Super Gene - Chapter 205: Yin Yang Blast

Chapter 205: Yin Yang Blast

Chapter 205: Yin Yang Blast

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Han Sen stared at Nalan who was a year or two senior to Han Sen himself and had good-looking features. Nalan was not particularly handsome, but still looks good.

Nalan’s eyes were like water in wells that could show reflections. Deep in his dark pupils, there were lights of wisdom.

Just by looking at him, Han Sen knew he was a very tough opponent.

Han Sen was good at, psychological game and prejudgment, which all must be based on his opponent’s having certain thoughts. Only then could Han Sen see through his opponent and determine what kind of reaction might be taken.

But Nalan Chengnuo had a pair of eyes that was so clean and there was nothing to be told from them.

No happiness or worry, no sadness or anger; Nalan seemed to have no desire or pursuit, so that his eyes would never betray him.

Everyone looked nervously at Han Sen and waited for him to make the deadly blow. Although Han Sen had eliminated four players, now he was against Nalan, and all those who were watching had their hearts in their throats.

On the Skynet, a middle-aged man was also watching the match between Han Sen and Nalan.

This middle-aged man was named Bai Yishan. He was a rare surpa.s.ser at his age.

Bai Yishan was famous among surpa.s.sers not only because he had many geno points, but also because he was among the few that could be called martial arts master.

Bai Yishan came from an aristocrat family. Since childhood he had been obsessed with martial arts. Dedicated to the research work of hyper geno arts, he was also a professor and the youngest maester at the Saint Hall. Many S-Cla.s.s super geno arts came from his research. Meanwhile, he also taught at the Alliance Central Military Academy and enjoyed a high prestige in the military and Alliance.

In his busy schedule, the reason for him to take time to watch such a game held on the Skynet was not his interest in the black and white boxing game itself. In the eyes of a surpa.s.ser, this kind of game was simply like children playing house. What intrigued him to watch was Nalan Chengnuo.

Recently, Bai had been doing research on a hyper geno art called "Yin Yang Blast," whose concepts were complex, but did share some similarities with black and white boxing. It was also about yin and yang forces.

The birth of each hyper geno art had to witness a lot of experiments. Otherwise it would not be allowed to be sold or promoted at Saint Hall.

If a hyper geno art involved a great risk, it would be cla.s.sified as banned, and could not be sold.

Yin Yang Blast that Bai Yishan was studying, was one of the hyper geno arts that was demanding on those who practiced it. Although the practice of the hyper geno art did not involve too much risk, it might generate risks in using.

But Yin Yang Blast had cost Bai Yishan nearly ten years of hard work. And if he hadn’t found an incomplete ancient copy of the "Magic of Yin and Yang," he would never have been able to invent Yin Yang Blast, which was very unique and powerful. Its only flaw was that it was too demanding on the users’ prejudgment abilities.

The two volunteers from the military who had practiced Yin Yang Blast all ran into issues when using it in combats. One had died and one became disabled. Yin Yang Blast was about to be cla.s.sified as banned.

But after all, this is what Bai Yishan had come up with and he did not want to see Yin Yang Blast buried. That was why he tried his best to get another chance of experiment.

In order to ensure the success of this experiment, Bai Yishan needed to pick a person that he thought could control Yin Yang Blast. After a lot of screening, Bai Yishan had his eyes on Nalan Chengnuo.

What Nalan was practicing was Acala Mantra, so his faith was immovable and he had a great perspective on yin and yang.

But Bai Yishan was only listing Nalan as a candidate and had not decided. This time he was trying to determine whether Nalan would be a good fit by watching the black and white boxing game, which despite its simple form, shows the fundamentals of yin and yang.

Before Nalan showed up, Han Sen’s performance had amazed Bai Yishan.

It was not how strong he was or how well he had mastered the yin and yang forces, but his ability of psychological gaming and prejudgement that made Bai Yishan regret not seeing the boy earlier.

"This kind of ability is so rare and perfect for Yin Yang Blast. If he was not just lucky, he should be the one." Bai Yishan knew how valuable Han Sen’s abilities were.

This required both talent and effort. And among the people he had met, Han Sen was the best in this aspect so far.

Bai Yishan listed Nalan as a candidate exactly because of his ability to see through his opponent’s thought, but now he could tell that Han Sen was even better at that.

"Let me see how well you could do." Bai Yishan watched the game, interested.

In the online black and white boxing compet.i.tion, after Han Sen observed Nalan, he threw a punch as fierce as an uncaged tiger.

In Nalan’s eyes as clear as water flashed a trace of surprise.

He grew up practicing Acala Mantra, and had a mind that was like a mirror. No fiber or dust could pa.s.s unnoticed.

Although he was still very young, he had a character that was suitable for practicing Acala Mantra and had become advanced in this hyper geno art.

Most people’s minds were affected by a lot of distractions, and he could see through them. With Han Sen’s blow, he could not see what his opponent was thinking, which naturally made him a little surprised.