Super Gene - Chapter 1372 - Bad Battle with Nan Litian

Chapter 1372 - Bad Battle with Nan Litian

Chapter 1372: Bad Battle with Nan Litian


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio


The rubberized spear collided with the umbrella. Han Sen had hoped for it to be a flaccid hit, but the power of the spear was too great, and it managed to maintain some of its hardness. When it struck Han Sen, he was still knocked back a good distance.

He was thrown back through the air, heading in the direction of a rocky surface. But fortunately, there was a definite reduction in the damage that last hit had dealt him. It did not make him any worse for wear.

While Han Sen was in the air, he brought out his crystal egg again, and then he lobbed it at the wall he was on a crash course towards. When the egg hit the wall, it pinged back to Han Sen’s hand. Where it had struck was now as soft as a cus.h.i.+on, ready to catch him.

The wall was like a sponge, and he was able to walk away from it without harm.

He leaped forward, knowing Nan Litian would be on him like a hound on a pork chop. He raised his umbrella and aimed it at his nemesis’s face. Nan Litian put away his softened spear and instead brought out a green sword. With it, he performed an upwards slash.

Han Sen summoned his crystal egg and threw it once more. The egg was not thrown on a distinct, clearly defined trajectory, and it just flew around in the air like a crazed firefly.

It eventually came to a stop in front of Nan Litian, and the moment he tried to grab it, the egg pierced through his hand like a bullet. It almost managed to reach his face.

Suddenly, a bell appeared. It covered the egg and then dropped to the ground like a pillar of firm stone. Han Sen could hear his egg bouncing around inside the bell, and swiftly knew there was no chance of the egg getting itself out.

The bad thing about the egg was that it could not break things. It had no real strength of its own, so now, trapped in an enclosed s.p.a.ce, it could do nothing.

Dong! Dong! Dong!

Nan Litian struck against the umbrella another three times until it was knocked free from Han Sen’s strained grip.

“Go to h.e.l.l!” Nan Litian screamed, as he tightened his clutch on the sword he wielded and brought it down towards Han Sen.

Seeing the green sword descend, Han Sen couldn’t help but smile.

Nan Litian thought Han Sen was either slightly deluded or just flat-out crazy. He firmly believed he was about to end the pest and slice him in two.

But suddenly, Nan Litian felt a pain in his eye. He blinked, and a second later, Han Sen was gone. He had dodged the strike, and then, he noticed he was grabbing a hold of his chest.

Nan Litian roared in fury, moved away, and then used his fist to punch at Han Sen, who was in the process of delivering a palm-strike of his own.


Nan Litian’s fist and Han Sen’s palm collided, but no shockwave was generated.

Han Sen’s fingers were inside his fist, but strangely, no blood came out.


Nan Litian’s body twitched. He tried to scream, but something jammed the noise in his throat, and no sound was made. After a pause of silence, he coughed up a torrent of blood.

Nan Litian was in immense pain, as if the entirety of his being was being pulled apart. It was like he was suffering a charlie horse with each and every muscle.

The pain continued to increase until he could no longer remain composed and hold it together. He was losing control, thras.h.i.+ng about like he was suffering a violent seizure.

Han Sen was surprised to see Super Spank fail to break Nan Litian’s sequence structure. It was obvious Nan Litian was just too strong compared to Han Sen. But while he may not have been able to annihilate the man, the attack had at least delivered an insufferable amount of hurt.

The sequence structure had most certainly been damaged somewhat, and Han Sen knew he’d just have to pull harder if he wanted the rest of his enemy to break.

Just as Han Sen was about to do the same thing again, Nan Litian switched to the defensive and summoned a s.h.i.+eld.


But Han Sen’s palm shattered the s.h.i.+eld with no trouble.

Nan Litian was in agony and shock, but still, the prevailing emotion was anger. His bloodl.u.s.t for Han Sen was only heightening. With the green sword still in-hand, he flailed it around aimlessly in the hopes of striking Han Sen.

Due to the difference in fitness, Han Sen could not efficiently keep up and dodge Nan Litian’s blisteringly speedy strikes.

Swiftly, Han Sen raised his umbrella to block the attacks that were coming his way.

With an opportunity presenting itself, Han Sen ducked to the side, down where the bell lay. He shattered it and took his egg back.

Without stopping, Han Sen took off in the direction of Hidden Valley once again.

Nan Litian followed after him, but kept his distance. From behind, he fired out gusts of power at Han Sen as he went.

While Han Sen was able to keep using his umbrella, it didn’t deflect all the incoming damage. He still had to suffer more and more pain while he was on the run.

Fortunately, Nan Litian was not able to keep up too well, following the agony he had been in. He slowly fell behind until Han Sen was out of sight, having undoubtedly escaped into the Hidden Valley he had been so desperately trying to get to.

Nan Litian continued after him, though. He could tell where he was going, and slaying Han Sen was his number one goal right then.

Hidden Valley was a large, sprawling valley, but it was knotted, twisted, thorned, and tangled by a variety of different geno plants. The trees there were enormous, and thick, creepy vines wreathed their way up and around each gigantic trunk like tinsel.

After entering the valley, not even the sun could penetrate that expanse. In the denseness of that place, Han Sen felt as if he was treading through a green cave.