Super Gene - Chapter 1378 - Geno Core Storage

Chapter 1378 - Geno Core Storage

Chapter 1378: Geno Core Storage


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

“Who do you think the new master will be?”

“Metal Demon, that robo-boy’s geno core is indestructible.”

“Nah, my boy Six-Ear. That tiger eats metal sc.r.a.p for breakfast.”

“Hmm, I saw them chase two spirits out. It has to be one of them. Perhaps they’re even co-operating.”

“I still think Metal Demon should be the master. He’s a cool guy, and there’s not a bad circuit in his body.”

“Well, let’s be honest here; as long as it’s not a spirit, we’re good. If a spirit takes the mantle, we’re all going to have to sign contracts.”

“Yeah, I hope it isn’t a spirit. Spirits are trash.”

As the crowd formed to gossip, speculate, and await the reveal of their new master, something appeared and walked out before them.

Everyone went deathly silent when they saw. If the next master wasn’t up to par and was not very favorable, there was every chance of them leaving.

Six-Ear and Metal Demon came out together. They did so side-by-side in a fine condition; it did not look as if they had done any fighting. But then, they parted. Someone else was coming, walking through the center to overtake them both.

It looked like a spirit was going to a.s.sert the mantle, or at least, that’s what their first glance told them. They quickly sought to run off and abandon the shelter, in fear of entrapment. They thought a spirit had taken the shelter over, and that it had already claimed Six-Ear and Metal Demon.

Sparing an additional second to see who it was before racing off, the audience then noticed it wasn’t a spirit. It was almost too short to be one, and surprisingly, the person looked rather similar to Nan Litian.

“It’s a human!” A number of them balked, in unison. This came as a grand surprise for each and every one of them.

Hardly anyone there knew Han Sen, and so they wondered where he had come from and what had led him to becoming their new master.

Green Cow looked at Han Sen from down below and asked aloud, to the attention of no one in particular, “How did that bloke get into the spirit hall, moo-moo?”

Su Minhua was equally confused. He believed he and Nan Litian to be the only humans in the remote proximity of Shadow Shelter.

As the creatures all mulled about in confusion, Metal Demon stepped forward to speak. “From now on, Han Sen will be the new master of Shadow Shelter. If I see any disobedience, I will subject the rowdy party to a fierce shredding.”

Six-Ear, the white tiger, then let out a roar to agree with what the robot had said.

All in the a.s.sembly were in shock. Each and every one of them could not believe their latest master was another human, and what’s more, he had garnered the full support of the two standing at his side.

Only Su Minhua was truly delighted to know a new human would be the latest master.

“He’s the new master?” Green Cow again spoke aloud. She struggled to keep her thoughts inside her mind, and now, her eyes, too. They almost fell out of their sockets, as she struggled to comprehend the fact that the man she had tried to half-swindle was to be the new master of the shelter.

“Don’t expect much change. The rules you knew before are still in place. No oath or contract is put upon you to remain here. Your freedom is intact, and you can all continue living here. So, rock on, I guess.” Han Sen finally spoke, with a casual tone of voice that sought to comfort any fears they were harboring.

Han Sen wanted them all to feel safe. The more people who happily lived there, the more taxes he’d be able to receive. With Six Ear and Metal Demon by his side, the fears of the shelter’s occupants were soon laid to rest, and business swiftly returned to normal.

Han Sen gave them the mine and garden, as was promised in the bargain they had made. That wealth was also payment for them to remain in the shelter as guards for Han Sen. They would also maintain order in the shelter while he was away.

Han Sen returned to the spirit hall, where Moment Queen was waiting for him.

“Is something wrong? Or did you just drink a gla.s.s of curdled milk?” Han Sen asked.

Moment Queen was quick with her response, and with obvious concern, she asked, “Are you going to stay in this place for long?”

“Yes.” Han Sen knew there would be no strong creatures or spirits nearby that could threaten him. It was a well-built shelter that had come with a pre-installed army.

His biggest enemy would be the blonde spirit he had faced earlier and made quick work of. Han Sen was only going to get stronger in the time to come, so even if the spirit returned to try his luck once more, Han Sen did not fear him. And in the days to come, Han Sen would make it his objective to max out his primitive and mutant geno point tallies.

“I hope you can spend some time to open the Geno Core Storage,” Moment Queen said.

“Can you have one here?” Han Sen asked.

Old Man Ji had already told Han Sen about Geno Core Storages before.

They were similar to the spirit bases, in that they were individual places that had access points across the sanctuary. The only real difference was the fact you needed a geno core to gain access.

No matter what race you were, as long as you had a geno core, you could gain access. However, when you were inside, you could only bring along one geno core, and that would be the one used for access. For your time there, all the others were off-limits.

Whenever you beat an enemy, you’d receive an item that could reinforce geno cores.

It was also a tiered place, too. You had to ascend the ranks, unable to skip any. Everyone had a ranking there, but it was one that was tied to the geno core used.

In the Gold Geno Core Storage, Old Man Ji was ranked somewhere around eight million. Han Sen was interested in learning more about the Geno Core Storage, though, ideally from first-hand experience.

“I wonder what the rank my umbrella and egg are. It would be great if I could reach the top ten,” Han Sen thought to himself.