Super Gene - Chapter 1368 - Mystic Woman

Chapter 1368 - Mystic Woman

Chapter 1368: Mystic Woman


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

The geno core Scissor Slash was controlled by the owner’s mind. Without delay, it flew over to the tightening cords and attempted to snap down and cut the Gold Dragon Lock.

Old Man Ji felt awful watching this unfold. He had hoped Han Sen would call back his geno core, and he expected the phantom scissors to cut through and break the item with ease. He thought it was a great waste.

But when the teeth-laden maw of the scissors bit down on the rope, all that occurred was a flurry of sparks. The rope was unbroken.

Green’s eyes opened wide, unsure if he was seeing things correctly. He could not believe the Gold Dragon Lock was able to withstand the chomp of those scissors.

Those in the group had known each other for a number of decades, so they were well aware of how powerful Jia s.h.i.+dao was. He had possessed Scissor Slash for the longest time, and they all knew how terrifying its cutting power was, too. The fact it could not break Han Sen’s rope was shocking.

Jia s.h.i.+dao’s face turned grim. He kept chomping down on his bindings madly, but it achieved nothing. The ferocity of his cutting generated a blinding firework show, but still, it was all to no avail.

There was still ten minutes on the timer, and even with all that time, Han Sen did not think his opponent would break free. Even if he gave him an additional half an hour, Han Sen thought there’d be no threat.

“Do you know what Han Sen’s geno core is called? It’s not a bronze geno core, is it? Surely it can’t be,” Zhu Donglai asked Old Man Ji, having been perplexed.

Zhu Donglai knew it was poor form to ask what the power of someone’s geno core was, so he only asked for its name.

Old Man Ji stroked his beard and with a stuttered chuckle, balked. “How am I supposed to know? Why don’t you ask him yourself?”

Zhu Donglai believed Old Man Ji was lying. He thought the old man did know what it was, but had chosen to hide it for some reason he could not even guess. But Old Man Ji wasn’t telling a falsehood; he was as clueless as everyone else in the room, for the most part. Old Man Ji knew that Han Sen owned a crystal egg, but that was it.

For the next three minutes, Jia s.h.i.+dao frantically hacked, clamped, and cut at the ropes that had ensnared him, but no progress was made. As he realized the direness of his situation, his reddened face began to lose color and go pale.

When Han Sen saw him stop resisting, he relaxed the lock’s grip on him.

Jia s.h.i.+dao’s face then turned green, and with a stiff jaw said, “You have pa.s.sed the test.”

Jia s.h.i.+dao quickly left the arena, and then left the area completely. He was far too embarra.s.sed to remain.

Old Man Ji quickly ran out and proudly pulled at Han Sen’s arms, dragging him over to meet his peers.

Green and Zhu Donglai were very friendly to Han Sen, which was nice to see. And Han Sen was glad not all were as spiteful towards him as Jia s.h.i.+dao, who had obviously been harboring a grudge of sorts. The last thing he wanted was to make enemies, especially amongst the demi-G.o.ds.

The woman didn’t say anything, though. She was as stone-cold and silent as she had ever been. Han Sen thought it was strange to see her just there, and for the others to care about her so much, despite the lack of interaction.

The woman continued to sit where she was without saying a word, like little more than a sculpture.

After they left, Han Sen asked Old Man Ji, “Who was that woman? Is she one of the originals?”

Old Man Ji responded, saying, “Yes, she’s an OG! But to be completely honest with you, even I have never heard her speak before.”

Old Man Ji then had a thought that seemed to brighten his mind. With raised eyebrows and sly eyes, he said, “Ah! Ah! Don’t you try anything. I know she’s pretty, but you need to keep that thing holstered. Don’t you think about doing anything to her that would hurt Ji Yanran. If you upset her, I’ll kill you with my old bones.”

Han Sen gave a wry smile and said, “What are you talking about? I was genuinely curious why Old Man Zhu and Mister Green seemed to admire her so much, despite her… not really doing much of anything.”

Old Man Ji said, “She is a mystery, I’ll give you that. I know she was one of the very first demi-G.o.ds, but beyond that? Your guess is as good as mine. Perhaps Zhu Donglai and Green know more about who she is?”

Han Sen was surprised to hear this, and he thought to himself, “She cannot be the woman Uncle Bug mentioned, can she?”

“I now need to visit West-South System. Take the airs.h.i.+p and return.” Old Man Ji walked away then, but after a few steps, stopped in his tracks. Then, he left a few more parting words. “Again, don’t do anything to upset Ji Yanran. That woman is the age of your grandmother, anyway.”

Han Sen called after him, “What kind of person do you think I am?”

Old Man Ji laughed on his way, but his next few words were tinged with a lingering concern from long ago. He said, “That woman is too pretty to be true, and even I was once tempted. And given the strange forces that govern her mystic behavior, there’s even the chance you’ll never see her again.”

After that, Old Man Ji embarked and his s.h.i.+p took off.

Han Sen understood Old Man Ji’s worry. The woman was very weird, and she certainly wasn’t some pretty girl you’d find at the cafe. Everyone knew to exercise caution when in her presence.

Han Sen could only take public transportation home, and since there were none available for the time being, he decided to relax in his hotel room.

Han Sen entered the sanctuary while there, to check up on Dragon Lady.

She had made a lot of friends and gathered a lot of information, which she promptly shared with him.

Green Cow was telling the truth, it seemed. Still, there was no hiding the fact there were no other survivors from the expeditions into Hidden Valley. That was cause enough for concern.

While Han Sen was chatting with Green earlier, he asked if he knew about a demi-G.o.d called Nan Litian and Shadow Shelter.

Strangely, he had never heard of either.

Han Sen spoke with his friends in the sanctuary, and after a while, he decided to once again go back to the Alliance. He went to his room, and before he took his coat off, he noticed he wasn’t alone. On his sofa was a beautiful woman.