Super Gene - Chapter 1471 - Healing

Chapter 1471 - Healing

Chapter 1471: Healing


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Han Sen was not surprised, as he never fully trusted Elysian Moon.

“Telling me that now is pointless. Let’s just figure out how we’re going to live through the next couple hours. Let me examine your wounds.” Han Sen checked out her pierced shoulder.

Her white skin had been gouged, and there was a lot of blood. It looked horrible, and as the blood continued to cascade, nothing seemed to close the wound.

Elysian Moon tried to use her powers to stop the bleeding, but it didn’t work. And exhausting her powers had only made her weaker.

Han Sen groaned. He simulated the powers of Holy Rhino and tried to imbue her injury with the healing properties and light. Unfortunately, that too was ineffective. Something was prohibiting her wound from being healed.

“It won’t work. If my Elysium powers don’t work, then yours most certainly won’t.” Elysian Moon shook her head. “I’m afraid I won’t be leaving this place alive. I hope you can help me with one last thing before I go.”

“What is it?” Han Sen asked, looking at her wound.

“The chances are slim, but if you do make it out and return to the human world, I’ll need you to deliver a message to someone.” Elysian Moon seemed hesitant to tell him this, but she did anyway.

“Who and what?” Han Sen looked at Elysian Moon.

Han Sen thought to himself, “It cannot be Han Jinzhi, can it? Did he trick the spirits, too?”

She opened her mouth but choked on her words. It seemed a struggle to tell him.

Han Sen didn’t rush her to spit it out, though. He continued to examine her wounds, and it seemed as if a strange power was stopping it from healing.

If she had Han Sen’s super king spirit mode, this wouldn’t happen. But she did not have powers such as that.

After a while, Elysian Moon mustered the courage to say it. She nibbled her lips and said, “I don’t know what her ident.i.ty in the Alliance is, but her name is Tang You. She is a beautiful woman.”

Han Sen was surprised. He didn’t expect she’d want a message delivered to a woman, and not Han Jinzhi.

“What’s your relations.h.i.+p with her? And what would you like me to say?” Han Sen asked.

“Our relations.h.i.+p is none of your business, but if you do see her… Tell her I never hated her.” Elysian Moon spoke softly and quietly.

“If I see her, I’ll tell her.” When Han Sen said that, he gathered his power and zapped lightning into her shoulder.

This time Han Sen was simulating the silver fox’s healing power to strike the wound on her shoulder.

“Argh!” She wasn’t prepared for this, and she screamed in pain.

“What are you doing?” Elysian Moon wished to whack Han Sen’s hand away, but the wound that was now wrapped in lightning was actually beginning to heal. The broken skin began to seal and scab.

“How is that possible?” Elysian Moon looked at Han Sen in literal shock.

Han Sen had learned Ghost Sword, and now he was showing her this. She was very surprised. His performances were continuing to surprise her more and more.

They both possessed an umbrella geno core. Han Sen’s silver one was able to block the attacks of a gemstone Geno Battle Soul, and had proven itself to be st.u.r.dier than her own gemstone geno core.

Now Han Sen could heal her wounds where her own powers failed.

Elysian Moon withstood the pain of the lightning and looked at Han Sen as if she had just met him.

With the lightning, her wounds were all healing. Unfortunately, she had bled a lot before she was able to recover, and it left her weak. And because the silver fox had just become a demi-G.o.d, the powers Han Sen was simulating were rather weak. The entire healing process was a little slow, as a result.

One hour later, Han Sen managed to heal her two most grievous injuries. Then, he moved on to aid her smaller wounds.

There was a wound on her belly, and her green clothes had been shredded around it. The white skin of her torso looked lovely, though.

Han Sen put his hand on the wound. Perhaps it was the lightning hurting her too much, but her entire body s.h.i.+vered and she blushed.

It took Han Sen more than two hours to heal her, but when he was done and dusted, she looked perfect. You couldn’t even tell she had been wounded.

Plenty of internal damage had been dealt, though, and she hadn’t fully recovered. Her lifeforce was weaker than before, but that was something she would have to focus on restoring herself.

Han Sen still had the red Ganoderma mushrooms, and if she ate one, she would recover much more quickly.

But Han Sen was not a good person, and adding to that, she had lied to him. Healing her with his powers was the best he was willing to do for her. He wasn’t going to waste one of his precious mushrooms on her.

That place was very dangerous, and the red Ganoderma mushrooms might come in handy for himself.

But it was good to have Elysian Moon at his side. She wasn’t the worst companion to have, and Han Sen did not mind helping her.

Right now, Han Sen had to consider the possible consequences if he ever returned without Elysian Moon. Gu Qingcheng might not take that kindly.

“Don’t move!” Han Sen hissed. Elysian Moon was trying to stand up, but Han Sen held her in place by her shoulders.

“What?” Elysian Moon was shocked. She was still weak, and if Han Sen wished to hurt her, she’d be unable to resist.

Han Sen shook his head and pointed at the river. Then, he held a finger up to his lips to gesture for silence.

Elysian Moon looked in the direction of the river and then noticed it. There was a shadow under the surface of the water, suggesting there was something in the river.

Elysian Moon realized she had gotten the wrong idea, and she promptly blushed.

Han Sen was scanning the river intently, though, and hadn’t seen her face.

The river was coated in a lot of leaves and flotsam, and the water itself was dirty. Under the red moon, it was almost like a blur. But the shadow was very clear to see. It was three to four meters long, shaped like a very big fish.

Han Sen ran his Dongxuan Aura, and he was able to sense something in the water that was much stronger than the minotaurs.

“Let’s walk away slowly,” Han Sen whispered into her ear, pulling her carefully back away from the river.

But after they took a single step, a big splash sounded from the river. Something came out with its gaping maw wide open, the smell of death wafting around it.