Super Gene - Chapter 322: Cheaters

Chapter 322: Cheaters

Chapter 322: Cheaters

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After the two left the dorm and entered the training hall, s.h.i.+ Zhikang asked about Han Sen's ID and picked a holographic device. Han Sen also picked a device and logged in.

Han Sen immediately saw a friend invite from s.h.i.+ Zhikang, whose ID name was "King Spear," which was an okay name, but Han Sen felt a bit promiscuous since it was used by s.h.i.+.

s.h.i.+ Zhikang invited Han Sen into his game room. Next to s.h.i.+ stood a pet.i.te, fine girl, along with many students from the Martial Arts Department.

The students were excited when they saw Han Sen, clearly interested in talking to him.

The way Han Sen beat Jing Jiya a while back was so impressive that all the Blackhawk students were deeply in awe of Han Sen.

s.h.i.+ Zhikang felt a bit upset. Initially he wanted to brag about his close relations.h.i.+p with Han Sen, while his girlfriend and friends simply ignored him after seeing Han Sen.

After chatting with the students briefly, Han Sen threw a glance at the two were in a combat and asked, "Are they also Blackhawk students?"

"Huang Jianqiu is in my department, but I don't know the other person," said Yu Qinqin, s.h.i.+ Zhikang's girlfriend.

"Han Sen, do you think Huang Jianqiu could win?" asked a girl, worried.

Han Sen pondered and said, "It seems that Huang Jianqiu's level is lower than her opponent. it would be it be hard for her to win."

"Nice, at least someone knows his stuff," said a frivolous voice. The Blackhawk students turned to look at the speaker, who was a tall and slim young man with a contemptuous look on his face.

He seemed too old to be a military school student, so he should be the friend of Huang Jianqiu's opponent.

Han Sen looked at the person, did not bother to speak, and continued to watch the combat.

The result was as Han Sen had predicted. Huang Jianqiu lost the combat and returned to the stands with a wry smile, "I'm sorry."

"Wins and losses go hand-in-hand. You can win next time," Huang Jianqiu's friends tried to comfort her.

Huang Jianqiu's opponent ridiculed, "It seems that the military school students are not that much different from ordinary people like us. We thought you were stronger than this, given you come from a famous inst.i.tution…"

These words made the students bristle. The feverish ones even sent him invites to fight.

"Great, I happen to have a minute to teach you a lesson, and show you that the so-called elites are nothing," said Huang Jianqiu's opponent arrogantly and accepted an invite.

The Blackhawk students were cheering their schoolmate up, while the tall, slim young man sneered, "A bad fighter is a bad fighter, no matter how loud you cheer. He will lose anyway."

"It is still hard to say who the loser will be," Yu Qinqin bristled.

"Ha ha, I said you will lose, so you will, no matter which one of you come up." The young man laughed brutally.

Although the Blackhawk students wanted to talk back, their friend was already at a disadvantage, hence they did not have any grounds for the retort.

Very soon, the students lost the fight and returned to the stands with his head down.

The tall and slim young men squinted at Yu Qinqin and said, "Little girl, am I right? I said you will lose, so you will. You think you're somebody after being admitted by a military school, but in fact, you're just a bunch of stupid kids."

"This is it. No one is my match here. I should just stop playing." The man who won the fight looked bored.

Looking at their hateful faces, the Blackhawk students wanted to challenge them again.

"Let me do it," Han Sen suddenly stopped their challenge and said calmly. He then sent an invite to the winner of the last round.

Han Sen did not let his schoolmates continue to challenge these two, because he saw clearly that the students could not win.

It was not to say that the Blackhawk students were not good, but the two young men were cheating.

In Gladiator, one could choose to enter the unevolved section and evolver section regardless of one's status. Normally speaking, evolvers were not interested in entering the unevolved section. However, there were some exceptions, such as these two young men.

They were nothing among the evolvers and would lose to basically anybody. However, they pretended to be the unevolved and tried to gain confidence from their unfair victories against the unevolved. Most evolvers would not deign to stoop so low, but these two were smug about it, as if they had become true masters.

Although they were on the bottom in the evolver section, they probably had maxed out their mutant geno points before they evolved. Thus, for an unevolved person, they were almost invincible.

No matter how good the students were, they could not beat an evolver at this stage, which was why Han Sen stopped them. Otherwise, the two would be even more elated.

Initially, Han Sen would not bother to deal with this kind of weak evolvers. However, he would not stand and watch his schoolmates bullied like this. The young man clicked yes and entered the game with Han Sen.

"Carry on… Genius, carry on…" All the students were cheering for Han Sen.

"Genius my a.s.s. Every one of you is rubbish in front of us," the tall, slim guy said pretentiously.

He did not believe that any of these unevolved military school students could beat them. They were, after all, the evolvers. The least they could do was to bully a few military school students. And he thought even less of the genius they mentioned. It would be great to make an example out of this genius.

As the countdown ended, Han Sen and his opponent entered the arena. The guy pretended to be a master and curled his finger at Han Sen. "Come on! Use all you got. Don't say I never gave you a chance."