Super Gene - Chapter 1453 - Big Explosion

Chapter 1453 - Big Explosion

Chapter 1453: Big Explosion


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

The Crystal Egg was like a meteor. It soared to the Grenade Mushroom within a second.

Han Sen held onto Bao’er and jumped onto the meat, using the umbrella to protect them near the edge of the sh.e.l.l. He hoped the mushroom would not detonate right away, as it would obliterate him and the umbrella. The power of a super Grenade Mushroom was sure to be frightening.


The Crystal Egg hit the Grenade Mushroom, but it didn’t blow up. The mushroom instead bounced towards the red pearl.

Han Sen was super happy, and he was relieved to see the grenade had not yet detonated. The Crystal Egg had just worked to make it softer, and this was the exact result he desired.

When the Grenade Mushroom hit the red pearl, it didn’t blow up because it had softened. But the Crystal Egg bounced around the interior of the sh.e.l.l until it ended up hitting the Grenade Mushroom again.

When this. .h.i.t came, the rubber-like status it had inflicted on the grenade went away. And just after this happened, the mushroom hit the pearl.

Han Sen didn’t even look that way. He tried burrowing into the meat for protection, ensuring Bao’er’s safety first by tucking her in.


A strong shockwave annihilated all the red meat in the sh.e.l.l, generating a mushroom cloud of epic proportions.

Han Sen felt as if he was getting thrown away by that wave at first, and then, it felt as if he had been hit by a train. The umbrella s.h.i.+elded the duo from most of that fierce power, but it didn’t last too long. It broke, and Han Sen quickly began spewing blood.


Han Sen did not even know what he had hit, but his head had suffered a nasty blow. His bones felt shattered, and his ear-drums blew out to fill him with an incomprehensible noise.

Han Sen did not care about this much, though. He only wanted to protect Bao’er from as much of the damage as he could.

After a while, the clarity of his head improved. His vision was still a little blurry, his ears were still ringing, and his bones were hurting fiercely.

But Han Sen knew he hadn’t died. He could feel intense pain, and that informed him he was alive. It also told him he was in very bad shape.

“Dad… Dad… Are you okay…?” After a while, Han Sen heard the familiar voice trying to break through the buzzing sounds inside his ears.

Han Sen opened his eyes to great difficulty, and there, he saw Bao’er in great worry.

“Dad is fine,” Han Sen said, but even that short dialogue had him coughing up blood.

The pain made Han Sen feel awake, and his vision and hearing slowly began to improve.

Bao’er’s clothes were red, and he was unsure whether it was his blood or hers.

Han Sen wished to employ Dongxuan Aura to find out more about their current situation, but he was too weak to even activate it.

It was at this point Han Sen began to comprehend how badly damaged he was. He couldn’t even begin to guess the number of bones he’d broken. His arms and legs were all twisted and disfigured.

The Crystal Egg and Bulwark Umbrella had both been destroyed in the explosion, and that contributed to how badly damaged he currently was.

The explosion was even greater than Han Sen had imagined it would be. When the Grenade Mushroom detonated right next to the pearl, it was immediately annihilated. The explosion was incredibly brutal.

Han Sen could not even stand right now. His eyes were swollen and bleeding, too. The blood mucked up his eyes, tinting his vision red.

Han Sen looked around, as well as his injured neck would allow him to. It must have been broken in the explosion, and simply turning it had Han Sen groaning in pain. Fortunately, he was a demi-G.o.d. Ordinary people would have died at the precise point of detonation.

“Dad, are you okay?” Bao’er was worried, pacing around Han Sen as she spoke.

“I… am fine. Are you hurt?” Han Sen asked, right before he started coughing up blood again.

“I am fine.” Bao’er shook her head. She blew wind at Han Sen’s wound, saying, “Mom said if you blow on injuries, they feel better.”

“She’s right. I feel better already.” Han Sen felt relieved, knowing Bao’er was okay. His current wounds wouldn’t kill him, and he’d live, provided there were no more enemies skulking about.

Han Sen was lying against a curved wall. He was still inside the sh.e.l.l, and the meat had become chunky gore that had sprayed across everywhere. Then. Han Sen saw something s.h.i.+ny, dripping down.

He looked up and saw a hundred-meter-wide hole high above; the light was coming from there.

Apparently, the sh.e.l.l king had died. Han Sen figured that the cricket had too, considering that he could no longer see it.

Han Sen sighed. Fortunately, there were no more enemies about, either. He had no chance of fighting in his current state.

Han Sen tried to gather up his strength so he could instigate his own healing. If he had time, he could recover by himself.

And so he did, and after a while, Han Sen’s seventh sense began to feel better. He resumed looking at the big hole high above.

There was light, but it was not sunlight. Outside that cave was still the Underworld, and far above, Han Sen could still espy a ceiling. And in the cave, Han Sen could see a light. It was light blue in color, and he was unsure what was producing it.

This was not the same cave as the one he had initially entered; it was a different cave that existed behind the sh.e.l.l king’s body. It was bigger than the last cave, that much he could tell.

“I hope no one is out there.” Han Sen gave a wry smile, as he could no longer fight.

Han Sen looked into his Sea of Soul, wanting to summon the unicorn to take him away from there.

But in the Sea of Soul, he saw a familiar shadow.

“Redhead Cricket? I got this beast soul?” Han Sen was happy seeing this.

Han Sen had no clue what had transpired in the midst of that devastating explosion. Both him and Bao’er had survived, and now, Han Sen was seeing the Redhead Cricket’s beast soul. The sanctuary must have thought that he had killed Stonesh.e.l.l King and Redhead Cricket.

Han Sen thought he might have heard the announcement during the explosion, but he hadn’t been able to focus at the time.

“I cannot believe I got a super beast soul. I wonder what type it is?” Han Sen examined the Redhead Cricket beast soul.