Super Gene - Chapter 320: Turtle

Chapter 320: Turtle

Chapter 320: Turtle

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In Copper Mountains, Han Sen was chasing the turtle. Feeding on the roots or fruits of certain plants, the turtle continued its way in Copper Mountains.

Sometimes, where there were no plants at all, the turtle still managed to dig out some mushroom-like stuff to eat.

Han Sen became more and more shocked. Most creatures did not need to eat, while those that did eat were always extraordinary.

Among all the creatures that Han Sen had seen, the most extraordinary one must be golden growler. And the second would be the turtle.

In a way, the turtle was even more odd. The golden growler would only feed on creatures of other species. However, the turtle would find plants to eat in the mountains, and it was obviously selective about what to eat.

Following the turtle into a valley, Han Sen decided it was time to test whether the turtle was a super creature.

There was only one way into the valley. Han Sen took back the tornado wolf and put on the black beetle armor. He then drew the diamond sword and summoned devil sword to strengthen it.

Han Sen also summoned the flame lieutenant, which floated next to Han Sen and added a red tint to all Han Sen's beast souls.

Shapes.h.i.+fting into the b.l.o.o.d.y slayer, Han Sen used heresy mantra and turned his heart into a strong engine, pumping blood fast and fierce.

This was the best Han Sen could do at this point. Facing a turtle that was possibly a super creature, Han Sen did not dare to slack a little bit.

Even a newborn golden growler could fight him, let alone an adult super creature.

Holding his sword with both hands, Han Sen rushed to the turtle. The turtle was vigilant and had noticed Han Sen a long time ago. It suddenly turned to him, with its emerald like eyes fixed on him.

"Roar!" Han Sen made a slash with the diamond sword in an incredible speed. This was the best Han Sen could do so far. Even if Qin Xuan was here, she would not be able to parry this strike.

However, halfway through Han Sen's attack, the turtle had suddenly stretched out its neck like a dragon left its lair. Instantaneously, the mouth of the turtle bit at the diamond sword.

Han Sen lost his color and tried to draw the diamond sword back. However, he could not move the sword either way.

The mouth of the turtle was like a wrench, holding the diamond sword in place. The next second, Han Sen heard a crack.

The diamond sword that could match any sacred-blood beast soul weapon, with the enhancement from both the devil sword and flame lieutenant, was crushed under the turtle's bite.

To Han Sen's shock, the turtle started to chew on the broken sword and swallowed it.

"Super creature… It is definitely a super creature…" Han Sen was dumbstruck and quickly turned to run. This creature f*#king treated a sacred-blood gear like candy. How could Han Sen ever beat that?

The turtle suddenly moved its four legs as if it was stepping on wheels, rus.h.i.+ng toward Han Sen fiercely. Its speed was even faster than tornado wolf.

"Dammit! Who said the turtle was slow?" Seeing the turtle was almost behind him, Han Sen believed if the turtle was going to make another bite, Han Sen could not dodge even with Sparticle.

Han Sen threw the remaining diamond sword at the turtle, spread his wings, and quickly flew to the sky.

The turtle quickly caught the incoming broken sword with its mouth, chewed on it, and then swallowed the pieces.

Regarding Han Sen who had flown away for a few minutes, the turtle then slowly turned back to the valley to look for food.

Flying in the sky, Han Sen was relieved to see the turtle leaving. Then he discovered that he was covered in cold sweat.

Fortunately, the turtle bit the diamond sword instead of his body the first time, otherwise he would be broken in half even with his sacred-blood armor.

"It is definitely a super creature." Han Sen watched the turtle in the sky with complex feelings.

It was fine that he had lost the diamond sword. However, Han Sen saw no hope after witnessing the turtle's strength and speed.

A super creature like the turtle was much stronger than the baby golden growler.

People from Glory Shelter said the turtle was not very fast. Han Sen believed it was because the turtle did not even bother to chase those people down.

"It seems that my strength is not enough to kill a super creature presently. Even if I used sneak attacks, without enough force to penetrate its body, it would still be useless." There was fire burning in Han Sen's eyes.

Although he was not able to kill the turtle, he confirmed that it was a super creature and learned how strong it was.

Since Han Sen had already recognized its strength, what was left to do was to figure out how to kill it.

Han Sen now knew that unless he had super beast soul armor, any defense was useless in front of the turtle. Two conditions must be satisfied if he wanted to kill the turtle: first, he must be able to use a footwork that allowed him to dodge the formidable bite; second, he must have enough strength to drive a weapon through its body.

Since Han Sen did not have a super beast soul weapon, Han Sen must focus on enhancing his own force. Otherwise, it would be impossible for him to pierce the turtle's body, even the weakest part, the neck.

As for footwork, although Sparticle was quite fast, it was much slower than the turtle's bite.