Super Gene - Chapter 395: Super Meat

Chapter 395: Super Meat

Chapter 395: Super Meat

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"Kill it…" Many people were shouting their hearts out, wis.h.i.+ng they were able to kill golden growler and even alive like Han Sen. Humans had never experienced such cruelty in First G.o.d's Sanctuary. The blood of family and friends made them furious.

Buzzing its four wings, the golden rock worm king quickly went after the golden growler. When it was about to catch up with the lion, Han Sen deliberately slowed down a little bit as he did not want anyone to see him kill the golden growler. Han Sen wondered if the golden growler would disappear like other super creatures, which would look suspicious to other people.

Han Sen was confident to kill the golden growler at this point. All he needed to do was to wait for the golden growler to run to a desolated spot, which would be the moment he made his move.

Being blind, the golden growler could no longer tell which direction it was going. Its eyes were bleeding, but the blood was going back into its injuries. It looked like it was healing.

Bang bang!

All the rocks and trees were knocked away by the golden growler. The creature eventually entered Dark Swamp.

"Go deeper!" Han Sen was pleased with the fact that the creature had entered the least populated place, creating the perfect opportunity for him to kill it.

Following the golden growler into the Dark Swamp with his wings, Han Sen saw all the creatures in the lion's way knocked dead or stamped on.

The fitness level of a super creature was much higher than any other creature. Even when it was blind already, no one could hurt it unless they had a super beast soul weapon.

Watching the golden growler going deeper into the swamp where there was no one nearby, Han Sen no longer hesitated and ordered the golden rock worm king to go at the blind golden growler.

Its four wings buzzing, the golden rock worm king strangled the golden growler with its barbed tail. The tail pierced the creature's neck and the blood started to flow.

Meanwhile, the eight sharp claws the rock worm king locked the golden growler's head down, stabbing inside its skull.

The golden growler cried in despair, trying to hit the golden rock worm king with its paw. However, it only made some noises of metal on metal.

Han Sen summoned his black-feathered wings, hovering in the air and watching his pet fighting the golden growler.

The super pet in super pet armor was almost invincible. Even the golden growler could not injure the golden rock worm king. Instead, it was haunted by the worm king and attacked by eight sharp claws.

The golden hair of the lion was shaved by the claws, and b.l.o.o.d.y scars crisscrossed on its head, looking miserable.

"Let's end it here!" Seeing that the golden rock worm king could not really killed the golden growler, Han Sen gripped the dagger and rushed toward the stomach of the golden growler.

In Han Sen's hand, the cursed wolf dagger made a cut of a dozen feet long on the stomach of golden growler. Golden blood jetted out like a spring, mixed with pieces of inner organs.


The golden growler cried, waving its paws and trying to kill its enemy. However, it could no longer tell where the enemy was.

As its blood left its body, the golden growler quickly became weak. Han Sen jumped on its head and stabbed the dagger into its brain, accelerating its death.

After all, the golden growler had not grown as strong as its mother. It was only at the same level as the cursed wolf. Compared to the invincible large golden growler, it was still much lacking.

If the golden growler had become as strong as its parent, Han Sen was afraid that the entire Steel Armor Shelter would be crushed by the creature. At that point, Han Sen could not guarantee he would be able to stop it.

"Super creature golden growler killed. Beast soul of golden growler gained. Life essence available. Meat edible."

Watching the dead golden growler, Han Sen was dazed. This time, the voice was different from before. Han Sen was happy that he was able to gain the beast soul of the golden growler. However, after killing several super creatures, it was the first time the body of the creature did not disappear.

In addition, the voice had always told him that the meat of super creature was inedible, yet this time it said something different. If the meat was indeed edible, Han Sen wondered why the voice did not say it could bring him more super geno points.

In conclusion, the voice was kind of weird. Han Sen watched the creature's body with his brows knitted.

"The golden growler is different from other creatures." Han Sen quickly forgot about this issue. He was overjoyed that he had gained the super beast soul, life essence, and even the meat of the golden growler. Han Sen was surprised how lucky he was.

Han Sen had thought that he had used up his luck, given how lucky he had been recently. However, he still gained the beast soul, and even gained the body of a super creature.

Han Sen did not dare to hesitate much longer. He quickly dissected the body of the golden growler with the cursed wolf dagger, searching for its life essence.

Han Sen almost tore its entire body up to find the golden crystal in its skull. Although the golden crystal was much smaller than that of its parent, it was still the size of a basketball.

Han Sen quickly licked at the crystal. As he drank the golden liquid, he felt his entire body was on fire. Strength was instilled into his body cells, making his entire body stronger.

"Life essence of golden growler consumed. One super geno point gained."

Hearing the wonderful voice in his mind, Han Sen almost laughed out loud. He licked the crystal faster.

Hearing the voice telling him about his newly gained super geno points, Han Sen felt he was on top of the world.

The life essence of the golden growler gave Han Sen another eight super geno points. Han Sen now had sixty super geno points.

After finis.h.i.+ng the life essence, Han Sen felt more cheerful than ever. He glanced at the meat of the golden growler.

"Since the meat could be eaten, I believe it should also give me super geno points. The body of this creature is so big that I wonder when I can finish eating it." Watching the golden growler cut into pieces by him, Han Sen felt worried.

Any piece in front of him was taller than himself. Han Sen wondered how he could eat it.

"Let me try some first." Han Sen picked a tender piece and made a thin slice. Without time to cook, Han Sen decided to taste it raw.