Super Gene - Chapter 284: The Egg

Chapter 284: The Egg

Chapter 284: The Egg

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As time went by, it had become harder and harder for the group of people to resist the temptation of meat. In addition, for most of them, a mutant beast soul was not very hard to come by. They all had several mutant beast souls and a lot of them even had sacred-blood beast souls.

The less important mutant beast souls were gradually transferred to Han Sen for the primitive ghost-eyed bears that he killed.

Xu Ruyan had never visited Han Sen, but traded through Fu Shan. Han Sen knew about it but did not say anything.

Han Sen's plan was to first use the primitive ghost-eyed bears to strip them of their less important mutant beast souls. After Han Sen broke the egg, he would start to kill the mutant ghost-eyed bears to trade for their key mutant beast souls. This way, he could benefit much more than simply killing these people.

When Xu Ruyan paid a grand prize for entering the nest, she would discover the egg was already gone. Han Sen wondered what would be the look on her face at that time.

In these three months, Han Sen had learned more and more about the weird footwork and dagger skills of the skeleton and saw the light. If it were not for the fact that Han Sen was interested in learning more about the skeleton's tricks, he could have killed it half a month ago.

At this time, Han Sen had fully grasped all the tricks the skeleton had, it was time for him to kill the skeleton and break the egg.

In darkness, Han Sen once again sneaked into the nest and was greeted by the skeleton's attacks per usual.

Different from what happened in the past, Han Sen did not plan to retreat this time. He seized his three-blade harpoon and calmly stared at the incoming skeleton.

Han Sen now knew everything about the footwork and dagger skills of the skeleton. As the dagger almost reached him, Han Sen moved his feet slightly and stabbed his three-blade harpoon from an impossible angle at the skeleton.

Both Han Sen and the skeleton had an unpredictable style, but the difference was that Han Sen only had one weapon, while the skeleton had two. Even so, Han Sen was still at an advantage.

He knew everything about the white jade skeleton and felt like he could control the skeleton.

Suddenly, Han Sen had an epiphany. The seemingly disordered footwork and dagger skills were actually of a unique order. It was because Han Sen's understanding of order was too shallow that he felt it was out of order. After three months of learning, Han Sen finally understood the order of disorder, and gained a deeper understanding of rhythm and order.

With this epiphany, Han Sen had greatly improved his way of thinking. His opponent's footwork and dagger skills suddenly became boring in his eyes.

Without any hesitation, Han Sen made a fierce step. The moment he brushed against the skeleton, the skeleton's skull flew up into the air. Its pair of daggers failed to hurt Han Sen, and its weird footwork did not bring it away from the three-blade harpoon.

"Sacred-blood creature skeleton king killed. No beast soul gained. Meat inedible."

Han Sen was not disappointed that he gained neither beast soul nor meat, for what he had learned in the three months was much more valuable than a sacred-blood beast soul or meat. In addition, the sacred-blood skeleton king had a pair of gears.

Different from the golden axe and iron hammer, the pair of bone daggers could be sold at an incredible price. They were on the same level as the diamond sword, not to mention they came in a pair.

After appreciating his new weapons for a while, Han Sen put them away and kept going. In the entire nest, he did not run into another creature.

After reaching the end of the nest, Han Sen saw a translucent ellipsoid set in the black stone wall. Inside the ellipsoid, there seemed to be a flickering light.

The ellipsoid was taller than himself, and looked exactly the same as eggs portrayed on the Skynet. Han Sen regarded it and used the diamond sword to cut it open.


The ellipsoid was cut in half and liquid like glue flowed from it.

"Egg broken. Identifying beast soul…"

The voice was different from the one after a normal kill. Han Sen did not get the beast soul directly.

Han Sen had also read this part on the Skynet. After breaking the egg, the beast soul gained would be random.

Although it was possible to get anything between an ordinary beast soul to a sacred-blood one, based on other people's experience, most people got sacred-blood beast souls, except for a few poor devils.

"G.o.d bless. Don't make me one of the poor devils, tell me this is a sacred-blood beast soul," prayed Han Sen.

Although the chance was very slim, it was still possible for Han Sen to gain a less advanced beast soul. Before laying his eyes on the beast soul, Han Sen was quite nervous.

After praying, Han Sen paused as he suddenly thought of one thing.

If the beast soul gained from breaking an egg was random, would it also be possible for him to gain a super beast soul from it?

In the past, Han Sen did not know the existence of super creatures. But now since he had discovered a super creature, there must be a corresponding super beast soul.

Since it was random, Han Sen might as well get a super beast soul.

"G.o.d, forget about my prayer just now. Let's do it all over again. Give me a super beast soul. This might be the very first super beast soul gained in human history. You have to help me. And other deities as well, I will be so pious to all of you if you grant me a super beast soul…" Han Sen quickly took back his own request and prayed some more.

The liquid from the broken egg started to glow and gradually condensed into something like a holographic image.

Han Sen watched the beast soul formulating in front of him without a blink and kept praying, "Super beast soul… It has to be a super beast soul…"


The moment the beast soul was officially formed, it turned into a shadow and entered Han Sen's mind. At the same time, he heard the familiar voice.