Super Gene - Chapter 297: Thirteen Slashes

Chapter 297: Thirteen Slashes

Chapter 297: Thirteen Slashes

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After the countdown, Han Sen and "Slaying All with Double Blades" entered the game. "Slaying All with Double Blades" licked his lips and stared at Han Sen. He thought, "If I cannot even beat this rookie, then I have wasted all these years I spent on practicing my shams.h.i.+rs."

"Slaying All with Double Blades" was holding one shams.h.i.+r in each hand with one facing forward and the other facing backward. This unique gesture made his techniques stand out.

Without saying anything, "Slaying All with Double Blades" rushed toward Han Sen as fierce as thunder.

Han Sen regarded him curiously. It was the first time Han Sen had seen someone holding weapons this way.

Han Sen did not understand such techniques and was still holding his shams.h.i.+rs the ordinary way, but he had also learned a lot about using double blades from the skeleton, which would be as strong as any S-Cla.s.s blades skills.

However, Han Sen did not just fight for victory. He intended to learn from different styles so as to improve his understanding of Panorama.

Therefore, Han Sen would never try to end the game quickly and would always observe as much as possible.

This time, his opponent had a skill that was both swift and fierce. The double blades kept coming in both directions, making it impossible to defend himself.

Han Sen became exhilarated. His opponent was not too much stronger than him in fitness index. Han Sen estimated the number should be around 25, higher than his, but not much higher. However, his opponent had an incredible weapon skill, which made the person the ideal opponent of Han Sen’s.

If his opponent was too strong in physique and had a fitness index around 30 or 40, Han Sen would lose too fast and would not be able to learn too much from him.

Someone like "Slaying All with Double Blades" was perfect--a bit stronger than Han Sen in physique, but incredibly good at techniques.

Han Sen became focused and fought him with what he learned from the skeleton. Although his opponent was at an advantage, he was never able to cause any fatal damage.

"Slaying All with Double Blades" became more and more astonished. "A Soldier on Wars.h.i.+p" was clearly inferior to himself in fitness index, but he had never seen such weird skills.

Every blow from Han Sen and every step he took would cost his opponent lots of trouble. "Slaying All with Double Blades" felt that everything was disordered, which confused him as when to attack.

"Slaying All with Double Blades" knew that he was stronger than his opponent and had better skills, but there was nothing he could do to win. Although he was at an advantage, he did not feel good.

"What kind of skill is this?" He no longer thought Han Sen only picked the shams.h.i.+rs to mock him, but believed Han Sen was himself a double blades master.

However, that was only the beginning. Although Han Sen was lacking in physique compared to his opponent, his incredible double blades skills made up for his speed and strength, making it impossible for "Slaying All with Double Blades" to beat him.

"I can’t continue like this, otherwise I will really lose. I can’t imagine how strong people are in Gladiator. Even someone with only four wins and more than a thousand losses had such awe-inspiring skills. I have to show all I have now." Feeling shocked, Han Sen’s opponents did not dare to reserve anything and turned the tips of both his shams.h.i.+rs backward.

"Thirteen Slashes" were one of the hardest techniques to learn. Very few people could actually use Thirteen Slashes, which was one of the secret skills in Ares Martial Hall.

The reason that "Slaying All with Double Blades" could learn Thirteen Slashes was that his father worked as one of the administrator of Ares Martial Hall.

As he used Thirteen Slashes, Han Sen was suddenly under a huge crisis. The two shams.h.i.+rs kept getting faster and weirder.

After fending off seven blows, Han Sen could not block the eighth slash. He stepped forward and dodged the slash, but the ninth attack cut his skin open.

They were both in a simulated system, so there was no blood. The system notified that Han Sen’s health went down by 27%. If the health went down to zero, then the player would be kicked out of the game and deemed the loser.

Unless the player was beheaded or driven through the heart by weapon, the game would end when one’s health was drained.

If it were in real life, Han Sen would have been killed by now.

Han Sen’s eyes lit up and used Sparticle to avoid the next attack from his opponent.

The shams.h.i.+rs were like devil’s fangs, dancing away in his opponents’ hands, leaving one injury after another on Han Sen’s body.

However, his opponent did not even feel good about it. Although he had injured Han Sen, he still felt incredibly constrained. Each time he thought he was going to finish Han Sen off, he merely left a small cut on Han Sen.

Very soon, he finished Thirteen Slashes. Although he left many marks on Han Sen, Han Sen’s health still only went down by 70%, so it would still be a while until Han Sen was kicked out.

"Dammit! If this is the real world, he would have bled to death by now," cursed Han Sen’s opponent.

This was exactly why Han Sen chose to practice in Gladiator. He would not need any time to heal before going into the next fight, which was ideal for him to acc.u.mulate combat experience.

"Since I could not kill you with Thirteen Slashes, I will do it all over again,""Slaying All with Double Blades" decided. Han Sen only had 30% of his health left, so he would not be able to last another round.

Holding the Shams.h.i.+rs backward, "Slaying All with Double Blades" again used the secret skill, Thirteen Slashes.

Han Sen’s eyes were as calm as a deep pool, reflecting each and every move of his opponent.