six arms?" The matter troubling Zhong Zhenhong initially was about protection as well, which made him even more and angry when hearing Jiang Sheng.

However, Zhong Zhenhong had nothing against Jiang Sheng, so he calmed down and said, "Because he is one of us, we should give him priority. However, recently we are short of good men since we lost a few brothers in order to protect those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds. Ask him to wait. We will figure it out later."

Jiang Sheng continued with an even more odd look, "Director, that person did not want protection at the moment, but a few years later."

"Nonsense. Why would he apply for something coming into effect in a few years? Is he trying to add to our workload?" Zhong Zhenhong thumped the desk in madness.

"Director, I think you should probably first look at the list of beast souls he submitted." Jiang Sheng placed a doc.u.ment in front of Zhong Zhenhong.

"What is there to… look at…" Initially, Zhong Zhenhong was quite annoyed. However, after glancing at the list, he swallowed his words back and widened his eyes.