Super Gene - Chapter 1486 - Real Blood Power

Chapter 1486 - Real Blood Power

Chapter 1486: Real Blood Power


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Nyoi-Bo Studio

“If it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t have had to do that.” Elysian Moon endured her painful and weakened state, speaking to the surface of the umbrella.

She wanted to take a look at Han Sen’s image, but she froze in shock when her eyes noticed its absence.

Elysian Moon was stunned. She rubbed her eyes to get a better look, but there really was nothing. The umbrella was plain, and there wasn’t even the image of a single bone atop it.

The audience looked at the surface of the Elysian Umbrella the same way, thinking it to be strange. They knew what it ought to have shown, and they were just as confused at not seeing the expected picture rest atop the umbrella.

Suddenly, something red appeared on the umbrella. It was like a flower that was blooming rapidly. The color red was spreading quickly, dying her entire weapon red. Even the handle of the umbrella was beginning to get consumed by that rampant color.

Elysian Moon didn’t know what to do as she watched the renegade coloring reach towards the hand with which she gripped the umbrella. She had no clue what this was, and she couldn’t stop its spread. She couldn’t risk contact with it, so she simply let go and dropped the Elysian Umbrella.

As the umbrella fell through the air, it continued to turn red. Before it hit the ground, the red color had consumed it completely.

Blergh! Some blood spilled from Elysian Moon’s mouth. Her eyes opened wide, unable to believe her airborne umbrella had turned red.

The umbrella had practically been destroyed. Her connection to it had been severed, and this breakage caused her to sustain an even greater amount of damage. The Elysium G.o.d power had already severely injured her, and now, with this, she found herself barely able to stand.

The red umbrella then began to spin by its own volition. A vortex appeared—one that was red—and from inside it, Han Sen jumped out. As he did, he turned and allowed the umbrella to fall neatly into his hand.

Everybody looked at the scene with mouths firmly agape. They looked at Han Sen, umbrella-in-hand, in absolute shock. They had no clue how he had avoided being consumed by the umbrella, and had actually ended up taking the entire weapon off her.

Han Sen looked at the umbrella and then pointed it down at her. The umbrella began to spin again, and its suction power pulled the original master into the spooky vortex.

“Nooo!” Elysian Moon blurted out, amidst her shock. Before she could finish, though, her entire body had disappeared into the vortex, alongside her voice.

Han Sen stopped its spin. Now an image appeared atop the umbrella, one of a green-clothed woman. It was her.

Everyone was in shock. No one expected things to turn around so quickly, and in a manner such as that. Elysian Moon had been winning, and all of a sudden, Han Sen took the umbrella off her and sucked her into it instead. It was such a grand table-flip, none knew what to think.

Han Sen had entered the Elysian Umbrella, but before he went inside, he attached his Real Blood geno core to the umbrella.

Han Sen had spent a lot of time researching the blood ability of the Real Blood geno core. If it touched an object, the object would be infused with Han Sen’s blood and fall under his control.

Real Blood geno core had many limitations, and it didn’t even do anything on its own. If it wasn’t attached to anything, as it just had been, it’d be completely useless. And its control was not permanent, either. If Han Sen took the Real Blood geno core away, his control over an item would vanish again.

Han Sen didn’t know much about its temporary control, and he was still in the midst of researching other abilities it might possess.

Han Sen merely wanted to try it, though, and see if the Real Blood geno core could control the Elysian Umbrella. There was quite a gulf in level between the two, so he didn’t even expect it to work.

Real Blood geno core had worked better than he imagined it would. When the geno core was on the umbrella, it swiftly melted into the weapon. He didn’t even have to activate his super king spirit mode.

Elysian Moon and the umbrella were taken over by Han Sen, and after that, nothing happened in the next battle. His next opponents all decided to give up when they faced him.

When Han Sen walked to the next arena, there was no opponent. But in the center, he found an altar.

The altar exuded a holy light like a delicate spring, beckoning Han Sen. The light came towards him, but it did not come for him directly. It went towards the missing geno core he had used to enter.

The geno core floated before Han Sen, caressed by that holy light. It started to change, taking on the appearance of a b.u.t.terfly just like the Firetail b.u.t.terfly King it originally was.

When the geno core was filled up by that light, it became alive. It became a b.u.t.terfly, and it fluttered towards Han Sen’s forehead, entering his Sea of Soul.

“Obtained G.o.d geno core b.u.t.terfly.”

Han Sen checked out the b.u.t.terfly geno core in his Sea of Soul, and he noted how it looked like a Firetail b.u.t.terfly King, despite it not actually being one. It wasn’t a fire element geno core. It was glazed with ruby, but it wasn’t attached to the element of fire.

G.o.d Geno Core: Super b.u.t.terfly

Han Sen saw the level of the b.u.t.terfly and immediately became super happy. It was a complete super geno core: his first ever.

G.o.d geno cores were practically self geno cores, but they weren’t. Still, their abilities were quite similar.

G.o.d geno cores were like self geno cores in that, if they were destroyed, they’d be rebuilt inside the owner’s Sea of Soul. The strength of a G.o.d geno core would be affected by the master’s strength, too; much like self geno cores.

But there was something else that was different about them. If a G.o.d geno core was destroyed, the owner wouldn’t be damaged, as would happen with a self geno cores.

The G.o.d geno core event was finished, and the main battleground was shut down. Everyone was forced to leave, made to return to the Geno Core Tablet they had entered from.

Elysian Moon had been dealt with, and Han Sen had obtained a G.o.d geno core. It was a surefire victory for him, but it made him think of something.

After he left the Geno Battleground, would he be returned to the Elysium Shelter’s geno core storage? And if so, how would he escape from that place?

If Elysium knew he was the one who had killed Elysian Moon, they’d undoubtedly want to fight him. And it was likely Gu Qingcheng would kill him.

“It’d be great if I could end up elsewhere.” Han Sen sighed. He knew it’d be impossible, and some way or another, he was going to have to face Elysium and Gu Qingcheng. If he didn’t get through it, he’d die.