Super Gene - Chapter 215: Trade

Chapter 215: Trade

Chapter 215: Trade

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Sitting on a rock, Han Sen saw Huangfu Pingqing approaching.

Wearing a half armor, skirt and Boots, Huangfu Pingqing's thighs were exposed. Her figure was so attractive that Han Sen swallowed nervously.

"Little Brother Han, have you waited for a long time?" Huangfu Pingqing walked closer to Han Sen, flipping her hair and in a flirty way.

"Miss Huangfu Pingqing, you could call me brother, but could you lose the word 'little'?" Han Sen asked, a little upset.

"If you will call me sister." Huangfu Pingqing said with a smile.

"After all, what do you need me for?" Han Sen changed the subject.

"I've told you, if you want to go to the Mystery Island, I could lend you my sacred-blood wings," replied Huangfu Pingqing, blinking.

"No strings attached?" he did not believe she was doing this out of kindness.

"That's hurtful. Just do me a favor and help me hunt the creature on the mystery island. how about that?"

"Me?" Han Sen looked at Huangfu Pingqing in Surprise.

"Yes, you can name your price. And even if you want me, I could be yours." Huangfu Pingqing said sensually.

"Ahem. With so many impressive guys in the steel armor shelter, why would you think of me?" Han Sen continued to ask, ignoring her reply.

"Although there are many great guys out there. I think you are the best archer I have ever seen."

"So who else will go, in addition to you and me?" Han Sen asked.

"I will not go. There are in total three flying beast souls in the Steel Armor Shelter. You will go on my behalf and collaborate with Son of Heaven and Thumb in order to hunt the creature. Other than its beast soul, you could ask for anything else."

"Sister, if you don't mind me asking, what is the relations.h.i.+p between you and Son of Heaven and Thumb? Can I trust them?" Han Sen asked.

"Rest a.s.sured. The mother of Son of Heaven is my mom's sister, which makes him my cousin. So, of course you can trust him. As for Thumb, we have paid him and we know who he is in the alliance. He will not dare to mess up," explained Huangfu Pingqing.

Now Han Sen came to understand the relations.h.i.+p between Ares martial Hall and Starry Group.

He did not really care about this sort of thing. Since Huangfu Pingqing and Son of Heaven did not know Holy Angel had been killed by him, and Huangfu Pingqing was seeking his help, it was potentially a great opportunity.

"What do you need me for though? I am not really good at combat."

"All the other two guys need is a strong archer. Although I am good at archery, but not as good as you. That's why I want to ask for your help. Let me know if you want something in return," Huangfu Pingqing said with a smile.

Han Sen pretended to think for a while and said, "I would like to buy a sacred-blood beast soul weapon. Do you still have any available?"

Han Sen could not forget about the sacred-blood three-blade harpoon. Although the diamond sword was great, it was too eye-catching. And since it was a sacred-blood gear rather than a beast soul, it was not that portable.

"Well..." Huangfu Pingqing pondered. She did have a sacred-blood weapon, which was exactly the three-blade harpoon that was at the auction. Son of Heaven was planted by her at the auction and the harpoon was actually unsold.

"To be honest, I still have that sacred-blood harpoon. I can sell it to you if you want it. But the lowest price would be 150 million, which is the best I can do," said Huangfu Pingqing seriously.

"150 million..." Han Sen thought about it. It was not cheap but not that expensive either for a sacred-blood beast soul. After all, Huangfu Pingqing owned a company, and a company must make profits.

If it was at an auction, it could easily be sold at a better price. In addition, sacred-blood beast souls were rare, and sometimes could not even be bought with money.

Han Sen thought, "I have 60 million in savings. Since SKTS is still a limited edition, the one I won at the warframe contest could probably be sold at around 70 or 80 million online. Right, I also have a mutant flying beast soul of black-feathered beast. With everything sold, I could come up with 150 million. Okay, let's do this. I really need a sacred-blood beast soul to hunt sacred-blood creatures. If I can gain another sacred-blood beast soul, then it will all be worth it."

Han Sen gritted his teeth and said to Huangfu Pingqing, "Alright, 150 million it is. I will buy the three-blade harpoon but I don't have so much money at the moment. If you could wait a couple of days, I will sell something so that I can come up with the money."

"Why would you sell elsewhere? Have you forgotten what I do? Tell me what you want to sell and I will offer you a good price for them." Huangfu Pingqing rolled her eyes.

Han Sen told Huangfu Pingqing what he wanted to sell, and Huangfu Pingqing appraised his belongings. Their agreement was that Han Sen would use the mutant flying beast soul, the SKTS, and 60 million dollars to buy the three-blade harpoon.

"Honestly, I respect you a lot," after they made the deal, Huangfu Pingqing said to Han Sen seriously.

"You flatter me," Han Sen paused and said.

Huangfu Pingqing shook her head and said, "I did some research on your background. And based on who you were before entering G.o.d's sanctuary and what happened to you after, it is impressive that you can become who you are today. Honestly, I have thought that if I were you I would probably still be struggling for life and could never have come up with 150 million to buy a sacred-blood beast soul."

As thick-skinned as Han Sen, he blushed hearing the compliment, "Luck, it was all luck..."

He was not lying either. If he did not happen to gain the black Crystal and the sacred blood black beetle Beast soul, he could never have become who he is today.

Seeing that he blushed, Huangfu Pingqing could not help holding his chin and kissed him on the cheek, "A man as capable and cute as you is just my type. If you become more powerful, I might really want to become your girlfriend."