Super Gene - Chapter 1357 - One-Hit Kill

Chapter 1357 - One-Hit Kill

Chapter 1357: One-Hit Kill


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Without hesitation or concern for himself, Han Sen reached for Bao’er to place her behind him. But before he could, the doll’s eyes flashed red. Then, strangely, it looked surprised.

Han Sen examined Bao’er, and much to his relief, he saw she had not been turned into wood.

This came as quite the surprise. Judging from the doll’s behavior and facial expression, it would seem as if it had cast its power, but it simply had not worked on the baby.

The doll’s eyes flashed with that same red, menacing light again. It also spoke, and it said, “You have all been added to the Naughty List. Start cleaning.”

The doll’s eyes flashed like a bright, oscillating light, as they turned to look at Han Sen. He had summoned his crystal egg, but before he could muster the strength for a throw, he began turning into wood.

Dragon Lady, who had leapt up from her seat to fight with her cleaver in-hand, was starting to turn into a deadwood puppet now, too.

Han Sen found himself unable to move, and the doll and its powers were far stronger than he had expected them to be. Dragon Lady’s silver core could not resist the encroaching woodening, and neither could Han Sen’s Jadeskin. The butler was effortlessly turning them all into dolls.

“Maybe this isn’t a bronze shelter, after all. Maybe it’s a silver one,” Han Sen thought to himself.

The doll had turned its attention back to Bao’er by this point, and its eyes repeatedly flashed.

Fortunately, and curiously, the powers had no effect on Bao’er.

“Start cleaning.” As if it was programmed to, the butler repeated this command every few seconds. It was a rather sinister thing to hear, over and over.

Bao’er looked incredibly angry at the butler. She didn’t like the way her master or her friends were being treated, and so she pulled out her gourd.

The butler despised disobedience, and the fact that he couldn’t turn her into wood prompted him to move forward to try to grab her. But before he could, Han Sen’s wooden body suddenly started to glow white.

This came as another surprise for the butler. The wooded skin began to evaporate, returning Han Sen to normal.

“You have been added to the Naughty List. Start dying!” Han Sen shouted, as he glowed with a luminosity that made direct eye-contact impossible. A few seconds later, a punch was unleashed towards the butler.

The doll was shocked, acknowledging the power that was suddenly headed its way. The fiend flashed its eyes a number of times to repel it, but nothing worked. The bright light wielded by Han Sen laid the smackdown.


The doll’s body was immediately destroyed, as a flurry of wood chips peppered the air and rained across the ground.

“Silver Geno Core destroyed: Butler Doll. Silver Geno Core obtained: Butler Doll.”

Amidst the storm of wood bits, one suddenly rose and shot over to Han Sen. Then, it entered his Sea of Soul.

Han Sen exited super king spirit mode, and when he went to check the item he had received, he saw an odd doll sitting in his Sea of Soul. It was around the same size as a human’s hand.

Butler Doll: Wood Element Silver Geno Core

When the doll was destroyed, Dragon Lady and Cheap Sheep were freed from their wooden bindings. Their bodies had returned to normal, but their mental composure hadn’t. That was because they had both been stunned by what they had just witnessed Han Sen perform.

Their eyes had been stuck in place while they were dolls, so they did not see the super king spirit mode clearly. But they had seen a bright white light utterly annihilate the pompous butler.

A set of staircases in the lobby suddenly opened, one that led to a hallway that ended at an ominous-looking door. They figured that had to lead to the spirit hall.

“Boss Bub! You are so powerful and handsome. You must be a G.o.d amongst the demi-G.o.ds, and oh, I cannot express how deeply my admiration for you has penetrated my soul,” the sheep waxed lyrical.

After Han Sen broke the butler, Cheap Sheep well and truly acknowledged who the real deal was, in their party.

Han Sen ignored what he said and simply took Bao’er along with him to the door. Beyond it, as suspected, was the spirit hall and residing statue. Strangely, the statue’s forehead was empty. There was no spirit nor creature residing in this place, after all. But the statue was made of silver, indicating it was indeed a silver shelter.

And this surprised Han Sen’s companions even more, for they now knew he had been able to destroy a silver geno core with as little as a single punch.

Han Sen asked the chef, “Do you want to place your spirit stone there?”

She shook her head and said, “This is not what I seek.”

When spirits put their stone inside a statue, it was nearly impossible for them to become unbound from the place they had put it. They had to live in a shelter of their choosing, lest their stone get destroyed or claimed. As such, a shelter had to be selected carefully, and they had to ensure it met their every demand and satisfied each of their needs.

Han Sen summoned Moment Queen and instead made the shelter hers.

He could still use the teleporter, but he’d be unable to enable the defense systems of the shelter, control the security, and unlock doors without a spirit occupying it.

Moment Queen made sure to look at Han Sen with disdain before she put her stone inside.

She obeyed Han Sen, though. For better or for worse, she was stuck with him, and for whatever reason he wanted her around, he was stuck with her. And if they ever did want to move, Han Sen could always take out the spirit stone.

If the chef’s allegiance was of a similar guarantee, she could have done the same.

She was quite surprised to witness Han Sen summon a spirit, though. Although Moment Queen was still very weak, Dragon Lady could tell she was something special.

With Moment Queen occupying the shelter, Han Sen was immeasurably happy. It was a well-hidden place that was sure to have no intruders, but better than that, the treasures of the shelter should have remained untouched without a prior occupant.

The treasure possessed by the shelter must have included a silver geno core, so Han Sen eagerly went to take a look and see what he could get his mitts on.