Super Gene - Chapter 281: Disorder

Chapter 281: Disorder

Chapter 281: Disorder

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Han Sen summoned the three-blade harpoon in his left hand and blocked the dagger in his face.

In the next moment, while the skeleton had it back toward Han Sen, it quickly twisted his arm backward and stabbed at Han Sen again. The suddenness took Han Sen at a disadvantage. He did not have time to take back his sword, or swing the harpoon.


Han Sen use the Sparticle and made a crucial step, dodging the dagger by a hair.

The phantom ant armor was still scratched by the tip of the dagger and left with a shallow mark. Han Sen was shocked by how sharp the daggers were.

Instantaneously, the other dagger in the skeleton's hand came from another incredible angle.

Han Sen was also a master at short blades like these, but he had never seen someone could use these weapons in such a fascinating way.

The skeleton's movements were as if they were all wrong. He could never predict the skeleton's next move, which made him feel very uncomfortable.

It was like a musician hearing a song with all the wrong tempos.

In addition, the skeleton was incredibly fast. Its attacks were almost continuous, making Han Sen almost desperate.

This kind of close combat made the diamond sword a burden rather than a help. Han Sen did not even have time to put down the sword, because the skeleton's strikes were dazzling.

The skeleton' s footwork and dagger skills left Han Sen in a huge disadvantage. Suddenly, he was injured in the chest.

If it were not for the sacred-blood armor, Han Sen would have been dead by now.

With gooseb.u.mps all over his body, Han Sen summoned Meowth, which turned into a black tiger and threw itself at the skeleton. The white jade skeleton almost glided on the ground, moved away from the tiger and stabbed at Meowth with its dagger.

Meowth turned back and snapped at the skeleton, which quickly took back the daggers and moved away. With its back toward Meowth, the skeleton turned its arm around in an impossible angle and stabbed at Meowth's stomach.

Han Sen seized the opportunity and slashed the sword at the skeleton, his other hand grasping the harpoon to block the attack toward Meowth.

Fighting a man and a cat, the white jade skeleton still seemed effortless and constantly made threatening attacks at Han Sen and Meowth.

Very soon, Han Sen discovered that it was not a great idea to summoned Meowth, as the skeleton actually used its miraculous footwork to confine their movements.

"This creature is rogue!" Han Sen cursed secretly. When Meowth was attacking the skeleton, he quickly ran away. At this point, both he and Meowth were injured, while the skeleton remained unharmed. There was no point in continuing the fight. Han Sen decided to retreat and think of a different method.

Luckily, Meowth was distracting the skeleton so that Han Sen could run far enough before he took Meowth back.

The white jade skeleton would not leave Han Sen alone and quickly ran after him. Han Sen did not dare to hesitate anymore and dashed toward the path where he came from.

The skeleton would not give up. It was even faster than Han Sen. With Meowth's help, Han Sen retreated while fighting, eventually arriving at the broken wall. Han Sen quickly crawled through the opening, and the skeleton followed him.

"Drop dead!" Han Sen was happy to see the skeleton moving into the narrow path, where its footwork would no longer work that well. Han Sen quickly drew the beetle knight's spear and stabbed it at the skeleton.

In such a small s.p.a.ce, a longer weapon was a lot better than a shorter one. The skeleton's daggers could not even reach Han Sen and the skeleton had nowhere to hide. It had to cross the daggers in front of its chest to block the incoming spear.

However, Han Sen's spear carried a strong spinning force, and the skeleton failed to stop it.

Han Sen thought he must have been successful, but the skeleton quickly glided back like a phantom, faster than Han Sen when he used Sparticle.

The skeleton seemed to be quite intellectual. Knowing it would not be Han Sen's match in the narrow path, it no longer tried to follow him, but chose to stay and guard the wall.

Han Sen had to leave the nest. He had to think of a way to get rid of this white jade skeleton. Otherwise he would never be able to reach where the egg was.

"d.a.m.n! There just happens to be a powerful sacred-blood creature in this nest." Han Sen felt quite upset.

He quietly crept out of the nest and killed a primitive ghost-eyed bear for food.

Knowing that where the ghost-eyed bears lived was the entrance to the nest, Han Sen wanted to keep the sacred-blood ghost-eyed bear and the mutant ones alive as watchdogs to keep other people out.

Han Sen looked for a safe place in the mountains and collected some branches to make a fire. He then barbecued the primitive ghost-eyed bear, the paws of which were delicious.

However, Han Sen's thoughts were on how the white jade skeleton fought.

The skeleton had incredible techniques with the daggers, which mimicked skills, in a way that the opponent would not be able to predict any attack.

Han Sen could tell that these techniques were still somewhat different from It was purely technical, and did not leverage the opponent's psychology.

Using these techniques, the skeleton created a kind of disorder and made it impossible for someone to judge how it would react. In addition, the structure of the skeleton was also different from a normal person, allowing it to achieve all kinds of movements.

"If I want to kill it, I have to understand this tempo, otherwise I would never win." Han Sen carefully thought back every detail of the combats with the skeleton, trying to find some patterns from its movements.