Super Gene - Chapter 1497 - Shadow

Chapter 1497 - Shadow

Chapter 1497: Shadow


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

“Old Han, how are you doing lately?” At the docking station of Planet Gunat, Tang Zhenliu welcomed Han Sen and Ji Yanran. Then, he took them to visit the kindergarten.

“I’m doing fine, what with the steady acceleration of strength, money, and handsomeness. I have a son now, too. Nothing else special, really,” Han Sen said.

“If I wasn’t weaker than you, I’d kill you right now.” Tang Zhenliu gave a smile that showed his teeth.

“How have you been recently?” Han Sen asked Tang Zhenliu.

“Me and Old Lin are still struggling in the Third G.o.d’s Sanctuary. There’s still a while to go before I max out my super geno points there. At this rate, it might take me another ten years before I’m able to become a demi-G.o.d.”

Tang Zhenliu sighed. Then, he went on to say, “You’re the sort that walks too fast, and no one else is able to keep up. Old Lin is working hard, too, you know. To max out one’s super geno points and become a demi-G.o.d is not something achievable within a mere couple of years.”

“I was just lucky, then.” Han Sen opened his hands.

Han Sen was being honest, though. It was the succession of fortunate developments that allowed him to become so strong over such a short period of time. Tang Zhenliu and Lin Feng were talented, they just lacked the luck. It stunted their growth, by comparison.

“Anyway, you really hurt my feelings. Although this is my place, I’m still going to ask that you buy me dinner.” Tang Zhenliu sounded a little angry.

“The whole of Planet Gunat is yours! I can’t find a place to buy you something here.” Han Sen laughed.

“I don’t care. But each expense will be on you,” Tang Zhenliu said, then proceeded to take them to the kindergarten.

The entirety of Planet Gunat was focused around kindergarten schools. In different areas of the place, they even had creatures that were copies of those that could be found in the First G.o.d’s Sanctuary. For instance, there were black bugs that looked like those Han Sen fought in the First G.o.d’s Sanctuary. They looked exactly alike.

The shape, speed, strength, and attack pattern were the same as the real thing. They were robots with AI tailored to train the babies and provide them knowledge regarding creatures and such before they entered the sanctuaries.

“Technology is pretty great these days, isn’t it? We didn’t have things like this before. When I was in school, we only had instructional videos to watch. Now we can have actual fights, I see.” Han Sen complimented what he was seeing.

Tang Zhenliu smiled and said, “We had that technology before, but you went to a school that was for anyone. You didn’t have the specialized treatment we can provide. Here, now, things are more delicate. These creatures are ninety-nine percent real, and most of the creatures you used to see in the First G.o.d’s Sanctuary can be found here. They are quite expensive to make.”

“But my school was cheaper than your school,” Han Sen said. One simple year of education on Planet Gunat cost more than many people would earn throughout their entire lifetime.

“Haha! How else am I going to make money? But the Tang family school has the best education available, and it employs the greatest technology you can find in the Alliance. Many high-tier Alliance members and demi-G.o.ds send their kids to my school, I’ll have you know.” Tang Zhenliu paused and continued to say, “And that’s another important point to factor in. The people who come here to study are of the absolute finest tier of the Alliance. They are our future. This works as a smaller society that prepares them for a bigger society in the future.”

“Poor kids.” Han Sen gave a wry smile.

“There’s nothing we can do about that. There’s simply too much compet.i.tion. The Alliance is developing so fast, there aren’t many new solar systems left to be discovered. Now, we’re just competing with others for the resources currently available.” Tang Zhenli went on to say, “The conflict between the humans and shura is only getting worse. I am afraid there will be another war soon. If we are unable to establish a decidedly dominant species to rule the universe, these fights and skirmishes will never stop.”

“This is the best era and also the worst. I hope our kids can live a better life, and not have to suffer and slog through the many battles we have had to endure,” Ji Yanran said.

“If you can live in peace and comfort, who would ever want to fight? But as for our role in the universe and the sanctuaries, holding ground in both is difficult. We have to fight.” Tang Zhenliu paused a little before continuing to say, “And truthfully, even if humans do control everything, there’ll be in-fighting. No matter what generation they are, the need to fight will always arise. And our kindergarten is perfect for giving kids a headstart.”

“Old Tang, your sales pitch is not too shabby.” Han Sen mocked him.

Tang Zhenliu laughed and retorted, “I can’t help it. I need to earn money. I have two daughters and a horrid wife. I need a steady paycheck.”

“I remember your smallest daughter is around the same age as Littleflower. Will she be coming here, too?” Han Sen asked.

“You’re interested in my daughter already?” Tang Zhenliu laughed.

“We are brothers. Look at my Littleflower; you just know he’ll be so handsome in the future. If your daughter doesn’t work hard, she’ll have no chance with him,” Han Sen said.

“That is nonsense! Your Littleflower is the one that should be working harder. My daughter will be a pretty woman, and guys will be queuing around the block and around the galaxy for a chance of making her theirs. Your Littleflower needs to grab a ticket and get in line.”

As they spoke, they ended up walking around the entire school. Ji Yanran was satisfied with the equipment on display and the teachers that were employed.

“Is the of the kindergarten still Tang En?” Ji Yanran asked.

Tang Zhenliu answered, “My uncle was called back to command an army. The current is my grandma. Her name is Tang You.”

“Tang You?” Han Sen was shocked.

In the geno battleground, Elysian Moon told Han Sen to deliver a message to a person called Tang You. Now that Han Sen heard her name again, he remembered the request.

But with Elysian Moon’s subsequent behavior, Han Sen believed she had just been pretending. The possibility of her just making up a name was not something he’d put past her. It could have just been a coincidence, so he didn’t keep it in mind too much.

After visiting the kindergarten, Tang Zhenliu asked them to stay there for two days. After that, they returned to Planet Roca.

They had taken their aircraft to Gunat this time, as it had been a very long time since Ji Yanran went traveling. It was something of a vacation for them.

They had been traveling away from Gunat for half a day, with Ji Yanran driving. Suddenly, something huge appeared and immediately jumped out of slips.p.a.ce. The giant shadow covered their entire airs.h.i.+p.