Super Gene - Chapter 260: Down Goes the Brain

Chapter 260: Down Goes the Brain

Chapter 260: Down Goes the Brain

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An attack on the enemy's back was the most effective attack. In history, countless famous generals died under attacks from the flanks. Without knowing their backs were exposed, the five players from the Alliance Central Military Academy were still climbing the central mountain.

All of a sudden, arrows were shot from their rear. Although there were five players on their team, the target of the arrows was one person.

Qin Cheng, the number two in the Alliance Central Military Academy and the second star of the team.

Maybe Qin Cheng was not as famous as Jing Jiwu, but his contribution to the team was no less than Jing Jiwu's. As a student warframe commander, Qin Cheng had not only great archery skills, but also excellent leaders.h.i.+p talent. With Qin Cheng on the team, Jing Jiwu could focus himself on getting rid of the opponents.

Without Qin Cheng, the Alliance Central Military Academy would still be strong, but no longer invincible.

From the very beginning, Situ Xiang's plan was to first get rid of Qin Cheng, who was the brains of the team, instead of Jing Jiwu. On one hand, Jing Jiwu's physique was so strong that a sneak attack like this might not work. On the other hand, getting rid of Qin Cheng meant more to Blackhawk strategically.

"Watch out!" Jing Jiwu noticed the attack before the arrows even arrived. It was too late for him to fend off the arrows, so all he could do was to use his voice.

Qin Cheng acted quickly. It was an archery game, so it was forbidden to use anything to touch the opponent's arrows. A player could either dodge or use his or her own arrow to fight back.

The arrows blocked every direction Qin Cheng could move. Their intention to kick Qin Cheng out was clear.

Qin Cheng grabbed his bow and shot three arrows in an instant, which shot down all the three arrows coming at his face.

"Qin Cheng, well done!" The coach of the Alliance Central Military Academy waved his fist in the excitement, feeling lucky to have Qin Cheng on his team.

Such skills and calm were next to n.o.body other than Jing Jiwu.

Qin Cheng's teammates were also overjoyed.

"Awesome. Well done, Qin Cheng."

"Ha-ha, Blackhawk spent so much effort to attack Qin Cheng and failed."

"Qin Cheng was indeed the king of warframe."

"We have more than Jing Jiwu. Qin Cheng is equally good."


As they were celebrating, Qin Cheng suddenly exclaimed as an arrow ended on his chest.

"Beep… Beep… Alliance Central Military Academy… Qin Cheng… Out… Archer… Blackhawk… Han Sen…"

Qin Cheng's clothes lit up and the voice of AI sounded in the field, shocking everyone including the coach of Alliance Central Military Academy.

Qin Cheng looked down at the arrow on his body blankly. He only had seen three arrows. Yet when he fended off those three, another arrow flew at him out of nowhere. He had no time to react again before being hit.

"Watch out for Han Sen! He's stronger than we thought," said Qin Cheng to Jing Jiwu. He already understood where that arrow came from.

The first three arrows were just a cover, while Han Sen's arrow was hiding behind one of them. He had to fend off all three arrows before the last one showed. However, at that point he had no time to deal with the last arrow.

It was easier said than done. He had never seen a single person who could do this in the entire archery tournament.

As Qin Cheng was taken out by a smart machine, the game continued with the Alliance Central Military Academy at a disadvantage.

The Blackhawk players were hiding in the woods, while their opponents were exposed on the slope with no cover. The players from the Alliance Central Military Academy were faced with two choices: either going up or down.

Without hesitation, Jing Jiwu ordered everyone to go down, which was faster than going up and did not require them to expose their backs.

It was not that easy to come down either.

Blackhawk had made a thorough preparation for this part. None of them chose a strong bow. Everyone picked 11.0 bows for the speed. It was a very weak bow for these student archers, but they could shoot continuously.

At the command of their captain Xu Tianhao, a storm of arrows landed on one of the Alliance Central Military Academy players. Without any cover, that player was out immediately.

"Ha! It was me…" s.h.i.+ Zhikang waved his recurve bow in excitement.

"Watch out!" Han Sen wanted to pull s.h.i.+ Zhikang, but it was too late. An arrow hit s.h.i.+ Zhikang immediately.

Although the arrows all had flat rubber heads, s.h.i.+ Zhikang still rolled over on the ground in pain.

"That bow must be a 16.0. Jing Jiwu is indeed a monster," said Xu Tianhao after hiding behind a tree.

Han Sen could also pull a 16.0 longbow, but could probably shoot no more than two arrows. There was no way he could make continuous shots like Jing Jiwu. The 16.0 bow looked like an 11.0 in Jing Jiwu's hands.

"Quick! Do not allow them to come down," exclaimed Lu Meng at everyone.

In another exchange of arrows, Jing Jiwu made a shot at Xu Tianhao, who was out immediately. Luckily, Han Sen got rid of another opponent as well.

The audience became thrilled. Since Jing Jiwu joined the school team, it was the first time that three players were out in the Alliance Central Military Academy.