Super Gene - Chapter 241: Two Sacred-Blood Creatures

Chapter 241: Two Sacred-Blood Creatures

Chapter 241: Two Sacred-Blood Creatures

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Han Sen used Bladestorm to slash the diamond sword at the creature.

The spear and the sword clashed. Han Sen was blown away with the sword in his hand by the magnificent strength of the creature.

Han Sen was among the top of all humans in First G.o.d's Sanctuary. However, he could not block a strike from the sacred-blood creature. After being thrown a couple of feet up in the air, he rolled in the water meadow for quite a while before he could stop himself.

Lu Weinan who was trying to launch a sneak attack at the unicorn horse was dazed. He knew very well about Han Sen's strength. And even Han Sen was blown away.

Lu Weinan quickly ran away when he saw that the sacred-blood creature had made a turn to face himself. While running, he shouted, "Brother, let's run. This is beyond our capability."

The sacred-blood creature quickly stabbed Lu Weinan, but Lu Weinan's footwork was incredible. He wiggled away like a fish and summoned his iron-feathered bird to carry himself into the sky.

The sacred-blood creature did not chase after Lu Weinan, but turned to Han Sen. The unicorn horse was so fast that it was immediately in front of Han Sen and the spear was about to reach the guy.


Han Sen suddenly summoned b.l.o.o.d.y slayer and quickly shapes.h.i.+fted.

The diamond sword again clashed with the spear with a loud noise and sparkles. Even using the shapes.h.i.+fting beast soul, Han Sen still had to step back before he could steady himself.

The two fierce monsters started a huge fight. Lu Weinan who was up in the sky was dumbstruck. He never thought the sacred-blood creature would be so strong.

Dollar was absolutely a celebrity in Steel Armor Shelter. Just a while back, he killed the sacred-blood creature on the mystery Island alone, beating Son of Heaven to it.

Such a strong man was not able to beat this creature at all, which was beyond Lu Weinan's imagination.

Han Sen was also shocked. This sacred-blood creature was not weaker than holy Angel at all. Its skills to use the weapon was also so incredible that Bladestorm seemed weaker.

Although Han Sen had seen the sly fox king and black-feathered beast king, as well as the powerful holy Angel, he still marveled at the spear skills of this sacred-blood creature. He believed that few in first G.o.d's Sanctuary could match the creature in spear skills.

"Brother, let's go now!" Lu Weinan cried to Han Sen in the sky.

Although Han Sen was no match to the creature, he did not want to retreat. It would not be that easy for the sacred-blood creature to kill him right away, so he wanted to test what is the weakness of the creature.

Very soon, Han Sen was attracted by the odd spear skills of the creature. Although it seemed that the creature would only stab and sweep with the spear, Han Sen discovered that both the stabbing and sweeping carried a strong spinning force.

When the creature was stabbing, the spinning force would turn the spear into a drill that could penetrate anything, even a suit of sacred-blood armor.

When the spear was used in the sweep, it would make the perfect s.h.i.+eld, in that anything touched the spear would be blown away.

"Magnificent spear skills." Han Sen was observing as he fought. However, he was still not able to tell how the sacred-blood creature was making it work.

As Han Sen was not able to continue fighting the creature, he summoned Meowth in its transformed state. Meowth threw itself at the creature, while the unicorn horse suddenly gave the pet a kick. Meowth did not antic.i.p.ate this at all and was suddenly sent into the air.

Fortunately, Meowth was very strong and the kick did not really hurt it seriously. With some blood on its mouth corner, it growled and ran toward unicorn horse.

Han Sen took Meowth back and flapped his wings to fly up, leaving the creature alone.

"OMG, that was so scary! How come there would be such a formidable sacred-blood creature in the Dark Swamp!" Said Lu Weinan, controlling the iron feathered bird to fly near Han Sen.

"I was right. It was not one sacred-blood creature, but two." Han Sen was still staring at the sacred-blood creatures from above.

"You mean the Mount was an independent sacred-blood creature?" Lu Weinan suddenly understood what he meant and cried, "then how can we ever win?"

Han Sen regarded the sacred-blood creature and remained silent. It was still possible. He had Meowth, which could be used to distract the unicorn horse.

However, Han Sen was not great at riding a mount, and could not fight on Meowth's back. Also, the spear skills of the sacred-blood creature were so strange that Han Sen had not thought of a solution.

He was only able to fight that long using Sparticle, which helped him dodge many key attacks from the creature.

If he were on Meowth's back, he would not be able to use Sparticle, which would make him vulnerable to the creature's attack.

In addition, he had to borrow the strength of b.l.o.o.d.y slayer, which made him unable to use a mount.

He thought about it, and decided that Meowth could only function as a distraction, and he had to be the one who did the fighting.

"You are not able to fly anyway, so there is nothing you could do to me. If I cannot beat you this time, I will come 10 more times. One day, I will definitely kill you," thought Han Sen to himself. He then found a place to rest with Lu Weinan until they were ready to fight the creature again.

When he had recovered, Han Sen went to the water meadow.

Before he reached the destination, Han Sen saw the sacred-blood creature emerging from a lake, which puzzled Han Sen.