Super Gene - Chapter 350: Evolvers in First God’s Sanctuary

Chapter 350: Evolvers in First God’s Sanctuary

Chapter 350: Evolvers in First G.o.d’s Sanctuary

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Han Sen continued to ask, but the blacksmith did not answer any of his questions and hung up.

There was nothing Han Sen could do. If the weapon could not be made into a sword, it did not make sense for him to purchase it.

At the agreed time, Han Sen went to meet Rainbowman and gasped, "It's you?"

Rainbowman had the same reaction and stared his eyes wide. Rainbowman turned out to be Su Xiaoqiao.

"Dammit. You're Rainbowman?" Han Sen looked Su Xiaoqiao up and down, wondering if he was disseminating fake news for money.

Su Xiaoqiao and chuckled and said, "I just wanted to make some money and didn't expect to meet you."

"So you were lying about the phoenix-like creature?" Han Sen asked in disappointment.

"Of course not. When have I ever lied… All right. Maybe I have. But I can swear on my d.i.c.k this time that I have seen that creature," Su Xiaoqiao said excitedly.

"Really?" Han Sen looked at Su Xiaoqiao incredulously.

"The realest!" Su Xiaoqiao felt upset being doubted.

"Okay. How much is it? Take me with you," said Han Sen.

"How can I ever ask you for money. Just follow me there. But I have already collected money from other people, so we will need to take them as well," set Su Xiaoqiao.

"It's okay. I will pay you." Han Sen did not want to take advantage of Su Xiaoqiao.

Su Xiaoqiao grabbed Han Sen's hand and said with a grin, "In fact, I am scared to bring those people there. If you could follow me, that would be best. I don't want money, but your protection."

"You're hiding something." Han Sen regarded Su Xiaoqiao.

"Ahem, I did not lie, alright? I have seen that phoenix-like creature with my own eyes and I know where the burnt tree is however, the creature had flown away. Although I have told everyone that already, I am scared that some people might find trouble with me if they do not see the creature," Su Xiaoqiao cleared his throat and said.

"Where did the creature go?" Han Sen saw Su Xiaoqiao's look and knew it was unlikely for him to see the creature this time.

"It flew into Devil Desert, and I did not dare to chase after it, so I have no idea," Su Xiaoqiao said honestly.

Han Sen decided to have a look. Devil Desert was not too dangerous for him. Maybe there was still a chance.

Su Xiaoqiao was overjoyed that Han Sen agreed to come along. All Su Xiaoqiao was trying to do was to earn some money. With Han Sen with him, he would not need to worry those who paid him would harm him.

Su Xiaoqiao had met the rest of those people, and Han Sen was the last. Initially Su Xiaoqiao planned to collect the fees and take them all to see the burnt tree, so he and Han Sen went to the agreed place. After everybody had arrived, Han Sen couldn't help frowning. Most of the people that Su Xiaoqiao had appointment with were not from Steel Armor Shelter.

The few from Steel Armor Shelter all knew Han Sen and said hi. Other guys did not say hi to Han Sen and obviously did not know him.

In addition, anyone could tell that the other guys were there together, and their leader was someone in golden armor.

After checking out those people out, Su Xiaoqiao also felt lucky that he had run into Han Sen. These people might very well be dangerous guys.

Since everyone had arrived, Su Xiaoqiao took them into Devil Desert.

"Han Sen, I heard that your archery skills are excellent. Could you show us?" When they were having arrest, the guys from Steel Armor Shelter asked Han Sen to perform archery skills.

Han Sen did not say anything, but Su Xiaoqiao grinned and said, "I'm not bragging for Sen. In terms of archery, in First G.o.d's Sanctuary, no one is Sen's match…"

"That is a daring claim," said the guy in golden armor coldly. His followers were all showing contempt as well.

Su Xiaoqiao tried to argue, but was stopped by Han Sen. Han Sen said quietly to the guy in golden armor, "We are all just chatting. Don't take it too seriously."

The guy in golden armor did not want to let go of it and said arrogantly, "I only know two people in Steel Armor Shelter. One is Dollar who beat Yi Dongmu with one strike, and the other is the former head of Steel Armor Gang, Qin Xuan. Everyone else in the shelter is a n.o.body."

Han Sen smiled indifferently and did not pay him mind. Although the guy in golden armor thought highly of himself, in Han Sen's eyes, the guy was not even worth his anger.

The guy looked like he had great fitness, but judging from his behaviors, he was not someone serious about practicing martial arts. Therefore, a strong physique meant nothing.

Seeing that Han Sen was not bothered, the guy in golden armor frowned and sneered, "If you don't agree with me, show me your best martial arts skills and I can give you some instructions for free. I promise that you will thank me later."

"You're the one who's bragging. Instruct Han Sen? Do you even know who he is?" Su Xiaoqiao said madly, despite that Han Sen did not want to talk to the guy.

The guy heard Su Xiaoqiao's comment and laughed. And one of his follower, a hunk laughed and said, "We don't know who Han Sen is, but Mr. Yu is the strongest person in First G.o.d's Sanctuary."

"Quite a talker. Unfortunately, none of us is blind. Last year we had heard no Mr. Yu among the Chosen," said Su Xiaoqiao with his lips curled.

The hunk sneered, "Mr. Yu is an evolver with all his geno points maxed out. Now do you still disagree with me?"

Those who were from Steel Armor Shelter looked to the guy in golden armor, shocked. They did not expect him to be an evolver with all his geno points maxed out. Normally speaking, one could choose to stay in First G.o.d's Sanctuary for a while after becoming an evolver. When one teleported out of G.o.d's Sanctuary and entered again, one would then be sent to Second G.o.d's Sanctuary.

However, as long as one did not leave the shelter, one could stay in First G.o.d's Sanctuary as an evolver. Not many people would do that, because nothing in First G.o.d's Sanctuary was not meaningful to an evolver.

In addition, if one chose to stay in First G.o.d's Sanctuary longer than a certain period of time after evolving, one's body would be punished by the rules of G.o.d's Sanctuary and suffer a great deal. Most evolvers would choose to go to Second G.o.d's Sanctuary directly.