Super Gene - Chapter 1344 - If You Are Dead, You Are a Dead Sheep

Chapter 1344 - If You Are Dead, You Are a Dead Sheep

Chapter 1344: If You Are Dead, You Are a Dead Sheep


Nyoi-Bo Studio


Nyoi-Bo Studio

Han Sen, upon seeing the chef, thought to himself, “Has she returned for the head? But she’d have to dig into our stomachs if she wanted it back! And that would be no trouble for her.”

“Oh, uh, the head? We thought you had no need for it, so we ate it.” Han Sen began stepping back, bringing Bao’er firmly back into his arms.

Han Sen knew how strong she was through the Serpent Throne’s replication of her, but this was the genuine her. This was her as a demi-G.o.d now, too. If he could, Han Sen wanted to avoid a fight.

Immediately, he took off running. He knew she enjoyed feeding the ent.i.ty Dragon Eater, and not wanting to take a chance of getting spit-roasted for a midnight snack, he thought it best to scram.

Han Sen had a fitness level of 7500. If he wanted to rival primitive creatures in strength, he’d have to get that figure up to 10,000.

With her being able to topple mighty primitive creatures in one swing, though, three-horned beast king included, he’d need to be even higher. Fighting her was the last thing Han Sen wanted to do.

The Dongxuan Sutra allowed Han Sen to see through the entire world, but he didn’t think it would give him much of an edge against an opponent who was that strong. The gulf of power that separated the two was too wide.

Han Sen did not yet have a geno core, either. He was able to guess she probably had one, but its exact nature was a mystery.

Making use of his phoenix techniques, Han Sen committed to the act of flight.

Surprisingly, the chef was unable to keep up with him. She was strong, but evidently sluggish when it came to agility. Just like any other primitive creature, she could not keep up with Han Sen.

Han Sen thought to himself, “Did she just become a demi-G.o.d? The man that was dead, slumped against the entrance to the underground shelter… if he was there during her reign, then she couldn’t have been in the Fourth G.o.d’s Sanctuary for longer than one hundred years. Perhaps she has been unlucky all this time, and has been unable to gain strength.”

Han Sen’s deduction was not too far from the truth. When she first came to the Fourth G.o.d’s Sanctuary, she was placed in a very dangerous area where she could not do much, and she had been trapped. When the time came to escape, she barely made it out alive, and only in the past two years had she been able to start getting stronger.

Han Sen kept on running until he stumbled across a thick bundle of wool on the ground. It was the sheep’s b.u.t.t.

The sheep spun around with a mushroom in its mouth and said, “Hey, I’ve been looking for you, bub! I thought you were dead. Come dine on this; I’ve even flavored it with soil for you. Once you’ve chowed down, we’ll go see another boss. He’s a good distance away, but he should be strong.”

But Han Sen had been running like the wind, and he currently had no time to discuss anything. He simply ended up yelling, “Run!”

If the sheep was unfortunate enough to remain, and was later claimed by the chef, he’d become a well-grilled hunk of mutton in no time. When the sheep saw what was tailing Han Sen, though, the solace of the ‘shrooms quickly evaporated. And in absolute horror, he froze.

“Come on, man. Run! Move!” Han Sen yelled at the sheep, seeing it refuse to budge.

Suddenly, the sheep began to kowtow. And it pleaded, “Please, spare my life! Spare me and I will become a servant. I will do everything you command me to. I will live for you, and you alone!”

Seeing the sheep beg like that, Han Sen couldn’t help but freeze, too. But Han Sen didn’t think begging from the dirt would do him much good. He wagered the sheep would still end up cooked, forked, and eaten, one way or another.

He ended up being mistaken, though. It had slipped Han Sen’s mind that the sheep was a silver-tongued cretin that could talk his way out of a paper bag.

“Stop him!”

“Fear not, milady! I will not let him get away.” The sheep leaped before Han Sen and launched one of his boomerang-like horns towards his friend-turned-target.

“This sheep will do anything to survive. Where’d his faith and morals get off to?” Han Sen struggled to believe the sheep was more obscene than himself, but alas, it was true. This was a betrayal, as cut and dry as one could get.

Seeing the sheep’s horn heading his way, Han Sen brought out one of his own horns to try to deflect it away from him. But despite using a pinpoint-precise Ghost Slash on the incoming projectile, it was not enough to break it and quell its violent approach.

The impact knocked the flying horn away, but it was like a heat-seeking missile, and it rebounded mid-air to retarget Han Sen and resume its deadly approach.

“D*mn; that thing is like a homing rocket!” Han Sen pulled out a second horn, planning to use Yin Yang Blast to destroy the sheep horn.

He knew he had underestimated the power of the sheep’s geno core, but he had only seen it in action once before. And things only got worse when Han Sen tried to use Yin Yang Blast to take it down. The projectile absorbed his Yin power to propel itself towards him at an even greater speed.

Han Sen had slowed down considerably to deal with the sheepish traitor. It had given the chef the time necessary to catch up, and now that she was in range, she pulled out her fork of doom. She lobbed it at Han Sen.

Han Sen managed to evade the fork, but another sound filled his ears. With a pang, a crystal bowl had trapped him.

“Bosslady, it is done.” The sheep was now like a dog, groveling obediently.

The chef ignored him completely, though. Instead, she approached the bowl that domed the area around Han Sen.

“It’s time to bring out the big guns. She’s just asking for a Super Spank!” Han Sen gathered up a blistering orb of Dongxuan Sutra-fueled power in his right hand.