Super Gene - Chapter 1426 - Saving Money x100

Chapter 1426 - Saving Money x100

Chapter 1426: Saving Money x100


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

“We can’t use this name. Think about his future! What if he becomes a president,

and everyone refers to him as President Littleflower! It’s a name that lacks strength!

Don’t use it.” Luo Lan was the one to reject the name first.

“There’s no need for him to become a president; take it from me. All you do is work

yourselves rotten. But this name is good! He’ll become famous by simply using it.

Our Littleflower will have what it takes to conquer the entire universe.” Ji Ruozhen

stroked his beard as he spoke.

“Dad, how about we accept it as a nickname and you come up with something else?”

Ji Yanran wasn’t very fond of the name, either.

The president had no choice but to concede, and so he told them, “Fine. Fine. Lucky

for you lot, I have a backup name. It’s not half as good, but you might like it.”

Hearing that, everyone felt more worried than relieved. Clearly, no one wanted Ji

Ruozhen to come up with more names for the baby.

Ji Ruozhen said, “If you really don’t like Littleflower, how about Han Fei?”

“Han Fei… that’s good. Yes, that is very good!” Everybody agreed this was actually a

decent name.

They were grateful he had managed to come up with an ordinary name, for they all

clenched their backsides when they heard he had come up with another name, that

was not as good by his standards. They expected him to name the baby Han Bigfoot

or something. That really would be awful.

So, after that, it was settled that the baby would be called Han Fei. Its unofficial

nickname remained Littleflower.

Ji Ruozhen continued to refer to the baby as Han Littleflower, but everyone just

ignored him when he did that.

Han Sen’s house was already full of high-tech AI-driven machinery and robots to

help out, but Ji Ruozhen insisted on coming over to do what he could, despite his

obligations and hefty workload.

Ji Ruozhen’s wife had also moved into Han Sen’s house for a time, under the pre-

tense of wanting to help out, but more than anything, she was just determined to

spend as much time with the baby as she could.

Luo Lan liked kids, but she did not like housework, and since it was her home, she

took every chance she could to command Ji Ruozhen’s wife to clean.

While the name Han Fei had been settled on, most people stuck to calling him


The baby was well-behaved, and it never really cried or threw a tantrum. It swiftly led

to the mother-in-law believing it would one day grow up to be a remarkable person

and a s.h.i.+ning example.

However, you could not make the baby mad. If you did, the house could end up

getting blown to kingdom come.

But the instances of the baby getting mad were very rare, and it only happened if

people were unusually and unnecessarily cruel to him, like Ji Ruozhen had been,

after picking up the baby and slapping it with no cause to.

Han Sen had nothing much to do in the house, especially with everyone crowding

there, so decided to return to the sanctuary for a bit.

“The geno cores level up so slowly, and that aside, I really need to generate a geno

core for super king spirit mode.” After thinking this, Han Sen traveled to a large valley

that was far beyond the middle of nowhere. There, he was going to find a way in

which he could generate a geno core.

He tried many different methods, but all were to no avail. He ended up using his old

trick Saving Money. And with it, he began to build up a vast reservoir of power.

The coin rattled between his fingers as it gathered power, and the numbers on the

coin ticked up to the number twenty-seven.

This was all Han Sen’s power multiplied by the figure of twenty-seven. Needless to

say, holding that much power was a difficult task.

But he held onto it firmly, not yet willing to let it go.

When the sum reached thirty, his body began to sweat profusely. It felt as if he had

just stepped out of the shower.

When the figure reached forty, the real strain began to settle in. His body was

trembling like mad, exhausting everything it could to hold onto that power.

The coin itself was glowing, having trouble containing that might. If it buckled and

exploded between his fingers, it was highly likely Han Sen could end up destroying


Normally, Han Sen wouldn’t hope to continue past a number this high. But on this

day, he was genuinely interested in seeing how far he could take Saving Money.

One-by-one, the figure grew higher. It hit the number fifty. If the power contained

inside that coin was inside his body, he’d be nothing more than a flash of light, and

then nothing at all.

Han Sen made sure to hold onto the coin carefully. He didn’t want to risk dropping it

on the ground.

With all the power inside that coin, it was becoming incredibly heavy, too. Han Sen’s

fingers were beginning to creak and make strange sounds as he struggled to hold it


When it reached the almighty figure of one hundred, Han Sen knew he couldn’t take

it any further. The risk was too high and he was beginning to lose control of it.

Han Sen wanted to fire his coin and get rid of the power that he had bottled up inside

it. Unfortunately, he now realized he was unable to.

Han Sen understood the best he could do right now was toss it away elsewhere, so it

could explode.

He had decided to use this valley due to the presence of a strange hole there. He

hadn’t ventured down it before, and truthfully, he did not know precisely how deep it

was. He only knew that it was deep, and if he had to, he could drop the coin down

there and avoid blowing himself up.

Han Sen didn’t want to kill himself by mishandling the coin, but when Han Sen threw

the coin out, it really was too heavy. He was only three meters away from the hole,

but he felt as if he couldn’t even throw it ten centimeters.

He had to inch his way close to the hole and drop the coin in. Walking over towards

pit was a struggle, and each step left a crater-like bootprint in the earth. The very

core of his bones squealed.

After taking three steps, he had walked three meters. Those three meters felt like

three lightyears, however.

“Sh*t. Am I going to end up blowing myself up?” Han Sen stretched out his hand and

watched it fall slowly, under the crus.h.i.+ng weight of that coin.

“I shouldn’t have done this. I won’t reach the hole.” The coin was about to drop.


Cracks in the earth began shooting out from Han Sen’s feet. The ground could not

even handle the initial weight of the coin, and in less than a second, Han Sen felt the

earth around him give way. He found himself falling.