Super Gene - Chapter 292: A Different Cloud Beast

Chapter 292: A Different Cloud Beast

Chapter 292: A Different Cloud Beast

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"This is incredible hunger." Riding on Meowth, Han Sen was about to starve. He had eaten more than 10 pounds of mutant meat. If he continued to eat, his stomach would probably explode.

However, in addition to the feeling of hunger, Han Sen also felt energetic. The two contrastive feelings filled his body, which made Han Sen understand why the previous volunteers would give up. It was definitely a cruel torture.

As Han Sen practiced more, both feelings got stronger. Han Sen had hunted a lot of mutant creatures on his way and ate their meat, but it did not help.

While feeling the incredible hunger, Han Sen also felt his strength was improving rapidly and even his heart was beating stronger.

On the map from Huangfu Pingqing, all the paths had been tested by different teams in Ares Martial Hall, so none of the paths was dangerous.

Even the riskier parts of the paths were marked clearly, and solutions or tips were always provided.

After Han Sen was on the road himself, he came to understand how precious the map was. Its value, like Huangfu Pingqing said, was well beyond five mutant beast souls. With this map, one could easily start to trade among these shelters, so the map was a highly valuable trade secret.

Han Sen did not know what was the reason for Huangfu Pingqing to give him this map. By taking this map, he did owe her one.

After half a year, Han Sen traveled past five shelters. He did not even want to think back on this period of time. It was not because of all the risks and dangers on the way, but mainly because the terrible feelings he had when practicing Heresy Mantra.

Han Sen was devastated in the first two months when he just started practicing. In the end, he still made it and finished the first phase. Both his heart and veins were strengthened significantly.

The main reason for his success was that whenever he felt the hunger was getting unbearable, he would practice Jadeskin. Then the coolness would flow in his body and ease his hunger.

The hunger suddenly disappeared after he finished the first phase. However, in three months, Han Sen’s weight dropped from 170 pounds to 110 pounds. Even his bones were sticking out.

Because none of the previous volunteers had gone this far, Han Sen was not sure if his experience was unique.

After finis.h.i.+ng the first phase, Han Sen started to practice the second phase of Heresy Mantra: seeing through the mirage. Then, Han Sen felt his body was like a withered plant receiving water. After eating lots of mutant meat, he started to gain his weight back.

The hunger was gone, so were the contrastive senses. In his practice, he felt more and more fulfilled. It seemed that his entire body was becoming stronger. And his current cardiac functions were much stronger than a normal person.

Half a month before returning to Steel Armor Shelter, Han Sen finished the second phase. At that moment, he suddenly discovered how powerful Heresy Mantra was.

He was almost certain that if he was able to complete all four phases of Heresy Mantra, he should have the ability to kill a super creature.

Maybe he did not even need to finish everything. When he completed the third phase longevity, he should be able to hurt a super creature, at least the baby golden growler.

However, when Han Sen started to practice the third phase, his progress became much slower.

He could still feel he was moving forward, but he could no longer complete the third phase in three months. Han Sen estimated that he would probably be able to finish the third phase in a year.

After returning to the Steel Armor Shelter, Han Sen had already maxed out on his mutant geno points. However, because he chose to follow the safe paths, Han Sen did not have the chance to hunt any sacred-blood creatures.

He did not feel bad about that, because based on what he could do now, it was no longer difficult for him to kill sacred-blood creatures.

After finis.h.i.+ng the second phase, Han Sen’s level was no longer limited to the unevolved. He was even stronger than Qin Xuan who had completed atomic fission. Most sacred-blood creatures would not stand a blow from Han Sen.

With the miraculous black crystal, Han Sen was not worried about his sacred geno points. All it mattered to him at this point was how to find and kill super creatures.

To maxed out on super geno points was Han Sen’s new goal. Sacred geno points no longer deserved his attention.

On his way, Han Sen traded different beast souls whenever he reached a shelter, which brought him a great fortune. If he were willing to spend more time, he would have made a lot more.

Even so, he had earned a profit of more than 600 million. In addition to that, he still had a lot of unsold beast souls in Steel Armor Shelter. Han Sen was sure that his cut was at least 600 million.

At this point, Han Sen did not have too much desire for money. If money could not be turned into beast souls or things he needed, then it was nothing but a number.

Although 600 million was not a huge number, which was not even enough to purchase a s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p, for Han Sen, it was enough money for him to support his family.

After returning to Steel Armor Shelter, Han Sen came back to his own room immediately. He had been feeding the cloud beast for over a year, and it was a huge waste of time.

When Han Sen went back to his room and saw the cloud beast, he could not believe what he saw.

The cloud beast was there and had evolved, but it seemed somehow different from the sacred-blood cloud beasts he used to eat.

This cloud beast almost turned transparent and was surrounded in an aura.

"Why does this one looks so different?" Staring at the cloud beast, Han Sen suddenly had a thought that gave him a chill.