Super Gene - Chapter 412: Alloy Case in the Cave

Chapter 412: Alloy Case in the Cave

Chapter 412: Alloy Case in the Cave

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"Why has it become quiet?" Jia Yan looked to the mountain with doubts.

"It's probably finished," Xiao Wei sighed and said.

"I'll go back to have a look," Jia Changfeng said and rode toward the mountain.

"Let's go together. Be careful not to attract the attention of the evil goblins." Xiao Lingfeng followed him.

The group of people returned to the area of the mountain. What they saw made them feel so appalled that they could not shut their mouths.

The bodies of evil goblins were everywhere. The blood had formed a river and the bodies had become a hill. White sand was colored into burgundy by the poisonous blood.

Half of the evil goblin king's body was lying on the ground. Although corrupted, it still looked shocking.

"These… he killed them all…" Jia Changfeng did not know what to say.

Who is this person? Xiao Lingfeng thought with complex feelings. Someone as strong as this was simply beyond his imagination.

"Where is Han Sen?" Jia Yan and Xiao Wei had come back to themselves. They looked around but did not see Han Sen.

The two guys also looked around and did not see Han Sen either. They all had a strange feeling.

Initially, they thought they just ran into an ordinary guy, yet the guy was so impressive that they could not even begin to describe it.

At this point, Han Sen had already gone deep into the hole on the mountain wall. Inside the mountain, the channels were interconnected like a labyrinth.

Han Sen commanded the holy angel to scout for him, following the blood of the evil goblin king.

After a while, they were still unable to catch up with the creature. If Han Sen did not see the blood, he would wonder if he was in the wrong direction.

"Quite fast, this guy." Han Sen put the super pet armor on the holy angel and ordered the holy angel to follow the traces of blood. The super pet in super pet armor was almost invincible in First G.o.d's Sanctuary. There was nothing she would fear.

After 3 to 4 hours, Han Sen eventually entered a large s.p.a.ce, which was a cave shaped like a cylinder. The cave looked like the inside of a church tower. The ceiling was about half a mile high, and the stone walls were dotted with holes of different sizes.

The traces of blood had disappeared at this point. Han Sen frowned at the countless holes on the stone walls. Without any clue, it was impossible to find the evil goblin king with so many holes.

Han Sen lighted a torch and looked around in the cave. He suddenly saw an alloy case in the corner.

"Someone had been here before!" Han Sen was surprised. The case looked like it was the advanced product from the Alliance. It was made of top-notch Z-steel that was not only tough but also light in weight, making the case more portable than Z-steel armor and weapons. The case was a bit deformed. It looked like it had been hit hard. The lid was slightly open. Covered in dust and speckles, the case looked quite old and probably had something spilled and tried on it.

Han Sen checked the style of the case, which looked expensive but old. He did not think it was produced recently.

"Who could come to this place with the group of evil goblins outside. Or does the mountain have a different entrance elsewhere?" Han Sen squatted and checked the case carefully.

Although the lid was slightly open, Han Sen still could not see what was inside. It looked like there was something though.

Although modern technology was useless in G.o.d's Sanctuary, Han Sen did not dare to be reckless. He stepped back and asked the holy angel to open the case.

The holy angel was fearless. She reached her hand in the gap and pulled the case open.

Nothing weird happened. In the case, there were three bottles and a crystal card.

"Geno solutions?" Han Sen looked at the three bottles and felt surprised.

Han Sen had seen a lot of this kind of bottles. They should be the bottles of geno solutions paired with hyper geno arts. These bottles were specially made to contain the geno solutions, which had been this way for generations.

However, although there were three bottles, only one of them was filled with purple geno solution. One of the bottles was empty, and one was broken.

Han Sen took the full bottle and regarded it. He did not find any notes.

Normally speaking, a bottle like this would have a tag to indicate what kind of hyper geno art this solution belonged to. However, this bottle did not have any writing on it.

"Is it geno solution or not?" Han Sen frowned and examined the crystal card.

It was a memory card, which was still intact. However, he could not check it in G.o.d's Sanctuary. Han Sen put the crystal card and bottle away.

He looked around and did not see bodies or inscriptions. He wondered why the case ended up here.

Han Sen walked around in the large cave but did not find anything else. He felt quite upset to let the evil goblin king run away.

However, there was no way that he could tell where the evil goblin king was. Even if he wanted to chase after it, he did not know how.

As Han Sen was hesitating whether he should leave already, he felt the giant cave was shaking and then heard noises like thunder.

The rumbles became louder and louder, sounding quite scary.

"What is it?" Han Sen listened carefully, trying to tell where the sound came from. However, there were too many caves, so the echo was too loud for Han Sen to tell that.

He was sure about one thing: something was coming at him, and it was something big.