Super Gene - Chapter 267: Golden Lion

Chapter 267: Golden Lion

Chapter 267: Golden Lion

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When the yacht stopped in front of a garden-like island, Ji Lingfeng came off the yacht on the back of his bodyguard-- he was so drunk that he couldn't even walk himself.

Ji Lingfeng went straight to bed when he reached the vila on the island. Han Sen and Ji Yanran had to have dinner without him.

"I remember that brother said there is a hot spring. Shall we go there?" After dinner, Han Sen gazed at his girlfriend.

Ji Yanran blushed as she knew what the guy was thinking. She had brought Han Sen here, thinking that because of her brother's presence, Han Sen would not dare to go too far. However, she did not expect Ji Lingfeng to get drunk so fast.

In the huge pool of hot spring, Ji Yanran and Han Sen were the only two person there. Within half an hour, Ji Yanran was pink all over in an alluring way.

Han Sen could no longer control himself. He held the girl in his arms and walked quickly toward the bedroom.

Her head buried in Han Sen's chest, Ji Yanran was limb as if she were drunk.

Han Sen placed the Ji Yanran onto the white sheet. Ji Yanran's eyes were sparkling and her cheeks rosy.

"My darling, here I come." Han Sen threw himself at her.

The trip of four days felt like a second to Han Sen. When he got back to Blackhawk, Han Sen entered G.o.d's Sanctuary and started to attend to the business of the special squad.

The cloud beast still needed more than a month to evolve into a sacred-blood creature. Han Sen planned to use the time to hunt a few mutant creatures.

The best place to hunt mutant creatures was Dark Swamp, but the mutant creatures there were too large. Devil Desert also had plenty of mutant creatures, but they often showed up in groups, which was troublesome.

After some thoughts, Han Sen decided to try his luck in the Jade Dragon Mountains.

Before he became the head of the special squad, Han Sen only new the names of some mountains nearby, but had no idea about the specifics. After he became the head, Han Sen read many useful insider materials, a lot of which were about the Jade Dragon Mountains.

Although the Jade Dragon Mountains were discovered a long time ago, no one really dared to go hunting there.

Even the three big gangs in the shelter did not dare to hunt creatures in the Jade Dragon Mountains.

The main reason was the abundance of advanced creatures in the Jade Dragon Mountains. Han Sen heard that the b.l.o.o.d.y slayer also came from there.

According to the materials he read in the accounts of those who had been there, several sacred-blood creatures would appear together on the edge of the Jade Dragon mountains.

Most people who had been there had died, and the few who had made it back did not dare to go there again.

It was beyond the question of ability. Where there were too many sacred-blood creatures, a large group would not even be useful.

The survivors had described a 300-foot long gigantic serpentine, a bird as large as a piece of dark cloud, and a giant beast like a hill, among others.

What impressed Han Sen the most was that the survivors did not see any ordinary or primitive creatures. The least advanced creatures there were mutant ones.

Although it was risky, Han Sen had a sacred-blood color s.h.i.+fter beast soul, which could help him sneak in and seek opportunities.

As for his scent, Han Sen uses one point of his special squad credits and purchased a bottle of vegetation water, which was a tried-and-true solution to cover up the scent of mankind.

After all the preparation, Han Sen left for the Jade Dragon mountains, carrying the diamond sword and the beetle knight's spear.

Even with Meowth's high speed, it still took Han Sen eight days to reach his destination, without doing any hunting on the way.

At the fringe of the Jade Dragon mountains, Han Sen became extra careful. He took Meowth away and sprayed the vegetation water all over himself. Wearing his sacred-blood armor, Han Sen walked toward the mountains.

Although he had wings, Han Sen did not dare to fly around. A sacred-blood flying beast soul was fast, but it fell short to a flying sacred-blood creature. It would be a suicidal move if Han Sen decided to fly.

Han Sen could not afford to use the color s.h.i.+fter beast soul right away, because he had a time limit to use a shapes.h.i.+fting beast soul. Han Sen would not choose to shapes.h.i.+ft unless it was an emergency.

The Jade Dragon Mountains were different from other places. Even in devil Desert, ordinary and primitive creatures could be spotted everywhere. However, since Han Sen entered these mountains, he had not seen a single creature.

The mountains were formed of black stones. There were hardly any plants on them. The landscape was desolate and bleak.

Traveling for a long while, he eventually saw a creature, which was as big as a mammo beast. Just listening to its hoof beat, Han Sen could feel the earth was shaking.

Although he did not know whether the creature was sacred-blood or mutant, Han Sen had lost his interest in it just by looking at its size.

As the creature ran around in the Jade Dragon Mountains, Han Sen followed it at a distance. With such a large creature in the front, all sorts of other creatures would be alarmed. This way, Han Sen could reduce his risks significantly.

After following the creature for a couple of hours, Han Sen did not run into any trouble. Indeed, the creatures in the Jade Dragon Mountains were advanced, but there were fewer creatures here than in other places.

Han Sen started to think whether or not he should continue to follow this creature. It was a safe way, but he did not run into any mutant creatures. He wondered whether it was because there were none, or because they were scared away by this giant.

As Han Sen was hesitating, he suddenly heard a scream. The huge creature running in front of him was suddenly bit in the neck and dragged away by a creature that looked like a golden lion.

The giant body of the huge creature was barely any larger than the head of the lion-like creature. The lion chewed a little and swallowed it down.

Han Sen was covered in cold sweats. The golden lion was as big as a mountain.