Super Gene - Chapter 372: Ning Yue

Chapter 372: Ning Yue

Chapter 372: Ning Yue

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Huangfu Pingqing did not know what was wrong with Han Sen to make such a decision. Although that man just evolved one or two years ago and thus had a low count of geno points among evolvers, his fitness index should still be around forty, which was way beyond any unevolved person.

Attacks from an unevolved person were basically useless on that man. In addition, the man had practiced a hyper geno art called Iron Jacket, which could change the structure of one's body cells. The user would have incredible defense and could not even be hurt by a weapon. Han Sen would stand no chance facing this guy.

However, Han Sen insisted that he go. In Huangfu Pingqing's eyes, Han Sen was crazy.

"Why? Give me a reason," said Huangfu Pingqing, a bit annoyed.

"Because I can defeat him," Han Sen said calmly.

This man was strong, and even as strong as the turtle. However, one thing the guy was lacking was his speed.

More importantly, Han Sen was not the same person he used to be. He had gained enough strength and even a super beast soul dagger from the cursed wolf. After seeing the videos of the man, Han Sen was certain that he could defeat this person.

In fact, Han Sen with his new dagger was the man's worst enemy. The man had strong fitness but low speed, which made him Han Sen's favorite target.

In addition, the fitness level of the man was not too strong for Han Sen to conquer. If Han Sen would have this man as his opponent, he could totally enter the battle.

Huangfu Pingqing stared at Han Sen incredulously, unable to believe what she had heard. "You think you could beat him?"

"Yes," Han Sen answered decisively.

"You sure you are not sick or drunk?" Huangfu Pingqing almost wanted to crack Han Sen's head open to see what he was thinking.

In her eyes, an unevolved person claiming he was able to beat the man was as laughable as an ant claiming it could lift an elephant.

"I am neither sick nor drunk. I am perfectly sober," Han Sen said seriously. "Sister, if you could make sure that my opponent would be this person, I am 100% sure that I will win. But are you sure that I would face him?"

Huangfu Pingqing stared at Han Sen and became silent. She could not take Han Sen's words for it.

However, Han Sen did not seem to be joking. Huangfu Pingqing had to reconsider.

"You're not joking?" Huangfu Pingqing wanted to make sure, looking Han Sen in the eyes.

"Absolutely not. No one would joke about his own life," said Han Sen seriously.

Huangfu Pingqing said, "I don't know why you have suddenly become crazy. Do you know you could lose your life right there? Once you go, there is no turning back. If you lose, death will be the only option."

"If I win, can I come back alive?" asked Han Sen.

Huangfu Pingqing sighed and said, "The person in charge of the VIP section is named Ning Yue. Maybe you have not heard his name, but he should know his brother, who is my cousin Son of Heaven."

"Brother of Son of Heaven?" Han Sen hesitated.

"In fact, Ning Yue is Son of Heaven's twin brother, and Ning Yue was not his original name. When they were born, Ning Yue weighed 8 pounds and was very healthy. However, Son of Heaven was a weak baby, less than 5 pounds and dying. Their grandfather was a believer of fate, so he hired a fortuneteller, who told him that Ning Yue's fate had obstructed his brother's. Then the fortuneteller changed the name of the healthy baby to Yue, which is a name said to be helpful to his brother's development."

"Except for their grandfather, no one in the family believed that just by changing the other child's name, Son of Heaven would get better. However, to the joy of the family, after his brother was named Yue, Son of Heaven gradually became healthy. Since then, Ning Yue's health became worse and worse. He had not recovered until now."

"After their grandfather died, their mother hired another fortuneteller to cure Ning Yue. However, that fortuneteller only shook his head and said one sentence before he left." Huangfu Pingqing paused.

"What sentence?" Han Sen became curious.

"Yue meant moon, which is not a suitable name for a man. Since Ning Yue has a strong fate, the name was even more harmful to him. However," Huangfu Pingqing smiled wryly and said, "the fortuneteller looked at Son of Heaven and stopped. Everyone understood what he meant. If Ning Yue changed his name back, Son of Heaven might be in danger again."

"So, Ning Yue is still named Ning Yue?" Han Sen asked.

Huangfu Pingqing shook her head and said, "Their mother has considered changing Ning Yue's name, but Ning Yue said himself that the name was given by his grandfather. Since his grandfather had pa.s.sed away, he has to respect his grandfather's wish. In addition, the name was helpful to his brother. If he were to change the name, his brother will be harmed, which will make him a bad brother. He would rather suffer than be a bad grandson and brother. When he said that, Ning Yue was only eight years old."

"What a great person!" Han Sen pondered and said.

"Ning Yue is someone who always plays by the rules. If you win, he will never let you die on his watch. However, can you really win?" Huangfu Pingqing changed the subject back. She could not believe that Han Sen would win that evolver.

"Based on what you know about me, do you think I would do something that I am not sure of?" Han Sen asked calmly.

Huangfu Pingqing paused. Based on her knowledge, Han Sen was not a risk-taker, and even less an idiot or mad man. However, it was so hard for her to believe that Han Sen could beat that evolver. After all, there was a huge gap between the unevolved and evolvers.

"Sister, please arrange for that evolver to be my opponent," said Han Sen.

"Okay," Huangfu Pingqing agreed. She sighed and said, "I hope that Ning Yue is not there. To be honest, although Ning Yue is a gentle person, I always feel uneasy around him. I would rather be around Son of Heaven who has a terrible temper."